Feng Shui For a North West Facing House

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feng shui north west facing house

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If you’re considering buying a new feng shui house, this article will teach you the basics of a good North West facing house. Read on to learn more about Career magnetism, the metal element energy, and choosing the right art for the direction of your house. You’ll also find out how to choose the correct door and use it in every room. Getting the right feng shui house is important if you want to reap the benefits.

Buying a good feng shui house

If you’re looking to buy a home, one of the most important factors to consider is location. Whether you want a north-facing house with a mountain view or a more suburban one, you’ll need to consider the location of the building and how it affects the flow of chi in and out of the house. Homes that are facing a street with taller buildings will have an aggressive energy flow, which can lead to theft or disharmony in the family.

If the house faces a north street, the front door will likely be on that side. Buying a north-facing house will also ensure that you get direct sunlight in the winter months. This can make a world of difference in urban areas. A door facing the northwest is the best direction for creativity and signifies travel. To make the most of this positive energy, paint the walls white.

If the front door is on the north side, you should consider using a black door. This is because these colors represent deep water and shimmering surface waters. Other colors that will attract water include copper, gold, platinum, bronze, brass, and steel. Avoid colors that are harmful to the earth element, such as red and yellow, which will weaken the earth element. You may want to add a mirror to give the appearance of an extra room.

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In general, a good feng shui house will be north-west facing, as this is a favorable position for a patriarchal household. However, it is important to note that a north-west facing house is not necessarily a good feng shui property unless the location is favorable to that aspect. If it is, it will have a good effect on the energy dynamics of the house.

Direction of a feng shui house

If you are a vastu expert, you will probably be happy to know that a north-west facing house will be the best for you. Although the northeast is considered the best direction for a kitchen, this is not always true. You can also have trouble with the authorities if your kitchen faces the south. The south contains the five yellow star and three jade, both of which are unlucky. And if you happen to sleep in the west, it’s best to stay away from this area.

A north west-facing house is not considered good feng shui for many reasons, but it is one of the most common. If your house faces the northwest, you’ll have a good sector in your home’s northeast. The good sectors are indicated by the trigrams SC, FW, TY, and YN. On the other hand, the bad sectors are located in the north. Because of this, it’s vital that your front door be in a north-facing sector.

Choosing a good direction is very important for a house. The north-west corner is essential for career growth, income, and mentorship. If you don’t have a north-west-facing corner, you might as well get another house. Feng shui says that if you’re missing a north-west-facing house corner, it’s considered a serious affliction and can have negative consequences for you and your family.

If you’re thinking about building a custom home with a feng shui plan, it’s important to take into account your lot’s location. Avoid placing your house on a ridge, a cliffside, or at an intersection. The best placement for a feng shui north-west-facing house is one with a straight road in front of the entrance.

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Career magnetism

In classical feng shui, career falls in the north sector, and a north-facing house has many positive effects on career. The north element possesses auspicious energy and attracts prosperity. The north face of your home has many windows, and the number of these windows should be double those on the south side. The north-facing position of the Lord ‘Kuber’ in your home gives you the strength to make important decisions and achieve prosperity.

Art with a strong metal element energy

An art piece with strong metal element energy for a north west-facing house should have the following attributes. The metal element is yin in nature, which means that the energy here moves inward and contracts. This element is also associated with the seasons of autumn and slowing down, but it is also a strong, flexible, and powerful element. Metal is also associated with the earth and the water elements, so it can enhance the water element and strengthen the earth elements.

Metal is a powerful element in feng shui, but it needs to be placed properly for its positive effects. The right placement of metal can improve benefactors, children, and creativity. This element is also known as the Wu Xing. This is because it can help you attract people who can help you and your family. This element is also great for helping people and boosting a north-west facing house’s benefactors.

Vastu remedies for northwest facing houses

Vastu for Northwest facing houses has both good and bad effects. Incorrect vastu placement can cause many problems and result in poor health. The good news is that there are Vastu remedies for northwest facing houses. Listed below are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when modifying your home. It is important to follow the advice of an expert to ensure the house’s good Vastu.

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A small brass Annapurna idol in a rice jar should be placed in the northwest direction. This is believed to attract abundance to the house. Keep north-west windows clear of clutter at all times. You should also hang a 50-mm crystal between your main door and your kitchen. If you’re living in a northwest facing house, fast on Mondays. This Vastu remedy will help you avoid negative energy and bring more prosperity to your home.

Salt is very effective in reducing negative energy. A simple solution to Vastu problems in the northwest direction is to place uncrushed salt in four corners of the house. This is also helpful for keeping the evil eye away. It can also be placed near the door to deflect the evil eye. If you don’t have any other Vastu remedies available, it is wise to consult an expert. The good news is that there are several ways to fix your northwest facing house.

Avoid placing a staircase in the northwest direction. North facing houses should always have their staircase in the south or west direction. The same holds true for the waste water outlet and kitchen. You should avoid putting the kitchen in the north-west zone, since it is the bad rasikh yagna, which is considered to be the fifth pada. However, if you don’t have any other choice, you can place a staircase in the north-west direction.


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