16 Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement, Direction Tips For Wealth luck

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16 Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement, Direction Tips For Wealth luck

Feng Shui believes that fishes in the home room will improve happiness and wealth and hence many prefer to keep the aquarium inside the house. It is recommended that people put fish in various rooms in their houses and bring happiness. But only when the location is correct according to the Bagua corners.

A group of koi or fancy crap swim in a circle. Surrounding the yin and yang signs conveys feng shui. The floor of the pond is full of rocks. And pink lotus 3D Rendering. A group of koi or fancy crap swim in a circle. Surrounding the yin and yang signs conveys feng shui. The floor of the pond is full of rocks. And pink lotus 3D Rendering. feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Feng Shui fish tank in the bedroom placement and design

Installing feng shui fish aquarium around our homes and offices will help bring the auspicious chi of prosperity and good luck into the space. Fishing at home is very beneficial to feng shui and mainly for personal growth and professional development. Putting an aquarium at a suitable spot for good feng shui is essential as it improves the positive chi energy benefit.

How many fishes should I keep?

It can sometimes be difficult identifying the most fish you should have in a fish tank in order to keep them in the aquariums. Several popular suggestions exist below. The odd numbers including 2, 5, 7 and 10 correspond to the Yang and the odd numbers correspond to Yin numbers. Yangs tend to be a more favorable number. The 9 Flying Star numbers are known by Luo Shu as lucky stars 1, 6, 8. These are good fish stocks. There is also the meaning of the language in Chinese cultures. Almost all numbers are associated with good things. Don’t try and guess exactly. Sometimes one can avoid just one fish. The place looks lonely, but there is less movement on the surface.

The best location for a fish tank for wealth luck

The numbers 1, 6 and 9 in the flying star fengshui chart represent lucky stars. Since we’re currently at Period 8, the number 8 represents the best of the stars. The 8th White Star will reach the west during Ox 2021. Basing on the theory of Ba Gua and the five elements, the central and south have no suitability for water elements. The center is part of Earth’s elements; Earth controls water there. South has Fire and there’ll also be water fires. Also, do not use rooms in kitchens and bathrooms to have feng shui fish tanks. Using Feng Shui fish tanks is better for public use with no fire and water.

12 Feng Shui aquarium placement Tips For Luck + Wealth

It is affected by the movement of aquatic life and fish swimming within your aquarium. Hence when designing your aquarium according to basic principles of Feng Shui it cleans the negative energy and brings a lot of positive energy which will improve your wealth and abundance at home. How can you make a feng shui aquarium at your home? Below are all my best Feng Shi Fish Tanks or Aquarium suggestions. Direction of aquariums in a home is extremely essential. If you want to improve your professional life or if the energy needs to be put to good use.

Arowana Face Small Arowana in Aquarium feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Feng Shui Fish Amulets and Aquariums

Feng Shui element fish are also very productive thus they represent fertility. They can easily be seen floating in the sea, symbolizing happiness in couples and harmony among them. Generally speaking feng shui species include carp (koi), goldfish betta, arowani, and tetanya. Amulets can be bought in sculptures, paintings, scrolls and necklaces. Goldfish are found in aquariums and in water ponds as it provides good energy. Goldenfish represents double happy since Chinese words “goldfish” include two hieroglyphic words – “gold” and “happy”.

The best directions for a feng shui fish tank in 2022

The Western region of the country is the perfect place for setting up fish tanks. This 8 star symbolises wealth and wealth. Numbers 0 and 6 represent positive stars but will appear in South and Centre by 2020. This Christmas the number 9 was an important star for Northeastern Europe this year. The site has a history dating from the century 2021 and the Ox is also the site for the Tai Sui. Also, the most suitable place remains West. Alternatively you can install your fish tanks west of your living room.

Purpose of One Black Fish

Black goldfish has been known for absorbing negative energy in a room. Consequently, the blackgoldfish became a symbol for protection. Usually the fish dies without any known cause, including lack of nutrients and under-hydrogenated water. Often people believe that any fish that died on the floor of the aquarium was sacrificed in order to save you from the unfortunate situation. It is important that discarded flies are removed from tanks and they are replaced as quickly as they can.

