Feng Shui and Placement of a Dining Table in Front of the Main Door

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Feng Shui and Placement of a Dining Table in Front of the Main Door

dining table in front of main door

If you want to position your dining table in front of your main door, there are some feng shui rules that you must follow. These rules include the shape and placement of the table. You may also want to place a rangoli on the dining table. This will give it a good feng shui effect.

Can your dining room be by the entrance or front door of your home? While it is not the norm, it is definitely possible to have a dining room right by the front door while maintaining the flow of the house.

Feng shui rules for dining table in front of main door

There are feng shui rules for placing a dining table in front of a main door. In particular, you should seat the oldest family member in an “honoured guest” position. This seating position is closest to the door and has solid walls behind it. It also has a good view of the door. Avoid seating anyone with their back to the main door or to a window. This can make them feel insecure.

Colours recommended for the living rooms and dining rooms are off-white, pink, light yellow and other soothing colours. “If the dining area is in the east, then, paint the walls in yellow, saffron or peach. If it is in the north, opt for light green and blue colours. In the morning, open all the windows and ensure that the room is well ventilated.

What should be placed in front of the main door? You can keep decorative items that allow the free flow of positive energy into the living space, including sacred symbols like om, cross, swastika, etc.

A lot of homeowners decide that they don’t want their dining area right by the front door, so they convert that area into a family room or a great room.

Do not place photos of ancestors in the north-east section. Shoes should not be kept in front of the main door, as it is the main pathway for positive energy. Closed shelves are much better than open shelves.

Chinese believes that when ones is having their meal, it is the most important moments of their day. There is even a saying, food is heavenly towards a commoner and when one is having meal, he or she is even more superior to an emperor.

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Placement of dining table in front of main door

It is not advisable to put the dining table in front of the main door. The reason is simple: it can make the dining area look cluttered. Moreover, it can attract negative energy. Hence, you should try to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. In addition, you should avoid placing broken items near the main door. Also, you should ensure that the entrance gate has a threshold to absorb negative energy and allow positive energy to pass.

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The dining table should be positioned in the south-west corner. It should not touch the wall. The dining table should be square in shape. It should also have chairs that can be easily moved to get up and down. The chairs should not fold against any wall. Also, make sure that the table has enough space for the chairs to move easily.

The dining table should be square or rectangular in shape. It should not be facing the kitchen. This is because the kitchen has a higher temperature and lampblack emission. This could be harmful to the family’s health and make people short-tempered. If you must place the dining table in front of the kitchen, it is better to place a curtain in front of the door.

When you’re a guest at someone else’s home, you usually have to walk past a couple of other rooms in order to get to the dining room, so that way you can see more of your host’s house and feel welcome.

Shape of dining table

According to Vastu principles, the dining table should be square or rectangular, not round. It should not be too short and should not touch the wall. The dining table should be placed in the south-west corner of the dining room, with chairs facing the south-east direction. If there are children in the house, they should not sit in the south-west corner of the dining table.

An oval-shaped dining table is a good choice if you want to seat more than four people. This shape allows you to have more space at the center of the table while sitting at the table. Oval-shaped tables can also be great for narrow rooms. However, they can make your dining space feel too formal.

If your dining area is square and boxy, a large dining table will fill up the space and seem almost claustrophobic. Instead, a circular dining table that can sit four to six people comfortably would be ideal. If the dining area is elongated, a rectangular or oval dining table would be better suited.

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Placement of rangoli

A rangoli is an auspicious decoration which should be placed in front of the main entrance. This is because it is said to bring in good energy and attract prosperity. In addition, it can help ward off evil and attract positive vibes. Traditionally, the main entrance of a house is considered auspicious because it is the first impression a visitor has of the place. In addition, it is recommended to place mirrors in front of the entrance, which reflect good energy back to the native.

A rangoli can be made by choosing different colors and patterns. The basic idea is to use different colors for each section. The flowers may also be different types. Choosing the right flowers for the design is important. Moreover, it is recommended to separate different types of flowers in a rangoli.

Besides the main entrance, it is also important to place the rangoli in front of the main door of the house. According to Hindu mythology, this decoration is considered to be auspicious as it invites good fortune. It is also recommended to place an idol of Ganesha or Laxmi in the front entrance of a house. A photo of Laxmi on the door is also considered to be auspicious.

Paintings on walls behind dining table

Paintings on walls behind the dining table can make a statement and tie in the rest of the scheme. One example is a striking wallpaper panel that transports the viewer to a formal garden terrace. Another example is a calming blue background, which allows brightly colored furniture, lighting, and graphic artwork to stand out.

A single painting can transform a space with white walls into a stunning focal point. Use hints of gray and blue to create a pop of color, and choose an oversized canvas if you have high ceilings. It will create an evenly proportioned look against the white wall, making the artwork appear more spacious. You can even mount it on the whole wall, or use floating shelves for accents and decor.

Abstract paintings can add a dramatic touch to the dining room. These works often sell for thousands of dollars at auction. You can also choose to display your child’s art next to a favorite print.

Placement of large chandelier

Choosing the right size for a chandelier is a vital step in decorating a home. Many people make the mistake of buying one that is too big or too small, which will throw the entire room out of proportion. Other common mistakes involve hanging a chandelier too high or too low, so knowing the ceiling height is crucial.

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When placing a large chandelier in front of a main entry, keep in mind the architectural style of the room. You want the light to give off a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Using an oversized chandelier can also create a dramatic effect. The lighting should also be comfortable for the homeowner.

The height of the chandelier should complement the furniture in the room. For example, a large chandelier in the living room should be between 6.3 to 6.6 feet off the floor. This height will ensure that the light comes from the center and not just the bottom. A chandelier should not be placed higher than the second floor if the house has a two-story ceiling.

Chandeliers with downrods can be installed on the ceiling if they have a straight sloping surface. However, if you have a sloped ceiling, you may need to get additional support for the larger chandeliers. If the chandelier weighs more than 50 pounds, you may need to use fan braces or expandable chandeliers.

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Fruits and flowers on dining table

Keeping fresh flowers and fruits on a dining table is considered an excellent feng shui practice. Fruits such as pears and peaches attract positive energy and promote health. Oranges, on the other hand, symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is also a good idea to have family meals in front of the dining room table, preferably at least once a week. It is also a good idea to say grace before eating.

Vastu tips for living room: Placement of furniture

The right kind of furniture are crucial components of a comfortable home. According to Vastu Shastra, heavier furniture, like sofas, should have an orientation west or east. Nevertheless, things like televisions and electronic equipment should ideally be located in southern areas. It is best if your house was designed to have a mix of kitchen and living areas. Also read: Vast colour combinations on gates may affect our health and if used aesthetically with the right combination, it can give us warmth.

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Dining room Vastu: Directions and furniture

In this room, the family gets together every single day to enjoy meals as a family. “The dining room is a sacred space and the dining tables are a symbol of healing, nourishment, and bonding.” Ideally, one should eat facing east, west or north. A regular meal, facing south may lead to problems. The dining table should have been seated. The dining room needs to have a decent amount of illumination. Create an inviting dining area so your meals can be enjoyed easily.

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