How Far Away Is House From Cemetery For Good Feng Shui

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Originally posted on July 17, 2021 @ 9:35 pm

Is It Bad Feng Shui To Live Near A Cemetery?

It may sound weird or insensitive, but if you live in an area where many people are choosing to be buried, you might have considered it bad to be close to a cemetery.

Is It Bad To Live Near A Cemetery

Bad Feng Shui – Lives By Graveyards and Cemeteries

Living by graveyards and cemeteries is not auspicious and bad feng shui because the cemeteries are considered Yin energy and it is meant for the dead and decaying energy.

If you live near a cemetery it might affect your daily living and might result in draining of Yang energy since Yin and Yang energy do not mix.

This is due to the belief that there is a link between death and bad Feng Shui.

living by graveyards and cemeteries bad feng shui land literally home decaying bodies

Unfortunately, many people do not find it pleasant to look at the skeletal remains that litter the ground of their former hometown.

Living across from a cemetery

Living across from a cemetery is not a good idea for many reasons. One is that it’s very unattractive. In addition to affecting your property value, it can also make you feel paranoid and uncomfortable. Many cemetery owners require that their plots be at least 650 feet away from your home. The closer your home is to a cemetery, the higher the risk of an accident.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this negative yang energy without compromising the overall energy of your home. Many spiritualized schools of Feng Shui believe that graveyards are haunted by disembodied spirits. It can also affect your mood and cause depression. This is because the yin energy from a graveyard and the surrounding graveyards constantly influence your subconscious mind. Mortuaries and funeral homes also give off the same energy. Since these spaces are filled with intense emotions and transient activity, it’s not recommended to build your home directly across from a cemetery.

While you can still build your home across from a cemetery for good feng shui, it’s still a bad idea to live across from a graveyard. If your home is located within 500 meters, the feng shui effects will be minimal. If your home is located further away from a graveyard, you can consider using a yellow curtain to protect your home from the negative feng shui surrounding the cemetery.

A good way to avoid living across from a cemetery is to face the main door of your house. It will prevent bad shui from invading your home. A gloomy cemetery outside your window will also create a gloomy environment inside your home. Avoid storing bad shui items near your main door, such as antiquities.

Quiet neighbors

If you are planning to build a new home, you are likely to want to avoid building near a cemetery. Not only is this a bad feng shui position, but it can also be risky. Many cemetery owners have strict distance guidelines. The closer your house is to a graveyard, the higher the chance of an accident.

A good burial site is at least one square yard in size, and should be free of anything that will bring you bad shui. The area should have boundaries, and the entrance to the grave should be locked. When you are choosing the best location for your grave site, make sure to find a reputable Feng shui master. These experts will perform the necessary calculations to determine the best location.

The location of a cemetery can have a big impact on the value of a house. Generally, property values are lower near graveyards, so you may want to choose a house that is located a few streets away from one. In addition to the low property values, living near a cemetery can also make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and even paranoid.

Living near a cemetery is also bad feng shui. Cemeteries have strong yin and dark energies, which are not a good mix for good feng shui. It can be detrimental to your family, so it’s best to build a house far away from a cemetery.

If your house is situated near a cemetery, you may want to consider buying a bagua mirror to help reduce negative energy. Also, consider placing religious or cultural symbols in your house. By making meaningful changes in your home, feng shui can work even better.

Cemeteries tend

A good Feng Shui strategy involves avoiding placing your home too close to a cemetery. This is because a cemetery can have a negative influence on your home’s Feng Shui. You should also keep your home’s main entrance facing a cemetery to avoid its effects.

Although it may be tempting to build a new house near a cemetery, this location is not ideal. Not only is it inconvenient, it can also be risky. Most cemetery owners have distance restrictions, and the closer your house is, the more likely it will be troublesome for your home’s feng shui.

The simplest way to determine how far away a house should be from a cemetery is to look at the energy of the surrounding area. A cemetery will have strong yin and dark energies, so it’s best to avoid living near a cemetery. The same principle applies to the other areas of a house. It’s also important to avoid placing a pool or bathtub in the southeast corner of a house because it can absorb negative energy and cause problems in other areas of the house. Furthermore, it’s not wise to place furniture in the southeast corner of your home, as this can upset the flow of Chi in the area.

Whether a house is located near a cemetery is entirely up to you, but many people prefer not to live near a cemetery because it is thought to contain negative energy. In addition, a house with a cemetery nearby will have a lower resale value and attract less potential buyers or tenants.