Feng Shui Aquariums

Are aquariums available in Chinese restaurants? How are they? It would have been because aquariums of feng shui have become very attractive and attract abundance and prosperity. Providing it has a proper place according to Feng Shui guidelines, it will bring abundant energies into its environment. In addition, a fish pond can be found with harmony between all five Feng shui elements: a good balance between these elements attracts good Feng shui energy into the rooms.

Feng Shui Fishes

Some species of fish is related to feng shui aquarium. The most well-recognized are the Dragonfish and arowana, which represent riches. This species represents abundance and power as it grows rapid and aggressively and is fast growing. Depending on how much space is left in the tank, you might want to keep a goldfish. With very small tanks you can use many bright colors. Feng shui argues that nine fish is best kept in your tank. A single fish may not be regarded as ideal, as it indicates lack of abundance.

Where should I put my Feng Shui aquarium?

According to Feng Shui, a fish tank should be located in the south corner of the room. It was called a feng shui rich city in Bagua. That area of your property generally consists of energy that enhances prosperity and wealth and consists of wealth management techniques that boost Feng shui. Alternately your aquarium is located north of the room. The area is considered the career Bagua area, and it is also the east side of your residence known as your health and family Bagua area.

Where not to place your Feng Shui Aquarium?

According to the feng shui philosophy, you should no longer have an aquarium on the bed. Because aquariums vibrate and energize can affect what you want, disturb sleep and create unnecessary stress. Aside from keeping it outside the house it can cause damage. The water element is thought to cause direct conflict with the fire element which cooks in the food.

The best feng shui fish tank placement for wealth luck in 2021 Ox year

Woman watching fish in office  feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

There is sometimes confusion when selecting a fish tank for prosperity. There’s a huge range of theories that may contradict each other. We want to simplify things by offering a suggestion based on Ox year Flying Stars chart in 2021. Similarly, water fountains and small waterfalls are possible. The water element is primarily represented by wealth accumulation. If used correctly, water fountains and fish ponds generate energy to stimulate their activity.

Best fish for feng shui aquarium

The lucky fish numbers in aquariums are 9. Typically, feng shui experts suggest placing 8 gold or red-colored fish with one black fish. A single blackfish absorbs negative energy before reaching you. Gold fish are one of the most popular feng shui fish tank types. Goldfish are colorful, sturdy, and inexpensive. Other popular but extremely expensive is arakana, the most pure arakana, and dragonfish. It is possible to replace gold fish with any red fish.

What Feng Shui fish symbolise?

Feng Shui fish represent water element in Feng Shui and a 5th element in it represents good fortune and it also represents good health. Multiple 3 fish can give you most luck. Best combinations of gold fish are good for gaining more luck and energy, but dark fish are also better. Yet a single fish can create this chi in your room. There is a caveat: DO NOT keep the salmon in your room or kitchen. Read: How does Arowana care if she gets ill?

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Selecting the right tank

If you are choosing a fish tank for yourself, you have to determine how you want your aquarium to stay in your house. The placement of the tank in ponds is important because their locations directly impact the quality and condition of their tanks. It can become dangerous to fish in a situation that is not right. Several important criteria should be considered to determine the placement of aquariums:

The weight of the tank

Where your fish tanks sit depends in large part upon its dimensions and weight. It’s advisable not to put aquarium water over a litre on a desk as it’s simply too heavy for your room. Most aquarium models display the empty weight in the specifications. The specifications are detailed. However, the weight should be known if the tank has loads of water, substrate or decoration material. Most medium / large tank models are purchased with an enclosure designed for storing water when the aquarium is filled. Don’t place fish tanks on the furniture in the house.

Reef Tank Living room with reef tank and water tests on table. feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Add The Weight Of The Substrate

You can also add the substrate into the aquarium. Check the weights in each bag and add this to the weight of the tank. The final figure is roughly the total weight in aquariums, plus substrate plus water. Once the aquarium weights up with water, decorations & fish then the place of the aquarium should take its weight.

