How to Make Your Bed Facing a Closet Door Good For Sleep

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bed facing closet door
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A bed facing a closet door is bad for sleep. The constant energy flow from the doorway interferes with your rest. You should sleep with your feet facing the door, which is the “coffin position” and the ultimate “rest in peace” position. You should also close the closet door when you go to sleep because the contents of the closet can jumble your mind. Read on to find out how to make your bed facing a closet door good for sleep.

Superstition against a bed facing a closet door

The superstition that says you should never place your bed facing a closet door has a basis in feng shui, a Chinese system of aesthetic placement. According to this principle, placing a bed facing a door will expose it to too much life-force and result in disease. However, there are several ways to avoid facing a closet door. Here are a few tips:

The superstition that you should avoid sleeping with your feet facing the closet door or a closet door is rooted in ancient times. According to some cultures, leaving your body impression in the bed will attract the Devil, who will jump into it while you’re asleep. The same reasoning is used for placing a dagger in a bedroom, because it’s believed to protect the person from evil spirits.

Fixes for a bed facing a closet door

In order to improve the feng shui of your bedroom, you should avoid placing your bed with its head against the closet door. Whether you want your bed to face the door or not, there are several fixes that will help you get a good night’s rest. Using a feng shui crystal ball can help you adjust your bed. A faceted crystal ball is hung with a red string halfway between the door and the bed. The ball’s length should match the top of the door frame. It should be long enough to prevent the door from hitting the crystal ball, but not too long so that the crystal ball is in front of the door.

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Keeping the room’s color patterns matching

When choosing a closet door for your room, you’ll want to choose one that matches the main entrance. It’s important to match the color patterns, texture, and style of the closet door with the other elements of the room, but some doors can be left without matching panels. This will help your closet stand out from the rest of the room, and it will also add a uniform appearance.

Mirrored closet doors bouncing energy on you while you’re trying to sleep

Did you know that a mirrored closet door can bounce your energy on you while you are trying to sleep? This effect is aggravated when the door faces the bed. Mirrors in a room can reflect off of your bed and cause a false sense of security. If your mirror is positioned in an inappropriate position, you could be waking up with a heightened sense of anxiety and a restless night.

To fix the problem, you can cover the mirror. Mirrored closet doors are usually installed in rental homes, so they are inexpensive to install and easily removable. Alternatively, you can apply a vinyl film directly to the mirror. For extra durability, you can cover the mirror with removable wallpaper or paint. However, these are not as easily removable as vinyl film. Regardless of the method you choose, the results are worth it if you are able to fix the problem.


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