How many plots

In the world of feng shui, building a house near a cemetery is considered a bad idea. The cemetery contains decomposing energy and drains the yang energy in a home. Therefore, it is best to build a house at least 500 meters away from a graveyard. You should also take into account cemetery taboos.

The main entrance of a home is considered the “doorway to the heart”. It is therefore advisable to place it in such a way as to avoid having negative shui surrounding the entrance of the house. Also, the house should not have a cemetery within its vicinity, as it will give the home paranoia and a feeling of dread. Furthermore, avoid placing pointy objects in the house, since these are considered poison arrows and bring bad shui into the house.

Another aspect to consider is the cemetery’s layout. Good feng shui recommends a gravesite that is surrounded by an open area in the front and has plenty of sunlight. A good grave site should be at least 1.3 square yards and contain border lines. It is also important to close the gate at the entrance of the grave.

A cemetery can be located anywhere, but in rural areas, it’s best to choose a spot that’s 650 feet or so from the home. It may be impossible to locate a cemetery within that distance, but you can avoid having a graveyard within 500 feet or so. Moreover, some cemeteries are spread over large acreage and don’t have the necessary infrastructure to divide plots into smaller ones. This could cause visitors to get lost in the cemetery.

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There are a few Feng Shui rules to follow when placing a grave. A graveyard should be near a stream or have a zigzag path in front of the grave. This pattern is believed to slow the dispersal of energy. A good graveyard location will bring prosperity and luck to the house and family.

Real estate agent

In feng shui, it’s best to keep a distance of at least 500 meters (164 feet) from a cemetery. This distance will reduce the negative feng shui impact. However, you should also take into account cemetery taboos.

If you want to live near a cemetery, the distance can vary greatly. The direction of the cemetery may be a good guide to how far away your house needs to be. For instance, if the cemetery faces east, you need to be close to the northwest corner of your structure. Other factors to consider include the openness of your yard.

According to feng shui principles, a house should be at least 500 meters away from a cemetery. This is because cemeteries have too much Yin energy for living beings. Having a house close to a cemetery will create an unstable energy field. Besides, it will create a physical safety concern for the residents.

While living near a cemetery may not affect your property value, many people do find it too ominous. For example, many Chinese people will not live within five miles of a cemetery. Aside from the negative feng shui effects, living near a cemetery may also result in feelings of paranoia and uneasiness.

For good feng shui, a cemetery is not too far from a house. If the cemetery is aesthetically pleasing, it will help balance out the negative energy. It can also provide a positive memory of loved ones buried in that area.

Feng shui is a concept based on the belief that everything has natural energy. In theory, this energy can be harnessed to influence people around it. In fact, many Chinese homebuyers consider feng shui when choosing a location for their home.

Feng shui buying house someone died

If you plan to build a home near a cemetery, keep in mind that it is not good feng shui to build close to the graveyard. Most cemetery owners will require that the cemetery be at least 650 feet away from the home, which means that the closer your home is to a graveyard, the higher the risk for accidents. The best way to avoid these risks is to avoid buying a home in close proximity to a cemetery altogether.

A tomb is considered a Yin-related object and cannot prosper in the absence of bright sunlight. The energy field surrounding a good tomb is balanced by bright sunlight from the south until around 1:30 in the afternoon. A good tomb faces the south or southeast or somewhere in between. An auspicious cemetery has a boundary line in the right triangle and is usually larger than one square meter. If the boundary line is not marked, it can lead to a dispute with other people.

Buying a house with a graveyard

If you’re looking for a new home, you might be interested in buying a house with a cemetery nearby. Unfortunately, these properties tend to have lower resale values than those without graveyards. Additionally, the number of potential buyers is much lower, which means a lower rental yield. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant to live next to a graveyard because it’s considered bad feng shui.

Another downside of buying a house with a graveyard is that it may affect the selling process. While living near a graveyard isn’t necessarily bad feng shui, it may be enough to depress the value of a home. Superstitions about dead bodies can cause a home to lose value. Because many people consider living near a graveyard to be taboo, prospective home buyers may not like the idea of living next to one.

House overlooking graveyard

Avoid building your house near a graveyard for good Feng Shui. While it may be an unavoidable aspect of a new house, it is not the best position for your feng shui. For one, building your house near a cemetery can be risky. Many cemetery owners have set distance restrictions. The closer your house is to the graveyard, the greater the risk of a graveyard becoming a problem.

