Feng Shui L-Shaped House

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Unlike traditional houses, an L-shaped house can provide shelter from powerful winds. The L shape provides the right angle to direct the wind energy into the prevailing direction of the house. The following are some tips to build a feng shui L-shaped house. Read on to learn more! Below is an overview of the advantages of this shape. You may also be interested in learning about the disadvantages of homes with missing sectors.

Square and rectangular plots of land are easier to harness Qi

Generally, square and rectangular plots are the most conducive to harnessing Qi. Ideally, they slope gently from back to front, as steep gradients drain good fortune from the site. The plots in the illustration can accommodate one or more detached houses, small rows of houses, or apartment blocks, as long as they are ideally balanced with the surrounding land. Ideally, they should also allow Qi to circulate freely.

Circular plots are good in feng shui

According to feng shui, circular plots are best for an L shaped house. This is because circular plots represent high energy and good luck. The opposite is true when plots have irregular shapes. The north and east areas are not auspicious, and missing either will create unnecessary mental tension. The south and west zones, on the other hand, can create relationship and financial problems.

Another common mistake is building on a rectangular plot. While an L-shaped house is not necessarily unlucky, it can be difficult to construct. You have to take into consideration the type of plot. A rectangular plot can only be considered a good plot if all four sides are the same length. The corners should be 90 degrees. The interior layout of an L-shaped house must balance the Fire and the Water elements.

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The site of your house is also important. It must be located in a location that will allow the flow of auspicious chi energy. Avoid building on top of a hill. Rather, build on a plot that is located midway in the neighborhood. The site should be in an area where feng shui practitioners consider as auspicious.

Infamously, triangular plots are also considered inauspicious, as they don’t have much space in the back. This plot looks disoriented and may even be a poison arrow. Triangular plots and L-shaped plots are considered unfavorable. If you are considering building a house on a triangular plot, the best Feng Shui practice for this shape is to avoid it.

Alternatively, circular plots are not good for an L shaped house. This plot shape produces a cyclonic situation in the property. It moves up and down like a roller coaster on a cork screw track. While this plot is not ideal for an L-shaped house, it is still beneficial for a small or medium-sized one. However, there are some areas that you should avoid when buying or selling a house on a circular plot.

In terms of feng shui, the most auspicious plot shape is a square or a rectangle. Ideally, the square or rectangle plot is the best for a feng shui L-shaped house, and all sides must be at 90 degrees. However, irregularly-shaped plots reflect bad energies and can have negative effects on Vastu.

Using a Feng shui consultant to design a house is a must. You have to find someone who knows what they’re doing, and is compatible with the developer. The consultant should be able to communicate with the developer. After all, there’s no point in doing something you don’t fully understand. This isn’t always possible, but if you’re committed to using Feng shui principles, you should definitely try it.

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Homes with a missing sector in feng shui

There are many reasons why homes with a missing sector in feng-shui may not be a good fit for the occupants. This can be because of personal compatibility, such as a man born in 1975 having a missing sector in the northwest. Missing sectors can also be caused by other causes, like a high tension pylon. Here are some of the solutions to homes with a missing sector in feng-shui.

Missing directional sectors can have negative effects on the people who live in the home. For instance, a missing sector in feng-shui may cause health problems or even an unruly child. A house that is designed with the missing sector in the east is considered a bad sign in feng-shui terms. Luckily, the shape of your house also matters. If your house has a missing sector in the west, your eldest son could have health problems or act out. Other parts of the house that are associated with this directional area include the feet, the throat, and the nervous system.

In feng-shui, an auspicious house should be rectangular. However, in modern society, flats tend to have missing sectors in the north and south. The missing sectors in feng-shui are called palaces. They fall out when the 9-square grid is applied to a flat plan. To prevent this from happening, you should always orient the plan using a compass. The south is traditionally at the bottom and north is at the top.

Home owners can solve a missing sector in feng-shui by placing the right kind of things in the right place. By adding a light fixture to the missing sector in the feng-shui map, you can create a complete area. Other ways to balance out the missing sector are by adding a planter and adding metallic elements. For the rear center sector, adding an addition to the right side of the home would balance out the space and create an even flow of Qi.

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A missing sector in feng-shui can also be rectified with a water feature. It must be in proportion to the missing sector, as too much water can cause damage. A simple birdbath is perfect, as is a koi pond. Using a feng-shui bagua map to determine your best remedy can reduce the negative impact of a difficult floor plan.

In homes with a missing sector in feng-shui, the missing sector can be harmful for certain people. The missing sector can result in negative energy being concentrated in one spot. If you have a missing sector in your home, your relationships with others could suffer as a result. Additionally, men with a missing north sector may lack wisdom and clear thinking. If this happens, your yong boy can be weakened, too.