Are Birds Lucky In Feng Shui?

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Crane Bird Means Long Life and Grants Wish in Feng Shui

The crane bird is a very distinctive symbol from the Chinese zodiac, the dragon and its cycle. It is also very important to know what the meaning of the crane bird means for you.

When you draw a figure drawn with a crane on it and make sure that there are two lines intersecting this means that the person drawing this image would live a very long life.

This symbol is used for the cycles of the moon, the tiger, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep and the chicken.

Crane bird means Long Life and Grants Wishes in feng shui

This long life and grants wishes in Feng Shui are very appropriate when it comes to drawing the different animal life forms and this is why the crane bird is so popular.

The crane is the national emblem for China and this is why if you have Chinese heritage then this will be very significant to you.

It has been used for a very long time and has a lot of symbolic meaning attached to it.

If you want to draw a crane or any symbol in your house or room, you will find that using this symbol is very appropriate as this symbol has long life cycles.

The crane bird is also associated with health and many people who draw this will expect long life and a good fortune.

This is because this bird is associated with power and strength and people like this to be in their lives.

This is what makes the crane bird very auspicious and if you wish you will draw this animal in your room or living area.

The reason for this is that the life cycle of this animal is very long and this means that they are strong and will not easily get sick.

When you draw this animal you must remember that this symbol has long life cycles and you must also consider the symbolism attached to it.

This will ensure that you draw the most suitable animal to hang on your walls and you will be pleased with the luck and fortune that come your way because of this.

A Guide to Crane Lucky Bird in Feng Shui

One great way to ensure that you have a good luck charm for Chinese New Year is to hang a crane lucky bird in Feng Shui.

The crane Lucky Bird in Feng Shui is very easy to make. It’s part of the fortune egg collection and can be hung in or near the front entrance to your home as fortune increases in the New Year.

crane lucky bird in feng shui

The Chinese call this type of luck “chi,” which means good luck.

Today, these Feng Shui riches can be hung around the home to bring fortune and luck to those who use them.

They are simple to make and come in many different styles and colors. With so many choices, no matter what type of luck charm you prefer, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your Feng Shui decorating theme!

Why Swans Are Welcomed As the Promise of Spring in All Asian Cultures in Feng Shui

In ancient times, swans were symbols of fertility and new life. They were always present in Asian cultures and even today they have a positive symbolization and role in many Asian cultures.

If you have ever seen a swan, or a part of a swan, flying over an area of water or mountain, then this was typically good omen.

The Chinese looked at swans as being a symbol of good luck and prosperity. They also associated the swans with Asian deities like the Dragon and the Ten Tiger.

Swallows are welcomed as the promise of spring in Asian cultures in feng shui

So, the question is, “Why are swans such welcome symbol in Asian cultures?” The swans are closely related to ducks and geese, which are also widely distributed throughout Asia.

This is the reason why swans are usually found in Buddhist paintings.

  • The geese also have similar features with the swans, such as having scales. Both types of birds are considered to be lucky in Feng Shui and the placement of the water element is also considered to be a blessing in the art of Feng Shui.
  • In fact, water is very important in the art of Feng Shui, because without water there can be no life.
  • Therefore, swans are seen as a symbol of fertility and new life in Asian culture. It is said that a great abundance of wealth will come to anyone who has the blessing of swans.
  • It is also said that a swan has the power to turn a brook into a brook of water. In fact, a swan can turn the most insignificant brook into a brook of crystal clear water, which would make it a perfect home for a large number of ducks or geese.

Can Peacock Blue Feathers Invite the Energy of Wisdom and Beauty Into Your Home?

Peacock Blue is considered as a very good color in decorating, as it has very calming and peaceful effects.

This peaceful effect is brought by its blue hues.

In fact, the peacock is considered as a symbol of peace and infinity. It represents a state of equilibrium between the forces of life and death.

The feather has been proven to have healing properties that are good for the physical body, especially for mental and emotional health.

These properties have been used in the ancient times by the Chinese as a treatment for various diseases and conditions like anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.

peacock blue feathers can invite the energy of beauty and wisdom to your home

One of its most notable and popular uses today is for Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese concept about polarity, balance and harmony.

According to this concept, there are five elements – earth, water, fire, metal and wind. The peacock blue belongs to the element of water.

According to Feng Shui, the element of water works its way through the body, moving everything along the pathways that are called meridians.

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If you want to attract and trap more of this positive energy in your house, you can hang the peacock blue feather on the door and its color would be bound to stay at the same place for a long time.