According to feng shui principles, a graveyard is an area that protects against evil energy and attracts good energy. It is best to locate it near water, in a slope, and in harmony with the surroundings. It is best to choose a graveyard with a view of a mountain or water body. You should also find a graveyard with a boundary line that is oriented in a right triangle. Otherwise, there is a high chance of a misunderstanding with the neighbours.

Is Graveyards And Cemetery Areas Good Places To Live?

However, living in this manner can be considered negative or, in other words, not very good for you.

living by graveyards and cemeteries considered negative Feng Shui

Why Does a Cemetery Have Strong Yin Or Dark Energy of Death?

There are two kinds of energies in the body – yin and yang.

The Chinese believed that there were five energies: yin, yang, water, wood, and fire. When we speak of a “Cemetery” we are referring to a place where the bodies of people have been laid to rest.

A cemetery has strong yin or dark energies of death
  • The earth must be prepared correctly for any body that will be buried in it and this job falls on the local government or whoever has jurisdiction over the cemetery.
  • They must perform an exhaustive geological survey to identify any fault lines or other potentially troublesome areas.
  • Once the area is prepared, it must be excavated to a depth of up to three feet to allow for proper burial of the deceased.
  • A cemetery has strong yin or dark energies of death and decay.

Feng Shui Principles for Home Sites With a Proximity to a Cemetery

There are some Feng Shui principles that are important to note for all areas of a home.

For example, it is highly undesirable to have water collect in the southeast corner of a house or in an area facing a cemetery.

This is because water can absorb negative energy and cause problems in other areas of the home.

Feng Shui principles home sites with a proximity to a cemetery are highly undesirable

Another key point is to avoid putting furniture or decorations in the southeast area of a home.

The reason for this is because it can upset the flow of Chi in that area.

If the Chi is not properly distributed in this area, the home will be uncomfortable. Home buyers should always look at their home sites with the utmost attention to the Feng Shui principles mentioned here.

How Can You Know If Chi Energy is Exuding From Your Yard?

What is the chi energy that is coming from a cemetery today?

Could this be a very destructive kind of energy?

I believe so, and this is why I have always felt uncomfortable whenever I would walk past a very old, dilapidated home where many items were decaying.

chi energy that hails from cemetery too Yin and going harmful to neighboring homes

Feng Shui Tips to Prevent a Cemetery From Destroying Feng Shui

If you are looking for ways on how to prevent cemetery from destroying Feng Shui is to close a view from all windows and doors.

For those who are wondering how to prevent cemetery from destroying Feng Shui is to have one’s home facing a main door.

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This would mean that whoever is visiting would be able to see everything, including the items in the house.

For those who really have a fondness for antiquities, this one tip can help ensure that one does not store any items in their house that could invoke bad shui.

Having one’s home facing a main door is one way of ensuring that Feng Shui will not bring bad luck to the family.

This is one tip that one should take note of since it is believed that the entrance to the home is the doorway to one’s heart.

It is also believed that if the entrance to one’s home is blocked by a statue, a building or in front of a cemetery then bad Feng Shui will be triggered.

As such, it is important that one keeps their home in tip top shape and is in harmony with its surroundings.

This is the best way of ensuring that no bad energy will come into one’s home. Indeed, this is the best Feng Shui tips that one could ever get.

Build Your Own Home Should Not Be Built Within 500 Meters Away Of A Cemetery

There are a number of reasons why building your dream home should not be built within 500 m of a cemetery.

First, building too close to a cemetery can be a safety issue.

Since many cemetery owners and operators have a policy requiring a minimum distance of at least 650 feet from a house, the closer the home is to the cemetery the more likely it will become a problem.

This can be particularly problematic in rural areas where cemeteries are spread over vast acres of land with no rail or other infrastructure in place to divide large plots.

Second, even if the plot you select is on a piece of property with railings or other barriers to keep out unwanted visitors, your guests may still be unable to find your home when they get there.

This may result in potential embarrassment or discomfort for your family members should they stumble upon your yard.

An outdoor structure such as a gazebo, a screened porch, or an archway would provide the necessary solution to provide the access needed without sacrificing the look of your home.

These can also provide additional seating or places to eat. Just be sure that the railing or other barrier does not obstruct the view of your guests have of your home.

Finally, if your dream home is located on property that is difficult to maintain by a professional gardener, the build your own home plan should include a variety of plants and flowers that can help offset the effects of neglect.

How Far Should You Be From A Feng Shui Cemetery?

Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything has a natural energy which can be used to influence the people around it.

You should at least live away 5 miles from a cemetery.

The concept of Feng Shui has become widely accepted today and can be applied to any location where you would like to attract or dissuade something.

It goes against many current traditional practices because it suggests that bad luck should be avoided by finding the highest and longest running element in a location.

However, this method can also be used to bring fortune and good luck to a location if you know how to properly incorporate it into your overall design.

How Far Should You Be From A Feng Shui Cemetery

If you are trying to determine how far away something should be from a Feng Shui cemetery, you can use the following steps to do it.

  • First, examine where the area ends and begins.
  • Depending on the orientation of the site, this can provide clues as to how far away something should be.
  • For example, an east facing cemetery would indicate that you should live near the northwest corner of the structure.
  • In addition to the direction of a home’s front door, one other factor that is considered when determining the distance between a home and a cemetery is how open the yard is.
  • An open yard on one side of a Feng Shui cemetery would be aligned with the west, while an empty lot on the other would be aligned with the east.

It is best just to avoid living near a cemetery!

Living by Graveyards and Cemeteries Is Bad

According to Feng Shui, the use of living near cemeteries and graveyards is considered bad.

This is because the energies that are produced by these locations can cause illnesses and diseases. If you are living next to a cemetery or graveyard, you should pay more attention to your personal health because these energy sources can affect your body.

This is why some people are advised to live as far away from cemeteries and graveyards as possible.

living by graveyards and cemeteries is considered bad in Feng Shui

The Weaknesses Of The Yin Spirit For The Deceased

The Yin Spirit For the Deceased, I explained that when a person passes away, the soul becomes detached from the body and can not reunite with the remaining energy at the deceased’s disposal.

This detachment takes place at the time of death and is extremely detrimental to the person’s spirit, if they reside nearby a burial ground. If the spirit is very heavy and dwells upon a burial ground, this heavy burden will cause issues such as:

When living in a neighborhood where it is easy to hear sounds of tombs, it is extremely detrimental to the yin spirit if they reside near one.

The yin spirit cannot rest peacefully if they are constantly plagued by the earthly sounds of the deceased.

In fact, some people will even reside in an area where it is easy to hear the sounds of cemeteries.

It is extremely detrimental to the yin spirit if they are dwelling near a burial ground because they will be burdened heavily with the heavy burden of the deceased.

Chinese Do Not Live Near Cemeteries

Most Chinese people are bothered by the existence of burial cemeteries.

There are some who will however, be bothered by the presence of these cemeteries.

Chinese will not live within five miles of a cemetery.

many Chinese will not live within 5 miles of a cemetery

It is because the Yin energy is too strong and it will influence and absorb the Yang energy on nearby houses. The cemetery is for the dead and Yin.

Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction – What Places Is Feng Shui energizing?

places yin energy hungry for yang energy literally rob the nearby homes

I know of people who have lived in the most pristine areas, with the cleanest water and the healthiest plants, yet still suffer from some type of “energy deficiency.”

Places that have very Yang energy are near :

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Busy Streets
  • Busy Local Businesses
  • Place with a lot activities

A Bagua Mirror For Your Bedroom Window

The Bagua mirror is considered as the most auspicious of all Mirrors because it has the power to bring you the very best in yourself and you are able to reflect this light onto whatever problem or concern that you may have inside of you, which will consequently change the way you view the world around you.

The Bagua Mirror Octagon shaped is no different than any other mirror. There are several different methods that one can use to make their own personal mirror, with the most common being a Bagua. This mirror can be used by either an individual who is placing it facing the wall of their bedroom in their private bedroom or by those who wish to place it facing the opposite wall of their bedroom.

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bagua mirror octagon shaped mirror facing outside bedroom window cemetery deflect

Bon Buddhist Feng Shui Deflecting Unwarranted Ghostly Activity With the Ba Gua Mirror

Bon Buddhist Feng Shui uses the Ba Gua mirror as one of the main components for their Feng Shui system. This is a beautifully crafted wooden mirror with an intricate design.

Because it is made from wood and not metal, it has the added advantage of not tarnishing, being water repellent, and being easy to clean.

These attributes make it highly desirable as a wall Feng Shui cure for ghosts and evil spirits.

Bon Buddhist Feng Shui deflecting unwarranted ghostly activity use the Ba gua mirror

The mirror is hung on the wall in pairs and has two mirrors facing each other, so that when the pair is turned side out, the energy in that area is also decreased.