Combination of Nine Fishes

The best combination of nine fish in an aquarium is eight goldfish or Arrowansa fish (often called the dragonfish and is best used in koi ponds because grown size of more than four feet) and one black-colored goldfish (black-tailed). With eight red and two black fish, this fish represents prosperity – energy and luck. Eight is a feng shui’s major prosperity number.

What lucky number of fish in aquarium recommended in Feng Shui?

Afterwards, you should keep goldfish in aquariums. Some of the specifics should be given. If putting fish there, a number 9 (nine) would be a good option. If you have 9 fish in the aquarium you can get a large fortune. Of those nine, the goldfish should be black. Black-moor Gold Fish is regarded as the finest fish for the bowl.

What are the lucky fish colors?

Bright colours like red, orange gold and silver are usually auspicious. The black colour is good as well as it needs a balance between yin and yang. A common recommendation among the feng huo community is placing 8 red/gold or orange colour fishes and 2 black. The lucky numbers are a Yin and a Yang number and a Lucky number.

Koi or fancy koi swim in a circle. The floor of the pond has dark stones. With an open treasure chest, Many gold coins spread out. Pink lotus flowers in a fish pond. The image reflects good feng shui. 3D Rendering Koi or fancy koi swim in a circle. The floor of the pond has dark stones. With an open treasure chest, Many gold coins spread out. Pink lotus flowers in a fish pond. The image reflects good feng shui. 3D Rendering feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Create an Auspicious Aquarium

A pond at your office or home will attract attention and beauty into its environment. It is crucial that you have an aquarium of good quality. When water stagnates or gets dirty it can cause problems for fish. Often these types of unclean aquariums attract negativity which impacts all areas in the world, especially wealth.

How big is the fish tank?

Larger tanks have more water and fish and therefore can have more influence on the environment and fish populations. Ideally it is proportionate to your space, to suit your lifestyle and to your lifestyle. If you cannot maintain large tanks regularly, this isn’t an ideal option. Let us decide on which fits our lives best.

Fish colors

You can’t just use feng shui fish colours or numbers, but it is incredibly necessary in an aquarium. There may also be another fish color like white, green, blue, or yellow. Whenever adding color to your fish, look for feng shui properties assigned to each color – blue is assigned to northern water sectors.

Number and colors of fish

Eight golden/red fish combined with 1 black make this auspicious combination with number 9. Nine represents wealth, fortune, & longevity. Whenever you want fish added, you can use your personal kua number to use or choose auspicious feng shui number often applied in other forms like lucky bamboo plants. Another method is using just 9 multipliers.

Flowerhorn Cichlid Colorful fish swimming in aquarium Flowerhorn Cichlid Colorful fish swimming in aquarium. This is an ornamental fish that symbolizes the luck of feng shui in the house feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Feng Shui fish tank facing the front door

Aquariums and Fish Tanks are an ideal place to incorporate herbs and living elements into your home and to beautify it. They provide harmony and stability and provide relaxing aquatic landscapes to accompany your entrance hall rooms and bedrooms. Alternatively you can choose to watch flowing articles like:

Number of fish Based on Symbolism

According to Feng shui principles number plays a vital role. This role includes the selection of fish and the amount of water they require in the aquarium. Based on symbolic meanings attributed to numbers, you may keep any number of fish at aquariums to attract the energy assigned to each number:

What is the maximum life of fish in aquariums?

However, the fish’s age may vary between different animals, but it is recommended aquarium fish will likely live between 3-7 years. Goldfish are known to last up to a year. Fish in real life lead better lives and grow bigger in a water aquarium when compared with nature.

What number is unlucky for Feng Shui fish aquariums?

According to Feng Shui, the aquarium contains more fish than the mentioned numbers. Here is an unusual number that everybody should avoid. Don’t take 2 fish out of your aquarium for an extended period of time. These numbers can cause ill intentions or negativity.

