Feng Shui Ideas For Front Doors Facing North

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Originally posted on October 29, 2022 @ 8:56 am

Feng Shui Ideas For Front Doors Facing North

front door facing north feng shui

Red is the most prosperous color in feng shui

The color red is one of the most important colors in feng shui. It has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy. It is also associated with the fire element, which represents passion, aspiration, and warmth. It comes in many hues and hue combinations, so there are many possibilities for feng shui schemes for your home. In particular, red is good for doors in the south facing direction, as it attracts positive energy.

Red is also associated with success, prestige, and bright advancement. Its energy is derived from fire and the sun. It has positive effects on relationships, and has been associated with happiness in China and India. It also represents love and romance. Therefore, it’s essential to wear red when you want to be successful.

Green represents money in feng shui. Green is also the color of growth. Plants with rounded leaves and fruit are good for prosperity, but be sure to avoid any plants with thorns. Additionally, gold is considered the most prosperous color in feng shui, so make sure to use gold-colored frames for pictures of people who inspire you.

While red is often the most prosperous color in feng shiu, the color red for front doors is not recommended for all homes. Some people believe that the color red attracts good luck and fame, but this is not always true. If the door is facing the wrong direction, or clashes with the surrounding areas, then it’s not likely to bring you any benefits.

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Front Doors Each of the five elements used in feng shui is associated with particular colors. If your front door faces north ( north facing front door ), you can support it by painting it in a water element color.

White or off-white

The front door of your house is the focal point of your house, so it is important to choose the right color to attract positive energy. It is also important to choose a color that represents the personality of the home owners. If you are unsure what color to use, you can look at the meanings of different colors or the feng shui benefits of particular colors. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the design of environments and how they affect our lives.

A white or off-white front door facing north is considered the most auspicious color for the north in feng shui. In addition to white, other feng shui colors, such as black, can be used on such doors. For example, a black or navy planter can attract the water element to the north facing door. Flowering plants with white blooms are good for the water element.


For the best feng shui effect, you should avoid painting your front door grey. Grey attracts financial advisers and mentors, and the energy it creates is one of security. On the other hand, a turquoise front door attracts new beginnings, and turquoise is an intuitive color that creates harmony and peace. If you choose to paint your front door in a neutral color, such as white, you should avoid using red.

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The opposite is true if you have a front door facing the north. Red is the luckiest color, and it attracts money and success. It also represents the fire element. It helps you stand out from the rest of your home. And the fire energy can inspire creativity.

If you want your front door to have good feng shui effects, you can paint it a neutral earthy color. Earthy colors are connected to the earth element, and they support the balance and nourish the inhabitants. Brown is a good match for a north-facing door, because it represents stability in Feng Shui. It supports your home’s balance, nurtures your family, and supports the flow of energy through your home.

The front door is the gateway through which good energy enters your home. In order to attract good energy, you must make sure it attracts the right kind of energy. To do this, you should take the time to clean and clear the area around your door. You should also grease any door hinges. And lastly, you should clean the front door on a regular basis to remove fingerprints.


If your home has a brown front door facing north, consider the Feng Shui significance of this color. The element of fire is related to fire and the color of your front door should reflect that energy. Red is not the best color for a north-facing door. Instead, choose an earth-toned color.

In feng shui, black is the best color for a north-facing door. Black represents depth and wisdom, and is connected to the water element. It also increases power and authority. It also supports building relationships with other people. In addition, it can attract abundance and prosperity.

The best color for a south-facing front door is red, because it attracts prosperity. It also transforms negative energy. However, it is important to consider the color of your front door before painting it red. It’s important to choose a color that blends in with your house and neighborhood.


A black front door facing the north is an excellent choice for a feng shui entrance door. The color black is associated with the water element, which symbolizes depth and wisdom. It also brings authority and power. Black is also a good color for the three compass directions that love water. It also has a calming effect and can support relationships.

The color of the front door should also be chosen carefully. Choose a color that you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to stick to a specific shade; you can mix and match colors to create the exact feel you want. For example, if you like the color of blue, consider putting a blue front door instead of a red one.

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Water Element Colors Black : Black absorbs energy, so a black front door can help you collect more positive qi for your household.