However, if you are thinking that Feng Shui doesn’t really apply in your home, then you can actually introduce some aspects of it here.

Just painting the ceiling with such color can indeed help you achieve good chi balance in your home.

Your bedding can also be made out of this color, if you don’t want to go all the way with using peacock blue color.

Other great designs that can complement this color are the peacock yellow, peacock pink and peacock purple.

With all these designs, not only will you bring balance into your life, but also you will be able to enhance your overall sense of beauty.

Symbolism of Beauty and Wisdom in Feng Shui

These birds now can be seen in many different places around the world as well as being used as a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. For these reasons the peacock is viewed as a very auspicious bird.

This is because in ancient times it was believed that these birds would bring prosperity into a home.

The beauty and wisdom peacock is seen as a symbol of beauty and wisdom in Feng Shui because its plumage is a rich and deep green color.

The black stripes and reds which make up the flanks and breast are also a very attractive color combination.

The black feather which usually surrounds the peacock’s neck is a very auspicious color and is considered to bring good luck and happiness to anyone wearing it. It is also believed that a man wearing plumage and red sash will be very successful in business.

The meaning of the peacock feather and the color red have long been linked to the arts and sciences.

Because of this the peacock has become a very popular symbol for artists. Peacocks were also believed to bring the rains in ancient times and are seen as a symbol of fertility.

Modern artists often incorporate these beliefs in their art to make a piece of art with a symbolic meaning.

As you can see, many different meanings for the peacock feather have been attached to it throughout the centuries, which makes it one of the most popular symbols in Feng Shui.

Why Mandarin Ducks Are Placed in the Home and Positioned So That They Can Symbolize Water, Wealth, Love

If ducks are placed in the couple’s home, they will direct the positive energy in the home.

The positive energy is said to bring the couple closer together and also helps them feel emotionally closer to one another.

ducks are placed in the couple home and positioned so they face each other feng shui

Placing ducks in the couple’s bedroom is a practice that Feng Shui experts believe helps to boost a couple’s romantic relationship.

Finally, ducks are also believed to bring wealth to a home.

They are called water pearls in China, and it is said that the sound of a water pearl carries wealth and luck.

As a result, placing ducks in a couple’s home is seen as a very auspicious gesture.

Not only do ducks add a touch of color and life into a room, but they also serve the purpose of providing protection from evil spirits and illness.

For this reason, ducks are placed in areas that need to be kept safe and away from bad luck.

The presence of ducks is meant to keep evil spirits from plaguing the couple, making it a very good idea for couples who are starting a new life together.

Pair of Mandarin Madarin Ducks – A Happy and Successful Marriage in Feng Shui

A pair of Mandarin ducks as wedding symbolism is very symbolic as they are known to represent a happy and long-lasting marriage in Feng Shui.

Traditionally, the bride is represented by the water bird, while the groom is by the Phoenix.

I myself represented these pairs in my own wedding ceremony, and they have always had a very positive effect on my marriage.

Of course, that is not to say that they can’t be negative or unsuccessful in your own marriage. The point I am trying to get to is that having a pair of ducks in your life can definitely be a positive influence.

pair of mandarin ducks represent a happy and successful marriage in feng shui

Having a pair of ducks symbolizes a happy marriage in Feng Shui because it is a sign that a couple is beginning to feel comfortable with one another. It is also an indication that the marriage has a solid chance of having a successful conclusion. In fact, most marriage consults will advise that if you would like a happy marriage then you must have a lot of ducks – at least four!

A pair of ducks can often symbolize the beginning of a prosperous and happy marriage, and it is therefore something that any couple will benefit from.

When choosing a pair of Mandarin ducks for a wedding, there are a number of things that couples should keep in mind.

Feng Shui – Protecting and Strengthening the Roosters

In ancient times the Chinese revered the feathers of the ancient majestic roosters as being a symbol of the emperor’s power and used them in many battle strategies, including attacks on enemy armies.

The roosters feathers have also been called the “powerful bird of heaven” as well as the “great white eagle”.

These have been used in Chinese culture for protection from evil spirits and fortune tellers to warn people of dangers that would hopefully arrive.

feng shui the roosters feathers are often used in protection adjustments

I believe the roosters are very important in feng shui because they represent the cycles of life and death.

The existence of the strong wind, the watery rain, and the sunlight all represent the different phases of life in different areas of a space.

