14 Feng Shui Wealth Corner – Creates Prosperity in Your Home

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Feng Shui Wealth Corner – Creates Prosperity in Your Home

The five elements – metal, wood, fire, earth and water, plus the presence of a power source – are called the basic Feng Shui conditions.

These are regarded as the basic Feng Shui conditions because they have proven to be useful in all aspects of life, whether it concerns business, healing, or relationships.

When these five elements are not present in your surroundings, they can either bring about bad Feng Shui or good Feng Shui.

The existence of the power of these elements help determine the Feng Shui condition in a room or any space where the five elements are present.

feng shui prosperity corner

For instance, when there is too much negative energy in a room, the wealth corner or the Feng Shui area will be enhanced with fire elements, wood will become more prominent, water will have a lesser amount of presence and metal will also be more apparent.

Meanwhile, a room that has too much good positive energy will be enhanced with the earth element, water will become less prominent, fire will be diminished and metal will be more prominent.

  • These are just some examples of how the presence of the specific elements affects the Feng Shui condition.
  • The colors you use for the Feng Shui corner are also important.
  • You have to pick the colors depending on whether you are thinking of creating or strengthening your wealth corner or the Feng Shui area in general.
  • Positive colors for the prosperity corner are light colors such as blue, yellow, green and red.
  • Meanwhile, the negative colors to use for this area include dark colors such as black, navy blue, purple and gray.

South East Universal Wealth Corner of Any Room in Your Home Or Business

The South East of any room is where the “Globe” lays, as Shakespeare wrote in his play A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

For business and home, this corner is where you are at.

In the South East part of any room is where the window of opportunity truly lies.

  • Look out your window and see where that sun breaks in the early morning hours, that is where the business opportunities are.
  • Look out your window on a bright, warm summer day and you will find an ocean of business waiting for you, offering money to those who need it most.
  • Look out your window and find the most opportune moment to strike and you will be rewarded ten fold.

Where business and commerce meet the earth, business follows its natural course.

Where commerce flourishes business follows its natural course.

So it is with your financial health.

When you find yourself in need of some financial uplift you should look to the south east.

If you can strike a deal, close a deal, sign a deal, get a contract signed with the South East of any room in your house or business.

If you are like me, you have probably lost count of how many times over the years you have pitched your rent, borrowed money from friends and family, sold products, received payment terms that were more than you bargained for or were short of.

You are not alone.

With the current economic climate there are many who are looking for better financial footing in life.

Feng Shui: North – Secondary Feng Shui – South – Main Treasure Corner

north is regarded as the secondary feng shui wealth corner

The south and north are both regarding to be the primary Feng Shui riches corner.

And for you to get this primary Feng Shui riches corner, you have to stand on the middle of your house with a compass facing east.

Also the north is considered to be the second Feng Shui riches corner.

This is also the place that ensures that when you do not lose your job or lose your life, you have a stable flow of money.

The south east is considered to be the main wealth corner and the north is regarded to be the secondary wealth area.

  • When we are on the second energy circuit, we need to be in a place where all three corner areas are present and everything is in harmony.
  • This is also the place where we can experience all the benefits associated with having the primary energy and having the secondary energy flowing through us.
  • When we use the wealth corners in our homes and businesses, it is important that we use the specific corner in each of the three areas that will help to attract more wealth and abundance into our lives.
  • So you have to select the specific location in the house, office, store room or wherever you want to set them.
  • But remember that it is also important that you do not use them whenever you feel like doing something else.
  • You have to take care of the different Feng Shui elements in these places so that it works well for you.

What is a Wealth Corner Feng Shui?

wealth corner feng shui

There are many different reasons why people consider investing in the wealth corner.

Some want their homes to be more accessible to them because they are growing older, while others want to live closer to the city life so they can take part in the many activities that taking place there.

In some cases, people think that the wealth corner will allow them to sell their home more easily than another one because the demand is much higher.

If you plan on investing in this particular type of real estate, you need to make sure that you have everything planned and set up before you actually get started.

Feng Shui Money Corner in Bedroom

Money Corner in Bedroom This is the area of the home that is most Feng Shui enhanced, and it is the place where we spend most of our time to rest and recuperate.

It is said to be the most private and the serene place in the whole house.

In fact, many Chinese people regard it as the main place of their life.

This is also called the “Shanzai zone.”

It should contain a bed, a chair and a small table and cupboard.

This is the most important element of the Feng Shui money corner in the bedroom.

feng shui money corner in bedroom

According to traditional Chinese medicine, when a person sleeps on his bed, it gives a very good energy all throughout the whole body.

The corners of the room must also be free from clutter. You can use an abundance of candles to add more light into the bedroom.

A beautiful bedside lamp with a lot of light can also be used.

