Feng Shui for the Northwest Corner

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Originally posted on June 24, 2022 @ 7:08 pm

feng shui northwest corner

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s good for love, marriage, and career, you should consider the feng shui northwest corner. The absence of this corner in your home can indicate the absence of a male or an uninvolved partner. It may even affect your marriage prospects. In addition, a missing northwest corner can cause imbalances in your energy. Let’s discuss some of the best placements for this corner.

Fire element

The Fire element in feng shui north-west corner is a good choice for rooms that need to be energized. Its presence is a powerful source of creativity and will help you get going and take action. Fire is also related to the eye, so nine pictures of people or animals will add the element’s energy to these areas. Fire is primarily linked to the south, southwest, and northeast bagua areas. Fire activation in these areas is made possible by adding candles or other types of bright lighting.

The Northwest corner is also associated with the small earth element, known as Ken kua. This element symbolizes the hands and fingers of the youngest son in a family. Fire is also connected to the heart and eye, which makes it an ideal choice for the Northwest. If this corner is missing, it can have severe consequences for the family’s prosperity and luck. However, it is possible to mitigate this negative qi with the use of TWO Brass Wu Lou in the northwest corner of your home.

In the south, the Fire element is associated with success and recognition. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful career. You can still have a prosperous career if you enhance your northwest corner with this element. The south sector is associated with career opportunities, and it is best to have a large amount of metal in this area. Fire element colors such as red, orange, and yellow are good to have in this area.

The north-west corner is a good spot for the lucky star #4. It is associated with creative energy, as well as educational benefits. Adding a 6 Heaven Gold Coins Plaque in the northwest corner will activate the auspicious energy of star #3. But be sure to avoid vibrations or vibrating tools while it is in place. This star is a good choice for the northwest corner of your home.

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Earth element

In feng shui, a missing Northwest corner in a home indicates that the male in the relationship is absent or uninvolved. Similarly, a missing Northwest corner in a female’s love life indicates that the female has a problem attracting a male. If this corner is empty, it could negatively affect the chances of marriage. In addition, it may indicate that the energies are out of balance.

The Northwest is also the corner where the patriarch lives. The father represents the northwest corner, which is why Feng Shui masters often recommend relocating the kitchen. The kitchen’s Northwest location is the most difficult to cure, because the metal element is often clashed with the fire element. In addition, yin water can corrode metal elements. This combination can cause disaster for the northwest kitchen.

Crystals are another way to channel the earth element. The different types of crystals have different meanings and purpose. For example, black tourmaline is known to be a powerful protector while rose quartz is a symbol of happiness. Metal, meanwhile, is another element that reflects the structure of the home and has an air of mystery about it. If you choose to use metal in your home, you can place it in the entryway or mudroom to attract good fortune.

Another decorative option is a pebble-based candle. It has the same effects as a candle with a pebble base. A pebble-based candle has a pebble-like base, which can be effective in this corner. You can also choose a painting of a natural landscape to place in the Northwest corner. An earthenware bowl or Himalayan salt rock lamp are also good decor options.

Metal element

If you want to attract good fortune into your life, then you need to include items from the Metal element in feng shui Northwest corner. A space that is devoid of this element will be confusing and cluttered, causing your mind to become confused and overwhelmed. It may even make you feel like you need to clean and declutter your house. The metal element has many benefits, so you’ll want to incorporate a lot of it in this corner.

The metal element rules the west part of your house and governs your children’s luck. Therefore, if you’d like to have a baby, you should strengthen the metal energy in this section of the house. It’s also beneficial to put plants in the southwest corner, since it encourages creativity. You should also avoid placing water in this corner, as this element exhausts bad energy. For this reason, you should only place water in certain areas of your house.

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This element is also associated with the Northwest Corner. When placed here, it enhances creativity and playfulness. It helps you build strong connections with others and travel safely. It can attract a wide range of objects and people. By adding metal objects to this area, you can stimulate this element and increase the luck of both you and your family. And, as the metal element rules this corner, it can also strengthen the water energy.

Another important aspect of the Northwest direction is the Chien kua, or big metal element. It represents the head of the family, usually the father or grandfather. It also represents the skin and bones. A house with a Chien kua in the Northwest corner may have many problems relating to the eyes, heart, and lung. If this corner is in your house, you may end up with frequent headaches, lung problems, or other health conditions. In some cases, this element may even prove fatal.

Helpful people

The Helpful People and Travel corner in feng shui is the front right corner. It is governed by the metal element, which is represented by white, gray, and circular shapes. When placed in this sector, you can expect to attract heavenly assistance and help with various endeavors. This corner can also bring beneficial influencers such as power brokers, managers, and agents.

The northwest corner of a house is considered to be a helpful area, which is important because the luck of the breadwinner influences the luck of everyone in the house. Enriching this corner will help you influence all the people in the house with good luck and influence them positively. Gold and metal objects, especially those with round shapes, can be placed in the northwest corner. Similarly, a large metal object can be placed in this corner to activate it.

Adding a silver box to the Northwest sector is also helpful. You can place a metal pendulum clock in the area, as these provide positive energy. A silver box containing the names of helpful people or businesses is also a good idea. While you’re at it, place items that represent your ancestors and close friends. The Helpful People & Travel corner in feng shui has a unique purpose.

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The Helpful People and Travel area in feng shui is centered on the right front third of a room. It is associated with the Hard Metal element, which represents the sky, heavens, and useful metals. This area is good for travel and helps with travel. Those with a good health and career will always be at the right place at the right time. People will also welcome you warmly when you need help with moving or putting up your furniture.

Travel area

The Travel area of the Feng Shui northwest corner is an important space for traveling. This area is associated with travel and helpful people. The design of this space is meant to attract new experiences and support systems. Decorate this area with greys and metallic accents. Place artwork depicting destinations or abstract states in this space to promote travel. Bringing a touch of travel into this space will help you feel more energized and ready for the world.

The Helpful People and Travel area is the right front third of the home. It is associated with the element of metal, which represents the sky, celestial bodies, and rainbows. Infusing this area with crystals will enhance the opportunities to help others. These crystals can be placed in pictures of travel destinations. In addition to enhancing the Helpful People & Travel area, you can also place pictures of places that you have visited.

If you are trying to attract wealth and fame, consider putting lucky items in your Travel area. A black or blue wallet or purse is a good choice. Wood furniture or plants can also help you attract fame. A Chinese Jade Buddha, meanwhile, is a great symbol for peace and harmony in your home. There are many other symbols to use in this area. But before you do, be sure to consider how your travel area affects your life.

The Helpful People and Travel area of feng shui is a great place to decorate. The colors you choose should reflect your lifestyle, and you should consider putting up pictures of your ancestors or close friends. You can also hang awards, certificates, and other memorabilia to honor your achievements. And, you can display art in this area as well. But, make sure not to place anything too precious in the Travel area, because it will cause you to spend more money than you earn.