It is these symbols in nature that are often used in feng shui remedies to bring about good feng shui in specific areas in one’s home or office.

The colors and the combination of colors often determine the areas of your space that will have the most positive effects when it comes to feng shui.

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In my personal experience using the colors and the imagery associated with the roosters and other animals and birds I can bring positive energy to all parts of my home.

For me, bringing the energy of nature into my home has provided me with a great deal of positive benefits, especially when it comes to bringing more health and wealth into my life.

Feng shui and the symbols and images associated with it have allowed me to make more effective use of the resources that I have available throughout the various rooms throughout my house.

The protection and energy that the different items in my home represent are also helping me to overcome fears and challenges that have stood in my way up until this point in my life, allowing me to live life with more confidence and courage.

Roosters Are Only Birds Included in the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Roosters are only birds featured in the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. This is because they do not belong to any bird group, although they are closely related to all birds.

They are considered to be the most “chic” of the twelve Chinese animals, along with the peacock, the dragon, and the pheasant.

In general, they are often represented as being friendly and relaxed, which makes them a very popular choice as decorations for weddings, on flags, or other accessories.

Roosters are only birds included that also feature in the twelve Chinese zodiac animals

The Roosters are considered to be lucky animals, as well.

They have been chosen to appear on lucky paper money, and some people hang it from their rearview mirror while driving.

Because they are so closely associated with luck, many people have found that the Roosters are also used in Feng Shui practice.

According to Chinese astrology, the Roosters are said to bring prosperity and good fortune to the lucky owner. Some people also hold Roosters as a lucky charm.

The Chinese believe that the Roosters are named this way because they originally swooped down from the sky to eat many birds during the time of ancient China.

It is believed that these birds were protected by a force of powerful animals known as the Dragon, and that the Roosters were able to soar back to earth because of the protection that the Dragons provided.

Today, the Roosters are most often seen as lucky symbols. For the luck lover in you, there are even Roosters that are blue and green in color, representing the balance of yin and yang.

If you are interested in using this particular bird for luck, or for protection, you can buy Roosters that are adorned with amulets and charms.

The Phoenix is One of the Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui

When you look at the art of ancient Chinese astrology, you will see that one of the most important aspects to focus on is the aspect of the animals in Feng Shui.

The Phoenix is one of the four celestial animals and one of the most revered animals in Chinese culture.

The Phoenix is considered to be a great protector and is a symbol of courage and fire.

In Chinese astrology the Phoenix is also traditionally seen as a symbol of renewal. This brings with it the idea that the Phoenix is a creature of protection and one that will aid man in facing and overcoming obstacles.

In feng shui the phoenix is also one of the four celestial animals

While many believe the Phoenix to be a symbol of death and destruction it actually is not.

The Phoenix in Feng Shui is actually a symbol of life and light.

One of the reasons that the Phoenix is so significant in Chinese culture is because of its rebirth.

Because of this we can understand that the life that we experience today will in the future be a new and different experience. This is why the Phoenix is seen as a symbol of life.

Another reason that the Phoenix is so significant in Chinese culture is because it is one of the four animals that are believed to be the guardians of the gates of heaven.

In the east everything must be guarded against the dragon and the other animals. In the west the Phoenix is also seen as a symbol of wisdom and learning.

This is why the Phoenix is often paired with the Eagle. With such deep spiritual meanings it is not surprising that people often choose to have Phoenix paintings or Feng Shui remedies based on these associations.

Purify & Rejuvenate

The auspicious Phoenix symbolizes purification and rebirth in Feng Shui.

The Phoenix is a symbol of energy and it has a great connection to the cycles of life and death.

When the bird emerges from its cage after emerging from the ashes at the end of the world, it represents the transition between animal and fully grown human being.

This is a time when the individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being are all being cleansed, renewed and purged.

the auspicious phoenix symbolizes purification and rebirth in feng shui

This cycle of life and death is also symbolic of the cycles of life and death in Feng Shui practice.

When the auspicious Phoenix symbolizes purification and rebirth in Feng Shui, it means that the current cycle (or life cycle) is complete and the individual is ready to take on the next step (or cycle).

This also means that the current cycle or life path the individual is currently following is complete and they are looking forward to something new. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the Feng Shui practice of cleansing and purifying the energy structure.

For most beginners and practitioners of Feng Shui, the Phoenix is a good omen when there are issues with the location of a meeting (or association) that has been arranged.

The Phoenix symbolizes the rebirth and the purification of the energy structure.