Placing plants on the bed and in the corner of the room will give a very relaxing atmosphere into the bedroom.

Feng Shui money corner in the bedroom is one of the most effective places to start your wealth area.

Feng Shui And The Wealth Vase

A wealth vase is one of the most popular types of Feng Shui remedies.

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They are often used in Asian decorating, however they are equally appropriate in other cultures.

You will find that there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from and this is what makes them so popular.

Also the fact that they have different numbers of doors and windows in them gives them a very modern look and this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your wealth vase.

Before you purchase any wealth vase, be sure that you have the correct measurements available so that you can find the right one for you.

A wealth vase should sit on a table that has a nice natural feel and this means that you do not want it to be on a table with a lot of sharp corners or lines.

Instead you should select a wealth vase which is square in shape.

How To Center Your Energy and Attract Prosperity – The Feng Shui Prosperity Corner in Your Kitchen

feng shui prosperity corner in kitchen

The wealth corner or prosperity corner in your kitchen is a special area of your home, which will bring you abundance.

You may have heard people say that the corner of a room or house is where the heart is, but this is true also when it comes to the corner of your home.

This corner is where you will attract all kinds of abundance and success into your life.

This area is also called the spirit point or the energy point because this is where your focus and energy are centered.

When you center your energy or your heart on the area of your home, called the prosperity corner you will find that all kinds of abundance will come to you in the form of gifts, health, relationships and prosperity in all areas of your life.

This is why it is very important to draw your family’s energies and focus on this area of your home.

This is where you are going to draw all the good luck and abundance you are going to need to succeed in every area of your life.

When your entire energy point or your spirit point is focused on this area in your entire life will be more peaceful, happy and full of prosperity and abundance.

This is the natural order of things and it is a way that our spiritual ancestors gave us our spirituality and taught us to honor it by using this particular area in their homes as the prosperity corner.

There are many different ways that you can use this particular area of your home as the prosperity corner or the spirit point.

Feng Shui Proven Ideas to Attract Prosperity In South East Corner

feng shui prosperity southeast corner

The Feng Shui SouthEast Prosperity Corner is one of the most effective areas to live in when it comes to attracting good fortune and prosperity into your life.

This corner of your home, also known as the Yellow River Valley, is a perfect place to attract abundance of money, health and love into your life.

In fact, studies have shown that those who reside in the southeast corner of their homes are more likely to be rich, healthy, and happy than any other part of the world.

If you would like to attract all three of these things into your life, make sure that this corner of your home is placed in a location where they will be most welcome and successful.

Many people do not think that it is possible to attract the positive energies of the seasons into a living area, but this corner of your home can help you accomplish just that.

One way that you can use this corner of your home as part of the way you life is by adding elements that are specific to the time of year that you live in.

By creating a balance of the elements that are present in your life, you can bring about the positive energies that you need to get exactly what you are wishing for into your life.

This is an easy method that anyone can use to help them with their own prosperity and abundance issues.

Where to Place Bills in Feng Shui Corner

You need to know where to place bills in Feng Shui corner for it to be effective.

The first step is to identify the location in your home or office in which you wish to place the items, and the objects that you wish to draw near or keep away from that particular location.

It may not be practical to do this when the object you wish to attract does not have a location in your home or office, but you will find that some of them do.

In the case of the pot example, the question is “Where to place bills in Feng Shui corner?” and the answer is this: In the southeast part of a room is the southwest sector.

If you would like to attract a lot of money to your household, put the pot in the southeast sector of the house or office.

If you would like to protect your family and business assets, then put the pot in the northeast sector of the house or office.

Once you’ve placed the object in the appropriate location, you can now apply the correct symbols and colors to bring about the best atmosphere in that specific location.

  • Once you have determined where to put bills in Feng Shui corner, you should continue to arrange the objects that you have placed there in order to maintain that arrangement.
  • However, you do not want to overdo it, as you do not want to overwhelm the area you have designated as your home or office.
  • The key is to be balanced, which means not to put too many objects in one area that it causes the entire space to be overpowering.
  • You will also have to look at the colors and symbols carefully in order to see which ones will work best with each other in your arrangement.

Accessorizing Your Wealth Corner in Bedroom

What’s the best way to accessorize and decorate your bedroom, and if you already know, the wealth corner may be where you begin.

The wealth corner is often the last part of the entire room, and it is where the most energy of all is focused.

This may be due to your subconscious, or your conscious mind, or your ability to shift your energy.

Regardless of which of these factors is in play, the wealth corner can be a place where you can find some peace and focus.

If you need a simple way to accessorize your bedroom that will not take up too much space, or even just a way to help relax and unwind, hanging a decorative bamboo Feng Shui wealth mirror on the wealth corner may be just the thing for you.

