Good Luck Plants For Front Doors

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Originally posted on October 29, 2022 @ 12:36 am

Good Luck Plants For Front Doors

good luck plants for front door

There are a variety of good luck door plants for front doors. Some of these are Aloe vera, Marigolds, Ficus ginseng, and Peonies. Others are used as symbols of prosperity, good work, and affluence. If you are looking for the most powerful luck plant for your front door, you might want to choose an oak tree.

Here are 17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures; growing these will bring greenery as well as prosperity to your home!

Even if the green specimens are small bundles of happiness, the right one at the entrance can bring prosperity and attract positive energy to the home. Find out which is a good lucky plant for your front door according to the culture.

Basil Also known as Tulsi

basil, herbs, food

A basil plant having some religious relevance is quite a famous culinary herb plant. It is one of those magical plants which release oxygen throughout the day and night.

Sweet basil has cultural importance in Greece, and it’s said to bring luck and health. You can grow it near the front door for good fortune and ward off diseases.

Areca Palm

areca nut, seeds, tree

If you have space for a bigger plant, an areca palm can bring a lot of life energy to your space. This is a great plant to activate a stagnant corner.

Rubber plant

2,790 Rubber Plant Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Ficus Elastica is a popular Feng Shui houseplant that brings good luck to its owner.

Dwarf citrus tree

orange, orange tree, citrus fruit

Brings in prosperity and usher good luck. The orange lime tree is considered favourable and optimistic because of its bright colour.

Umbrella Plant

pine, pine umbrella, tree

The Schefflera can be a perfect option to grow inside or outside your front door area

Basil Plants for front door area

It is said when a basil plant is placed near to the entrance it acts as one of the good fortune plants for the front door as it attributes to financial success.


sage, herbs, culinary herbs

Growing Sages helps to remove evil energies and harmful energy sources. Grow this close to your door to prevent negative energy from entering your house. Native Americans burn sage for uplifting feelings. This ceremony is widely practiced and lasted several centuries.


orchid, blossom, bloom

Orchids are considered to be a beautiful plant in Japan and have relevance in bringing wealth to your home. When grown near the frontdoor the flowers surround and provide your home with a positive environment, and brings good luck and a loving life.


chrysanthemum, flower, plant

Chrysanthemum’s round floral forms are very lucky to many cultures and in China it is an example of longlife. Roses symbolize the sentiment and compassion of European citizens. It’ll be possible to grow both sides. Good luck!

Morning Glory

morning glories, flowers, violet flowers

Morning Glory is viewed as the most decorative plant which is positive for family life in the world. Growing these plants at home invites good fortune to people in different Asia cultures. Grow this around front doors.

Citrus trees

orange, fruit, tree

According to Slavic myth and Chinese Feng Shui, citrus trees are associated with prosperity and success. Place dwarf citrus trees on the front entrance to block the negative electricity flow.


Oakwood Red Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

In Greek culture oak has a high status as God’s king Zeus while in Norse culture it has a high status as Thor, the god of thunder. Grow Oaks in your garden to encourage positivity and energy.


58,058 Basil Plant Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Sweet herbs are important to Greek cultural heritage and are considered favourable and nourishing for health. You could grow it near you for luck and to protect against infections.

Jade Plant

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Jade plants can be kept easy and long-lived. According to Kanso principle, the plants are good for bringing positive emotions. The plant attracts positive energy and builds wealth.

One of the most popular is the Jade plant , called Crassula Ovata or the money tree. The round leaves symbolize good fortune and prosperity, and many believe they attract money energies.

Boston Fernandez

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Most commonly ferns have a number of benefits. However you must plant Boston ferns outside your door or put them in baskets to help you prosper.

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peony, flower, blossom

Peony names come from the Greek god Paeon. It symbolizes love, happiness, love and luck. Grow peony flowers near the entrances for prosperity.

Peony is believed to be named after Paeon, the Greek physician of Gods and has achieved a good reputation for its medicinal uses in ancient times. This plant is supposedly a symbol of happy marriage and romance, and also, according to people, it brings good fortune, prosperity and richness.


jasmine, flowers, white flowers

It can help you locate true love by laying it directly outside the entrance of the house.