Fish tank as a feng shui cure to counter the negative energy

In addition, fish tank is used to reduce negative energy. This applies to star 2 (North) and star five (South). In 2022 a fish tank in this region should have similar functions that counter energy instead – increasing the wealth rather than increasing money luck.

Lucky number of fish in aquariums

The most popular feng shui practitioners agree that nine is the auspicious number and therefore it is not unusual for them to choose nine as the most popular species of fish. Nine represent the numbers of prosperity that represent wealth and long lives.

The balance of the five elements in a fish tank

Fish tanks are reflections of our lives. They need a balanced, healthy appearance. It makes sense having all these elements in the aquarium. The 5 components may come as material color and shape. Make sure that your aquarium is well maintained.

Red Flowerhorn cichlid fish Red Flowerhorn cichlid fish on green background feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Lucky Feng Shui fish statue placement Tips

Feng Shui fish statues represent a symbol for happiness, harmony, and abundance. Arowani fish statues are thought to prevent the negative energies. Keep a fish statue of brilliant Arowanafish with coins in its mouth to maximize its benefits.

What Feng Shui fish flowerhorn represent?

Flowerhorn was associated with blessing the family with wealth, good fortune. These darker scales on fish bodies indicate wealth and prosperity. You can also put a fish in the southeast corner to convert energy from it to other areas.

Avoid these Feng Shui Aquarium Locations

If you decide on where to install the fish tanks for fish, it is advisable to avoid certain areas. Feng shui teaches the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and the central areas of the house are inauspicious areas for aquariums.

Aquarium Maintenance

It’s essential to clean the aquarium. When your aquarium becomes polluted and algae grows, your fish will be destroyed. The aquarium sector will also affect your health (east), wealth and job prospects (west).

Where to put an aquarium?

It helps feng shui practice by placing aquariums at the appropriate place. With an inexpensive baguan mapping tool, one can easily determine what sectors to put in the best aquarium.

Koi fish swimming under water in pond Big golden Koi fish swimming under shallow water in Japan garden pond feng shui aquarium stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Aquarium in the Dining Room for Feng Shui

The dining room is the same room as the living room. The positive yang energy the catch provides may stimulate the gathering area. In a dining room it may be necessary to have an aquarium if room opens out onto a kitchen table. Since the fish tank water can destroy its beneficial fire element, this can be avoided in an open kitchen.

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Fish tank in bedroom for feng shui

Aquariums inside bedroom are considered bad feng shui and can disturb the relaxing place. The energy yang produced by water and the fish generates enough yang to provide a peaceful rest.

Does aquarium shape matter?

Your aquarium is a big deal unless you have a healthy population in your fish tank. You can choose the shape you’re going to use to enhance feng shui in your aquarium.

Aquariums round

Some experts prefer an aquarium round because it represents metals from the North sector. Metal attracts water, which governs north sectors’structure. This aquarium shape is a popular feng shui practice for northern regions.

Rectangular aquariums

Almost all aquarium products sold are rectangles. It represents a forest in which water nourishes woods during its production cycle and this form also embodies woods. The aquarium is located in the wooded areas of East / S.

Inappropriate Aquarium Shapes

While squares represent Earth, while triangles represent Fire. Both cannot be used in water environments. Both create an elementally conflicted energy conflict. Water destroys fire, and earth destroys water.

Irregular shape aquariums

A variety of irregular-shaped aquariums is interesting. These types of aquariums are particularly beneficial when the water’s shape has wavy forms because these shapes represent water.

Lucky Feng Shui Fish Tank Elements List

With prudent placement this could possibly attract everyone to your front allowance. Below are several things you can do to improve fish tanks and aquariums.

Angle tank Feng Shui

Placements are a key characteristic in fish tank fengshui. Feng shui means wind water, with water representing wealth. Feng Shui practitioners advise to use angle catches on your door’s openings. Alternative entry allowance adjustment options include south for financial benefits, for career advancement and east to support household life. Fisher Catch basin Feng shi defines a specific angle inside the basin. The lucky fish to be found in an aquarium mix includes 8 goldfish with 1 blackfish for the wealth. Keep the tanks dry because that will cause the tank to suffer from bad feng shui.