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These mirrors are made of bamboo and have been traditionally used by the Chinese to enhance their wealth, health, and marital status.

Today, they are more popular as a decorative accent piece in many bedrooms across the world.

The wealth corner in your bedroom may not mean that you have to break out the bamboo mat.

If you prefer not to use them, you can still accessorize this area in a very different way.

Instead of focusing on the Feng Shui of the corners, you could pay homage to your good fortune through Hangi painting.

Hangi painting is a tradition in China that shows the painter in a painting, usually of red or gold, hanging above a bed of red fabric.

The painting is said to represent a miracle happening right before the person’s eyes, and to also attract wealth and prosperity to those who view it.

Feng Shui Corner in the Living Room

feng shui wealth corner in the living room

Its placement is thought to ensure good fortune, and by placing items with symbols on them, they believe that the items will interact in a positive way with wealth corner in the living room.

The only problem with this belief is that no one can really predict what the Feng Shui luck corner will look like, or where it might end up, as it varies from area to area.

The most important thing to remember when investing in the Feng Shui wealth corner in the living room is that you should always aim for balance.

When there is too much or too little, the results will not be positive.

Therefore, you should never invest all your money in one particular corner of the room, but rather, spread your money evenly across the four corners of the Feng Shui wealth corner.

This will ensure that the entire space has a good balance between all the elements.

In fact, some experts believe that the corner which has more raw materials, such as wood or metal, will have a more balanced Feng Shui wealth corner. This may be true, as these materials may attract more wealth than others.

How to Create a Feng Shui Wealth Corner in Your Garden

The placement of the corner is important and you should pay close attention to the direction and the positioning of the elements.

In most cases you will need to balance the water and fire among themselves as water represents the element of water and fire being the element of fire.

When you do this, it creates a positive flow of energy which benefits your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

It is also important to remember that one corner of the garden must not be dominated by one specific energy.

feng shui wealth corner in garden

In an area where there is stagnant water, it is believed that water should be kept moving.

In fact, this is the most popular Feng Shui technique used to increase wealth.

The corner should be placed so that it flows continuously with the water from the other sides being able to drain out into the sea or river.

The flowing of water also has a calming effect on both the mind and the body.

A Feng Shui wealth corner is usually placed in the south-west area of a house.

  • This means that it is away from the main access point of the house and is usually in the garden or back garden area.
  • You should be able to access this area easily from the main access point but you should avoid having it blocked by objects such as fences, walls or gates as it may affect the energy flow in that area.
  • You can also add statues to this area to bring fortune and prosperity into your life.
  • Some of the most common statues used in these Feng Shui areas are the rooster, lotus flower, peacock, dragon, rabbit and Phoenix.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the statues do not have to be traditional Chinese replicas as they can be anything that you like as long as it has a positive energy associated with it.

Using Feng Shui In The Bathroom

A well designed Feng Shui wealth corner in the bathroom can greatly enhance your happiness and fortune while you relax, shower or wash yourself.

The wealth corner is a small area at the back of the bathroom, usually by the sink where the wall meets the floor.

It is important that this corner is well designed so it attracts good Chi energy.

feng shui wealth corner in bathroom

It is best to use a Feng Shui wealth corner which is located at a slightly higher altitude than the rest of the bathroom.

This will attract more Chi energy as well as help to create a better lighting environment.

To create a good Feng Shui wealth corner, you need to make sure there is no clutter anywhere else near the corner so the Chi will not have to travel too far to reach your wealth corner.

Clean walls, floors, cupboards and mirrors are very important to make the area as balanced as possible.

A wealth corner doesn’t have to be a simple slab of wood put in an empty corner of the bathroom.

Use your imagination when planning to decorate your Feng Shui corner; you could use a metal globe or anything else that will help to balance and strengthen your Feng Shui energy.

Make sure that the corner is big enough to hold all your items, but small enough that you can still comfortably carry out your day to day activities without feeling cramped.

If you use a wealth corner which has a nice mirror on it, then you can also add a decorative plant or two to complete the look of your Feng Shui corner.

Feng Shui: The Wealth Corner in House

feng shui wealth corner in house

The wealth corner in the home is a place that you should place all of your treasures, including but not limited to money and jewelry.

When using Feng Shui as a decorating technique, the wealth corner in the house is a spot in your house where you can place all of your “stuff”. This should be a place that is away from where you spend most of your time – the kitchen, living room and family room.

You should place items such as the desk, computer, and TV in this area.

You need to remember that it is best to keep these items away from your main living room and it is also best if you do not put anything on top of the wealth corner in the house.

