Buddhism and Attachment

Buddhism and Attachment Buddhism addresses the issue of attachment as an important aspect of a healthy approach to relationships. It reduces suffering, encourages independence, and reduces self-aggrandizement. It also enables a person to live life more fully. So, how do we learn to deal with this issue? Perceptions of this fixed self-concept which are overly … Read more

Why Do Jews Wear Yamakas?

Why Do Jews Wear Yamakas

Why Do Jews Wear Yamakas? One of the most important questions a Jew can ask is, “Why do Jews wear yamakas?” The Jewish people wear skullcaps for many reasons, including demonstrating their religious identity and symbolizing reverence. The Talmud, however, suggests that there is no specific Torah commandment for wearing a skullcap. In fact, Jews … Read more

What Are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?

What Are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

What Are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism? The Four Noble Truths are an important Buddhist concept. In Buddhism, these truths are the attributes of the Noble Ones. This article will discuss Dukkha, Impermanence, Moderation and Virtue. Each of these characteristics is important in our daily lives. The Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of … Read more