Aqua landscaping is an art form to create decorative scenes in fish tanks and gives an uplifting and Zen atmosphere. To make your aquarium feel the connection with flowers, angles and other decorative elements, combining each element into harmony. Besides using the aquarium to compliment your old furniture, add patterned colors to the walls and ceilings to match.

Lighting Fixtures

You can only improve the angle of capture by using lighting. This beaming light called VHOs assists in making the aquarium look more attractive. These types of light fixtures provide more distinct illumination than the most commonly used aquarium light. Other than this light, there can be fabricated bulbs below for increased lighting effects.

Catchbasin and cupboards

For aquariums, angle water tanks need regular cleaning. The other thing is that the catch basins and cupboards should be sturdy because the tanks are developed to handle more water in the tank. The weight of the gallon angle catchbasin in the case varies by weight from 1 kg to 2 kg.

Stands and Cupboards

When you decide to choose a cabinet or table, do not be bold. Make sure your stand or cabinet is compatible or you choose one of the neutral color choices so it can blend in with the background but still highlights the aquarium.

The Five Elements in an Aquarium

Aquariums show the balanced balance of feng shui’s 5 elements. The chi energy of these five components is perfect when they interact in a harmonious manner.

How To Keep Freshwater Goldfish For Aquarium Feng Shui

Aquarium is an appropriate place in Feng Shui because gold fish symbolizes luck. When practicing feng shua using fish, you must possess nine fish.

Does fish absorb negative energy?

Fish moving in waters increases a person’s energy at the location in which they live. Goldfish absorb negative energy and then absorb it away from our environment. Why should I not have an aquarium in my room for the newborn? It emits an energized energy which disturbs the peaceful sleep parents seek.

What aquarium shape is the best in Feng Shui?

Goldfish aquariums should never be squares. Rather, you could have a rectangular design. In aquariums, gold represents the whole aspect of Feng Shui. Those plants that make up the aquarium represent the wood, sand rocks and stones that form an area of the earth and the material used is metal.

How many goldfish should I keep for good luck?

The numbers are quite precise. Nine has been regarded as relating to fortune. One goldenfish is a black. Black will be able to help you protect your home. This element can also be found in water.

Aquarium accessories for an attractive layout

Generally the same feng shui laws apply for an aquarium. There should be no clutter on the floor, the aquarium floor.

Other considerations

There are other aspects that must be considered while selecting a tank.

Visibility VS. Safety

Whether you want to build a lovely aquascape with colourful fish, or just enjoy them for a few weeks, you want to place them somewhere they are easily available for the enjoyment of the family. One example of this is that I have a tank that is neatly stored in an alcove in my living room. Always remember safety and visibility. It’s not worth placing the tank in doors or in areas with traffic causing the fish tank to get hit by a ruckus. Do not place the tank in front of a wall that would be blocking the door or triggering an explosion when the door was opened.

Health and Safety

Usually filters and lamps have to plug into electrical power sources. They should usually be near or in front of tanks or in the back or in a place where they are easily available. Avoid trailing cables causing dangerous slip hazards if possible. A power cord should remain about one foot away from the aquarium or positioned on the wall over the tank if an explosion or leak occurs. Keep in mind you have to perform some water changes each day for the rest of the day. Put the tank closest to water.

Temperature of water

The tropical fish have been adapted mainly to extreme temperatures. Keep an aquarium away from fireplaces, radiators and heat pumps. Similar draughts can chill portions of tanks allowing fish to be exposed to temperatures that could kill fish. Put your water tank out of view and away from the wind. Direct sunlight entering tanks could cause heatspots that could kill the fish or affect the thermostat. In addition excessive sunlight causes algae blooming and can damage your decor and glass.

What are good vibrations?