  • It is best to place a red umbrella or two over this area, since it can enhance the energy of the area.
  • The wealth corner in the house should have a door leading to it, so you should always keep this door open when you are inside of the house.
  • This door is known as the ‘doorway of wealth’ since it is a place that brings you fortune and abundance.
  • You should open the door whenever you are having an event or meeting, so guests will have easy access to the wealth corner in the house.
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You must also create the right ambiance in this area. If you feel that the energy in this area is too strong, you may place water plants inside of this area.

You should also place candles on this area. These candles can help to get rid of bad chi, and they will also help to improve your wealth corner in the house.

The Feng Shui wealth corner in house techniques are best used by people who are very confident about their own talents and who can easily attract positive energy.

Feng Shui Decorating – Using Water and Wood For Your Prosperity Corner

Water and Wood elements are considered appropriate for the energies of love, wisdom, beauty, and joy.

Water brings a sense of fertility in women and gives them the courage needed to become mothers; giving them the confidence and skills needed to take care of their children.

Wood gives you the feeling of having a nurturing environment; giving you the knowledge you need to nurture other living things. By choosing these two elements you are strengthening the overall energies in your room.

elements wood and water are considered appropriate for the prosperity corner

Water is a symbol of wealth for those with money as well as those without.

Wood is the symbol of beauty that brings beauty, joy, and happiness into all aspects of your life.

When you choose these elements, you will find yourself attracting more love, abundance, and prosperity into your life.

Water also helps to keep emotions from overwhelming you which can sometimes happen when you are surrounded by negativity.

When you are working on a room, you need to first decide what elements are available for you to draw from.

This will help you focus on each area of your room to determine what you would like the colors and themes to be.

Once you have chosen the elements you want in each area of your room you will need to make a choice about what you would like to see displayed in each area.

The elements of water and wood are considered appropriate for the prosperity corner in the living room

Paint Walls and Feng Shui – Arrange Bagua Color Schemes in Your House

In the wealth bagua area of the bag there are sixteen different colors and it is important to understand this when choosing a wall color.

The colors are arranged in pairs and it is important to have an arrangement of at least four of each color in the bag area in order to create the richness and balance desired by the home owner.

If one color is light and other pale or a darker shade, it is best to use a lighter color on that wall in order to balance the room.

If both pale shades are used on the wall the overall effect can be overpowering and it can cause the room to look small and crowded.

To achieve the richness and balance desired in the wealth bagua area in colors green and brown, use these colors in the vague area of the walls.

Paint walls wealth bagua area in nourishing feng shui element color green and brown

Using these rich colors in the wealth bagua area in decorating any home can uplift the space and make the rooms appear larger and more spacious.

This is particularly true when using the wall color in the bagua map of colors. If the color green is not used in the decorating of the wall then the overall effect can appear empty and stark.

This is not the case when a rich and deep color such as brown is used in the wall color.

The richness and depth that is offered using these richer colors will create a magnificent atmosphere and dramatic interior design that will make the rooms seem almost alive and beautiful.

There are other decorating options such as using earth tones in the decorating of the home, but they must be very pale so that they do not overpower the environment.

This is not to say that they cannot be used in small portions throughout the home or even the kitchen if they enhance the natural beauty already present.

However, this area of the home is meant to contain and reflect the wealth and good qualities of life.

It would be a disservice to add earth tones to the walls if this was done to highlight a negative aspect or to minimize positive qualities.

In the case of the wealth bagua colors the wealth and good qualities associated with these colors must be highlighted without making the space too busy.

The Feng Shui Of The Money Armband

Red or purple colors are sometimes brought to the money area to activate it

There are many Feng Shui guidelines that one can refer to for good fortune and this includes the red color that is often referred to as “kiu sin” which is said to be the most auspicious color.

These are often brought to the money area to activate it.

The red color is said to represent perseverance and luck while the purple color is said to symbolize wedded bliss and good fortune.

A green or blue bag can also be used in the money area for the same reason, to bring about luck and fortunes.

However, the most powerful element that is believed to activate the bag is the water element.

Water element Feng Shui is believing to make wealth thrive while damp earth or stagnant water is believed to bring about prosperity.

According to some belief systems, a stagnant water area is often an entrance to evils such as robbers and thieves.

It is thus important to clear away any stagnant water or dampness to bring about wealth and abundance in the area.

For this, a water pot may be placed in the area, and this should be placed in the south sector of the money area begun.

Another important tip for a successful placement of a water pot is to place the pot above a window that faces south.

Feng Shui consultants believe that colors have a strong effect on the water element.

This is because certain colors are associated with specific seasons, and a particular color can change depending on the time of the year.

Thus, the colors blue and green are often associated with spring season while orange and red are often found in the summer time.

Bright green or blue colors are often said to represent longevity and luck while deep red colors are said to signify love and affection.

If you have red or purple colors hanging in your home or office, it is possible that the Feng Shui consultants will assign you a specific color to bring about a certain effect in the area.

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