Bon Buddhist Feng Shui recommends placing the mirror on either side of the doorway to help block any unwanted out of doors energy.

When the mirror on one side is turned out, it helps to disperse that energy before entering the home. The mirror on the other side can be left in its place if you want to maintain the energy within the home.

To fix this problem, you need to have the right color paint for your home.

Applying white paint to your walls will help to reflect and absorb the energy from the Ba Gua mirror and any candles or incense burning in the room.

You should also take the time to line the top of the mirror on either side with small rocks to help keep the energy in. It is advisable to hang the mirror in a room where there is no fire or bright electrical activity.

As long as it is securely placed and protected, then it will do its job effectively and prevent unwarranted ghostly activities.

Birds Are A Sign Of Angels Protecting Your House From Being Too Yin

Birds are a very good sign of Angels watching over your house.

certain metaphysical practices birds are a sign of Angels protecting your home

A Simple Feng Shui Life Force Easily Be Done Through the Installation of Bird Feeders and other Feng Shui Indoor Decorating Items

The Chinese have long realized the importance of life force or Chi in their everyday life and the Feng Shui of course has followed their lead.

According to scientific research, Chi circulates throughout the nine layers of the earth, known as the Ba Gua or The Earth Domain.

The Chinese believe that if the entrance to this realm is blocked or compromised (for example, blocked by a high building or car parking space) the flow of Chi becomes sluggish and life force is weak.

Life force energy is carried throughout the entire world via the nine main meridians, also known as the “Bhaang.”

The most important aspect of Chi is found in the five element bird called the Phoenix.

If the entrance to the Earth domain is blocked, for example, Phoenix birds die.

The trick to Feng Shui is to design a home or office area that will provide ample amounts of natural air circulation, but will not be blocked by a flying object.

For this reason the installation of small plants (not over-populated) placed strategically around the entrance of the office or home will enhance the flow of Chi into the space.

Small statues of Phoenix and birds that are placed at the entrances to the rooms can also be used as decoration, bringing the Buddha’s image to life.

Of course, this is not the only use for Feng Shui alive and in motion. It is also very useful for attracting rain. The water element symbolizes Chi and brings abundance into any space.

One can easily accomplish this by placing a water fountain in the front yard or any open space that you want to attract more birds to it.

Bird feeders that attract the resident birds will also add to the natural life force within the area. The combination of the elements, whether through bird feeders, statues or open spaces, creates a very friendly and comfortable environment that the birds want to call their home.

Maintaining a Healthy Exterior Landscaping Practice Protection When Living Near Cemeteries

There are many people who have found that maintaining a healthy exterior landscaping practice is very important.

They will do all that they can to protect their landscaping and plants so that they can keep them looking as good as possible.

This will not only protect the life of the plants, it will also protect the health of the person who lives in the house.

When they are exposed to toxins in any form or at any time, this can cause many problems.

Maintain a healthy exterior landscaping practice protection when living near cemeteries

When a person chooses to maintain a garden, they want to be able to keep it as clean and beautiful as possible.

Cleaning a garden is a time consuming process, but it can be done if a person has the right tools for the job.

Having REAL Plants Inside the Home Is a Direct Link to Life Energy

Having REAL plants inside the home is a direct link to life energy, it is a well kept secret that many people do not even know about.

Life energy or chi is what all plants contain within themselves and it is this energy that flows throughout the entire universe just as it does for us humans.

If you think about Chi in relation to your home, you will realize the powerful impact that it has on the quality of your life.

Imagine if you had a sick member of the family that lived in your home, would you not want to give them the best medical treatment that they deserve?

When you put little pieces of plants within your home, it allows for good Chi to circulate throughout your home, which in turn gives the best quality of health and energy to your family.

It seems that some people would just be happy enough to take the easy way out and buy artificial plants, fake ones that do not look natural at all.

We do not want to do this, we want to provide our loved ones with the best treatment that they deserve. Our ancestors gave us a lot of advice and knowledge and we should not take it for granted.

When you have real plants inside your home, you are taking the easier path of treating the illness, disease, or discomfort from your family member.

By placing little bits and pieces of artificial plants that do not even resemble a living creature inside the home, we are allowing the Chi to flow naturally through our homes.

When Chi flows freely, the person or spirit that resides within the home is allowed to heal themselves and become better able to treat their family.

With a strong relationship with the Chi energy, it is easy to help treat a sick person without having to go through surgery or medicine that does not even work.

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