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Braunii)

bamboo, lucky bamboo, plant

Almost everyone loves plants because it is believed it will bring good luck. Aside from bringing positive energy to the house, it also prevents negative energy. Lucky bamboo is a plant which is considered a very good choice for a home or garden. It is a good choice for storing. Although there are numerous bamboos, their numbers show different meanings for the species. You have to pick an ideal product to fulfill your needs. YOU MAY HELP ME TO Decode Lucky Bamboo Stalk Numbers.

Money Plant

It has the most common names Money Plants are considered feng-shui plants and have been believed to attract wealth. It has been considered to offer good air purification, and can be used inside. Ensure your house is healthy by taking care of the nature in the garden. It doesn’t apply merely to plants or pets!

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is considered a good luck plant and can be used for a variety of purposes. It can soothe the skin and hair. It can also be used to help calm one’s mood, especially during stressful transitions. Despite its reputation, the plant is actually not all that difficult to care for. In fact, it only needs watering when necessary.

A plant of this type will not only bring good luck, but also make the entrance to your home more welcoming. Planting it near the entrance is particularly effective, as it absorbs negative energy from the environment and protects from harmful influences. In ancient times, the plant was used to embalm bodies, and it was even considered a cure-all. Its healing properties have also led to its use as a symbol of friendship.

Aloe Vera can be placed in a planter or on a coffee table. The leaves are used in recipes, and you can harvest them to make good luck products. Unlike some plants, Aloe Vera does not require much maintenance, but it is important to water it when the top half of the soil is dry.


In Chinese culture, peonies are a symbol of romance and desire. They symbolize love and passion and have various other meanings. The flower’s red color is considered the most auspicious color in Chinese culture. The red color is associated with the fire element, which is associated with passion and recognition. The flower’s yellow petals are also considered auspicious and connect to the earth element, which represents stability and nourishment.

Some people believe that peonies bring good fortune to homes. Peonies are very lucky flowers and are good luck plants for the front door. They are also believed to attract money to your home. They should be given proper care and attention. They are also great for boosting your relationship quotient.

Peonies are good luck plants for the front door because they have medicinal benefits and can be used to create a romantic atmosphere. They are also an excellent plant for the front door because they look beautiful and add to the feng shui of a home.


Marigolds are one of the most traditional good luck plants and are associated with the Virgin Mary. They also repel pests and ward off evil spirits. These plants bloom from spring until the first frost and are a welcome sight on any front door. They are also a popular choice for landscaping.

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Marigolds can be either annuals or perennials. Most varieties are perennial, and some of them reseed each year. Marigolds are easy to maintain and require little water. Marigolds have a strong scent that deters many insects. You can choose perennial plants like Mexican marigolds or French marigolds.

Marigolds are also popular in Indian culture. People will put marigold garlands on framed photos of family members, including deceased family members. The marigold flowers are believed to help the dead find their way home. They also represent the change in season, life, and opportunities.

Rubber tree

There are various kinds of good luck plants for your front door. Some plants are good luck charms that can bring you good luck and money. Others bring positive vibes and a good aura. You can get these lucky plants from online and offline stores. However, you need to take care of them.

Rubber plants are native to Asia, including Java and Malaysia. Their round leaves symbolize happiness and abundance, and they also purify the air. They need bright, indirect sunlight, and a well-draining soil. In addition, they require weekly watering. For best results, you should choose the southeast corner of your entrance for these plants.

You can also keep rubber plants indoors, in a green room or in a covered patio. They are excellent for good Feng Shui. They bring wealth and prosperity and can be located in the wealth corner of a home. They also grow easily and can be pruned regularly.

Ficus ovata

Keeping Ficus ovata near your front door will bring you good luck. It has a large, violin-shaped leaf, and is one of the luckiest plants in feng shui. The plant is native to tropical parts of Africa. It also attracts prosperity and abundance. This plant is a good air purifier.

You can also grow this plant indoors. It belongs to the Moraceae family, which also includes figs. Its thick, oval leaves come in many different colors. Its glossy, green leaves have yellow spots and are variegated. Its leaves are burgundy red, or cream-white-and-green. This houseplant grows anywhere from six to 10 feet tall.

Another good luck plant is the fig tree. The fig tree is easy to grow and has thick roots. It is known as a money plant in Asia. It is a symbol of prosperity and wealth and is commonly given as a housewarming or wedding gift.

