What is the Meaning of Peach Blossom Eyes in a Face Reading?

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What is the Meaning of Peach Blossom Eyes in a Face Reading?

meaning of peach blossom eyes in face reading

Peach blossom eyes are a type of eye that appears long and wavy with a long tail that tilts upward. These eyes give the appearance of sleepiness and are sometimes associated with the opposite sex. Peach blossom eyes can be very attractive to other people and are often associated with flirtatious behavior.

Moles on the eyes

If you’re looking at a face reading, you should pay special attention to your moles. If you have a mole on the upper or lower portion of your eye, that means that you have a bad relationship with your parents. If there is a mole in the middle, it shows that you have been taken advantage of by others. If your moles are on the lower or middle part of your eye, that means that you’re going to have poor luck in gaining wealth in life.

The area between your eyebrows and your eye is considered your Property Palace. If you have a mole in this region, you are likely to be unstable and change relationships often. If your mole is on the opposite side of your eye, you may find yourself in a love polygon. Similarly, a mole on your upper eyelid signifies limited help from your brothers. This can lead to a lot of misfortune if you’re not careful.

A mole above or below your eyes may be a sign of depression and sadness. It can also signal a troubled relationship with children. It can also indicate overeating, which can be detrimental.

Red lines on the eyes

In face reading, peach blossom eyes are a symbol of luck. They are long, wavy, and tilted upward. This eye shape has many meanings, and is known as the “bedroom eye.” It can attract both men and women and is associated with flirtatious behavior.

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Watery eyes

Peach blossom eyes are the type of eyes that have a long, wavy shape and an upward tilted tail. This type of eye shape is also known as a “bedroom eye.” Because of its sleepy look, peach blossom eyes can attract the opposite sex, and are often associated with flirtatious behavior.

People with these eyes will be sensitive and have a compassionate nature. They find worldly pressures hard to cope with, and often find satisfaction in helping others. They are also excellent communicators and are able to express themselves and their feelings with clarity and simplicity. They are likely to be creative, kind, and patient, but their emotional nature may have been affected by childhood problems.

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People with this type of eye color can also have other contrasting characteristics. They can have single, double, or triple eyelids. Single eyelids indicate a more rational person, while double eyelids indicate someone who tends to get easily overwhelmed. People with peach blossom eyes may have difficulty saving money, and can become easily overly emotional.

Idealistic peach blossom luck

Those with Idealistic peach blossom luck in face reading are people who are driven by ideals and desire to see others achieve the same. These people believe that the world is not perfect but they have the power to create a better one. The dreamer in them has a sense of empathy and sensitivity which attracts others.

A person with this type of luck is ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. They are also great caregivers and are always ready to serve others. They have gentle eyes and full cheeks. They are typically talk show hosts and people who offer advice or help to people.

Individuals with this type of luck possess a magnetic aura and a unique vitality. They may attract people without realizing why. They may not have to explain themselves, but they may be able to make their positive characteristics more noticeable through direct gaze. For example, a person with idealistic peach luck may be able to attract a partner through flirtatious behavior.

Compared with other eye shapes, peach blossom eyes are indeed more attractive and a sign of affection.

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Health problems

Peach blossom eyes are very attractive, but there are some health problems associated with them. For one, they have a tendency to fall out of shape. This can cause serious problems in relationships. This is because they tend to attract the opposite sex. To prevent this, people with peach eyes should avoid polyangular relationships. Instead, they should devote themselves to a job related to art.


The peach blossom face is a combination of shiny and watery eyes. People with this face are considered noble and have opposite sex fortunes. The person with peach blossom eyes is often curious and engaging emotionally. However, they may become bothered after three minutes of contact. Peach blossom eyes are an indicator of flirtatious behavior and attract other sex.

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The peach blossom look is one of the tao hua features. In Chinese face reading, people with these features attract both males and females. This is reflected in their eyes, mouth, and face shape. In addition, they are considered good luck.

Peach Blossom Eyes

peach blossom eyes

Peach blossom eyes are long and wavy in shape. They are also tilted upward. Known as the “bedroom eye,” this eye type gives off the impression of sleepiness and is often associated with flirtatious behavior. However, not all people with peach blossom eyes have such an eye color.

Why aren’t brown eyes romanticized unlike other eye colors? What color are peach blossoms? Do you personally find very dark brown (almost black) eyes attractive?

Is it possible to actually have black irises instead of just really dark brown ones that look black?(桃花眼; meaning eye in a wavy shape like a peach flower petal; usually looks romantic/lovely)

In the art of face reading, there are many types of eye shapes and patterns. Peach Blossom Eyes, known as 桃花眼 in Chinese society, is one of the most popular and highly sought eye shapes especially when it is coupled with a smile.

Peach Blossom Eyes 2. 丹凤眼 (Red Phoenix Eyes) Traits : mono-lidded; long and narrow tails of the eyes slants upwards; head of the eyes slants downwards.

Not to mention the extremely glamorous Lin Pingzhi, charming but not motherly, both enchanting and youthful, filled with gloom in his affection, worthy of being the representative of the new generation of beautiful men in internal entertainment.

Generally speaking, male stars with peach-eyed eyes have a sense of Su, and both men and women can be bewitched by his eyes, which is the so-called male-female killing.

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Apricot eyes

Peachy eyes are caused by a mutation of the apricot gene. It is X-linked and recessive to the white gene. This mutation results in an apricot-colored eye in both males and females. It has both a dose effect and a recessive effect, and it is a dominant gain of function mutation.

Peach blossom eyes are wavy in shape and have a slight upward tilt. This type of eye shape is often referred to as the “bedroom eye” because it gives the impression that the person is sleepy. They are also known to attract the opposite sex and are often associated with flirtatious behavior.

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MiniFamous(r) Apricot Red Eye Calibrachoa has yellow-throated peach trumpet flowers that bloom in late spring. Its trailing habit makes it a good plant for hanging baskets and containers. It can be planted at least 10 inches apart for optimal flowering. Because it has a trailing habit, it may need more frequent watering than other varieties.

Apricot eyes are round in shape and look similar to almonds. They are easy to recognize and seem playful. Some female celebrities with apricot eyes are Gao Yuanyuan and Wang Ziwen. This type of eye color helps a woman’s age by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Apricot eyes are more common in men than women. They are also bigger than those in women. They are most commonly found in Asian women, but are not as common in African men. These eyes are also referred to as “Peach Blossom Eyes.” If you want to learn more about this type of eye, check out Baidu, as it offers more images.

Another type of eyelid shape is a cross between a phoenix eye and peach blossom eyes. This type of eyelid must cover the iris. Therefore, the upper eyelid is elevated, while the lower eyelid is lower. These features differentiate apricot eye shape from phoenix eyes.

Some People With Almond Eyes : Hye-kyo Song (송혜교)

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The Chinese speak very specific terms to describe their eyes. Peaches Blossoms Eyes are the simplest. One good male example is “Zhongyu”. The eye Xiao Zhan is the variation on Danfeng or ruifeng. They’re both phoenix eyes. Ruifengs’eyes appear rare in real life (versus historical fiction). When we google this term there is often an image on XZ that we will find. They are defined by their curvature which promises smiling. Characters with a phoenix eye are typically charismatic.

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On Males : distinguishingly romantic; a slant of his gaze will send your heart/state of mind rippling; especially when matched with lying silkworm beneath his eyes (talking about aegyo sal here, not eye bags); very charming.

Danfeng eyes are used to convey intelligence and charisma in characters.

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