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When this energy structure is unbalanced (due to stress, bad luck, etc) the Phoenix will appear to check the problem, as it always flies above the problem to fly away.

In Feng Shui, the Phoenix is a symbol for purification and rebirth in Feng Shui. With this in mind, finding the auspicious Phoenix symbolizes purification and rebirth in Feng Shui.

Life Symbols and Feng Shui

Cranes are often paired with the turtle as a long life symbol in Feng Shui because of their association with strength and vitality.

The Chinese value life energy (chi) and they believe that by pairing a crane with the symbol of life, they can enhance their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Cranes are able to lift the boat as they move swiftly over the water, symbolizing the continuous movement of chi in and out of the living world.

In Chinese astrology, the Sun is considered a very important symbol in the lives of those who are close to the Emperor.

The Sun symbolizes strength, power, and abundance.

The red symbol of the Sun also represents youthfulness, and many Chinese feel that pairing a turtle with the Sun makes for a very wise and happy couple.

In fact, many Chinese people choose to place the symbol of the Sun on their gravestones, because they believe that by simply looking at it, the passing of a life energy is imminent.

Cranes are often paired with the turtle as a long life symbol in Feng Shui, because they are both symbols of vitality and strength.

The turtle also represents long life and happiness in Chinese culture. For this reason, it is often suggested that couples build a pond on the beach with the turtle as a sign of prosperity and life energy.

In Chinese culture, a lot of money is thought to be tied to the life energy of an individual, so looking at the symbol of the crane and a turtle together often means that money is going to be transferred from the home to the individual.

The Magpie and the Meaning Behind Its Love

Magpies are famous for their quills, which they use to call each other, and their other characteristics like the songs they sing and their different colored coats.

These traits have been associated with many different types of birds in different cultures.

In Australia, for instance, the magpie is known as the magpie chick, the male magpie called the raggle bush and the females are known as the white stork and gray-breasted pea.

Magpies are also associated with other stories, some of which are very significant and happy experiences for the magpie and others that are sad and unfortunate.

magpies bird is also connected to stories auspicious successful romantic relationships

When we think about the Magpie, we should think about life in general. They are beautiful and colorful birds, and they are also quite simple and honest in nature.

The magpie’s song is one that expresses their simplicity and honesty and how they feel.

This is also what makes these birds appealing to so many people, not only because of their beauty but also because of their innocent demeanor and the kind and caring nature they have towards all that they come into contact with.

In Australian mythology, the Magpie is associated with three things, feathers, trees and apples. When the bird meets the Goddess, it is said that she gives the tree a golden apple to symbolize the relationship between them, and when the couple dances together beneath the tree, they are meant to represent the everlasting love that exists between them.

The significance of this fruit in their relationship is also symbolic of marriage.

This is why most weddings are accompanied by this dance. It is also said that if a couple keeps their marriage under the tree, it will remain blooming and long lasting forever.

Magpies Are Well Known In Asian Cultures As A Symbol Of Joy And Happiness

The Magpie’s popularity seems to have spread to other parts of the world. In Thailand, a very popular bird is the Magpie and tourists can find many images of the smiling visage of the magpie adorned on the large trucks that drive through the countryside.

There are also many street signs in Thailand that feature Magpies as a symbol of good luck or more commonly used as an alternative to the Thai national flower, the Thais Roses.

Another country that seems to have a large population that is fascinated with Magpies is New Zealand where the symbol of the Magpie is emblazoned on the zebra skin and leopard head designer clothing.

Magpies are also associated with the Maori culture and are painted or drawn on objects that are worn or carried as part of their cultural heritage.

Magpies are well known in Asian cultures as a symbol of joy and good luck

Magpies are also associated with several cultures of the Middle East where they are often depicted as being associated with the moon or the sun.

Magpies are also known to have some religious ties where they are seen as being associated with birds of paradise.

This could be seen in their depiction on the coat of arms of several countries including: Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It is also claimed that the symbol of Magpie also represents the concept of fate and happiness and this could be seen in the coat of arms of Hezbollah which features a Magpie within its crescent shield.

There are many theories surrounding the meaning of the Magpie; some speculate that it represents reincarnation while others believe that it is a bad omen for someone that has drowned their own soul.

Some cultures also believe that a Magpie is closely associated with the number seven and is associated with the world’s creation and the end of the world as we know it.

Whether the Magpie is truly a symbolic representation or not is up to interpretation but one thing is for sure; it is a popular symbol for a wide variety of different reasons.

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