Ficus bonsai

If you want a beautiful, luscious bonsai plant for your front door, consider choosing a Ficus bonsai plant. These plants enjoy bright indirect sunlight and thrive outside. However, they should be protected from direct sunlight and kept out of drafts. They can also grow too big for their pot, so they should be re-potted every two years.

When choosing a pot for your ficus bonsai, make sure it has a proper drainage system. Ficus trees require a good amount of moisture, but they also like well-draining soil. Cactus soil with arrogates is ideal for this. It is also necessary to ensure the roots of your Ficus bonsai are straight, otherwise, they will push out of the pot. Bonsai wire will help you to keep the tree in place.

Ficus bonsai plants should be placed near a window with good air circulation. A south or west facing window is the best place for this plant. A north or east-facing window will give it too much heat.

Ficus ginseng bonsai

Ficus ginseng bonsais are a popular choice for front door good luck plants. These small trees grow slowly and require a good amount of light to survive. Place them on a windowsill or other area with indirect light. Morning sunlight is best, as afternoon sunlight can be too harsh for this plant.

Repotting Ficus ginseng is not necessary annually, as it grows slowly. However, it’s important to trim the roots when replanting, to help it settle into the new pot. Make sure to plant it in a bonsai soil mix.

Ficus ginseng is a great choice for good luck plants because of its ability to bring harmony and good luck to anyone who comes into contact with it. The plant has oval leaves and thick roots and is easy to care for. The added bonus is that this plant also purifies the air.

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Lemon trees

Are powerful plants symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and good health

About the Front Door in Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese term for the entrance to the dwelling. Outward, it represents the face you see in a house. Once entering this place, all the positive or negative energies flow into the home. The front doors set the way you experience the opportunity. In addition, it provides a transition between an alert external world and a calm inner world. How you decorate the entranceway or entrance door affects the type of energy your home brings.

Big plants

If you want to put big plants around your house and want wood to be produced as naturally as possible, big plants will certainly work. The size of plants vary by the amount of foliage and the height in which it grows. There are no clear standards on the size of large plants. Most people can easily tell themselves how large and how smaller it is.

Types of Plants to Avoid Locating Near the Front Door in Feng Shui

Avoid planting spiky, sharply horned plants around doors (or any other part of the room) or around your home. Yeah, you have a bunch of beautiful rosebushes in the garden! Although the plants are very beautiful, these kinds should be avoided in decorating because they draw negative energy. Destroyed plants can also create negative energy.

Essential Tips, Theory and Plant Types to Maximise Positive Energy at Your Front Door

A good decorated door can change the way visitors perceive you. The door at the entrance of feng shui is equally important and the principles of ancient practice offer many ways to optimize an interior with plants. Here we will show you how to place your garden in close proximity to your home entrance to feng shui.

The Best Color for Your Front Door According to Feng Shui

A feng shui principle states that the most effective colors in an entrance door depend on the way the door faces. During feng-shui, cardinality is associated with elements that have also an association with colours. The color of our doors facing in a particular direction should balance our energy flow.

The Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui

Best flowers at the entrance of feng shui are those that have smooth, rounded or heartshaped leaves that draw positive, auspicious energy. Most popular front yard greenery includes areca palms, jade plants, fig trees, ferns, geraniums and chrysanthemums.

The role of plants and the front door in Feng Shui

Feng Shui plants help you direct energy to the house. Depending on what types of plants you put in front of the door it represents joy, luck, wealth or fortune.

Placement of plants inside and outside the front door

Many people decorate their home entrance by placing plant pots along the side or inside the entrance door based on feng shui techniques. Place plants next to the front doors invites different energies into the residence depending on the plant type and flower colors. In addition, planting plants near a window may reduce energy flow and create softer, inviting environments. You can also plant inside near entrances. Keep it a priority that you do not block energy entering your home through a blocked door that creates clutter.

Front Door Feng Shui Plant Sizes

The bigger the plants, the stronger their energy-generating presence is. Planting is generally proportional to home entrance. If you have an open entrance, you can use large plants that draw enough electricity to heat your house. If your front door is more demure, make sure that your planting profile matches the quietness within your home.

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