If you have a front door that faces the north, you may want to paint it black. Black symbolizes the water element, and is a good color for a north-facing door. It also represents power and authority. In addition, it is a good color for the three compass directions, and will support you in building relationships.

Choosing a color for the door is easy once you know which element your door faces. Choosing a color is a matter of personal preference, but there are feng shui rules that you should keep in mind. For example, if your front door faces the east, you should paint it in a neutral color like beige. For colors that represent the fire element, red, purple, orange, or magenta are good choices.

Door Color and Texture

Accentuate the Water Element A blue or black door may not match the rest of your home’s exterior color motif, and if not, you can other ways to invite the water energy from the north.

Water Element Symbol You can use the water and metal elements to decorate your front door. This include decorate any front door stoop, porch, patio, or deck. Use a steel door instead of a wood door. You can use the water element symbol of wavy lines in metal artwork or yard art. Choose metal outdoor furniture for a porch, deck, or patio.

Tell me the benefit of Feng Shui North facing house?

According to Feng Shui, the size of our front door is extremely important as it helps in our prosperity and success in our future. Work to accentuate metal and water in the north of the house for the energy to come back. Getting water in this region may be helpful, as North America has an element called water in it. So adding metal to your northside home is a useful addition. It’s important to make the door of an appropriate height, you shouldn’t be too big or too small.

North east facing house has an overwhelmingly auspicious natal chart called a parent string that belongs to a special category of energy maps.

Northeast facing front door is an opening to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation, and its feng shui element is Earth. Feng shui is all about good energy, and you can welcome this energy with a strong, auspicious feng shui front door.

Accentuate the Water Element

Blue and dark doors may not match your home’s exterior theme, but there may be another method in which to invite water from the north into your residence. Alternatively, build waterfalls and lakes around your house, and a blue or green banner will be displayed around your front porch. Any combination of colors in the north water fluid invites cool north energy. Water is viewed by feng shui as particularly beneficial and flowing water symbolizes the income.

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How do I find my front door facing direction?

Get a compass and stand facing the entrance of the house. Your Compass could be a specially created feng shui book or a simple app on your mobile phone. Using a compass you will know which way your front door faces when you stand up – that is where you face. In feng shui the north direction has a relationship with water, the element of wisdom, contemplativeness and fluid. Besides being connected, it carries on your life path through Kan feng shui Bagua.

The flow of water

The door is located in water fengshui beliefs. CHI guides water inside the house. In order to use it, decorate the entrance and surrounding area in a wave pattern. Place picture of fish or sea near your home. Bring some aquarium tanks or fish tanks with you to your door. Place an open water fountain on the right-hand side. A flowing stream in front of the door may also be helpful.

Your Front Door Color and Feng Shui

According to feng shui, the entrance door represents universally sourced energy, commonly termed Chi. The whole home gets power from the front doors. Its quality determines the quality of the indoor environment. If your energy comes from feng shui elements you may choose auspicious colours. Colours have direct links to elements. Typically, east is linked to wood and likewise wood has green and brown hues. The associated colours have traditionally acted to promote the direction, governing the direction.

Tell me the meaning of Feng Shui?

Feng shui philosophy is based around studying nature. Feng translates as “wind” and Shui is Chinese word for “water”. These words are drawn from an ancient poet narrating why life is ideal when one connects with its surroundings. In Asia culture the concept called “tao” signifies the “ how ”. Tao reflects nature in a way. Therefore feng shui’s foundations are built by observation of nature. Feng Shui has many applications in the home to bring prosperity.

These Southeast Door Colors Bring Prosperity

The color choices for the south-facing door will have the same characteristics as the east-facing door since the two elements share the same feng shui element of wood. A southeast direction also relates to wealth and money that is nourished through water. So another auspicious colour for the south-facing door.

The wood element colors

For your house exteriors, you can consider exploring alternatives utilizing feng shui elements. productivity cycles. (also called the cycle of creation or Feng Shui elements’ production cycle)

The west-facing door is related to the metal element.

Choose from following colours for a west-facing door : White Gray Metallic colours Nourishing colours for metal are: Light yellow Beige Clay Other earthy/sandy colours

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