Does water absorb shockwaves better? Many aquarist experts are convinced the vibrations produced by the subwoofer are transmitted by a systified aquarium. This vibration stresses fish just as much as a touch on the glass does. The ominous tapping on the exterior may seem impossible, but the vibration inside the vehicle’s engine sounds like a muscle car engine with the maximum volume in your bedroom? The shy species will soon disappear from your stereo if your collection gets empty.

Maintenance. Accessible

Although securing the aquarium in a small area or placing the tank in your living area might be tempting to keep your new aquarium safe. In addition the tanks must be kept open to allow air flow for filtration and ventilation. Tropical marine and Cold Water Tank needs power for heat exchanger and filtering system, lights and others. You’ll want to have a good electrical outlet in the room so you have plenty of room to use external sumps or filters for routine cleaning.

Is the floor level?

A fish tank laden with water that is placed on a wall is unstable when placed under a bare surface. A flat floor underneath the tank would prevent proper filling of the tank and it might even tip over. In addition, despite the degree of flexibility in the sealing material, the aquarium floor may suffer more damage and a leaky seal may result.

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At The Edge

If you understand that the walls in your house are constructed of concrete and brick it may be better for your aquarium in the center of the room. It is generally best to place your tanks near a wall or in a corner. The floor is weaker in the centre and it has little support.

Where should feng shui fish be kept?

In a typical sense, the best place to put the fish tanks for generating wealth is in the south-east part of our house. A fish tank is no longer needed in a bedroom, in a kitchen or at home. Both the bedroom and the kitchen have Yin-style rooms and the fish tank is quite aggressive.

Does keeping fish bring good luck?

Fish have traditionally brought prosperity to their homes, as they bring wealth and joy. Fish brings peace and brings negative emotions. A sage says that goldfish must be kept at home. Gold fish can improve house happiness and prosperity.

What kind of fish is good luck?

AROWANA FISH- These are lucky animals that are thought to possess great powers in fengshui. Those fish represent healthy life, prosperity, happiness, wealth and power. Several studies have found the presence of arana fishing to attract evil spirits or bad omens.

Which fish is good for wealth?

Arowan fish or Dragon Fish Arowana is an expensive aquarium fish. It is sometimes called golden dragon.

Can we keep fish tank in living room?

As per Vastu Shstra fish tanks can be positioned in either the North East direction but they cannot be placed in the North direction. This must be placed in a room in your home.

Where should fish tank be kept in living room?

According to Vastu Shastra, aquariums must be located south of the living room. The Aquarium in a separate room will have its place in the northwest direction.

Where should you not put a fish tank in your home?

The best place for the aquarium for prosperity in general will be the southwest part of your home. Fish tank is not allowed in bedrooms, kitchens and homes.

Is it OK to put aquarium inside the house?

An aquarium is an amazing way to invite the life of a fish into the inside of a home since most people have not yet had access to one of those ponds. A well maintained aquarium brings in fish and the water elements for abundance, luck and smooth flowing qi in the water.

Where should a fish tank be placed in a house?

The ideal place for a home for aquariums away from direct sunlight and traffic is ideally located in this quiet area.

Where should fish tank be kept in home?

Therefore, keeping fish aquariums in the east, north is seen as a good choice. A fish tank positioned in the same way to water helps to increase its positivity. The aquarium is on the left side of the main entrance for a healthy marriage.

Where should you not put an aquarium?

Avoid putting the tank near an open fireplace if it brings water temperature below the recommended temperature: 76° – 80 ° F in tropical fish and 68° to 72° F in goldfish.

Is it OK to put a fish tank near a window?

Do not set aquarium near sunlight window or on damp ground. Don’t sell your fish immediately after buying an aquarium. Instead, set up this tank for several days before returning your first fish.

Can aquarium be put in livingroom?

Vastu Shastra suggest you keep a fish aquarium inside your bedroom only. Avoid storing them anywhere else. Assure the aquarium is located in a north/east direction.

Is aquarium good inside the house?

The aquarium can be incredibly effective when it allows fish energy into the interior of your home, as not everyone has access to outdoor waters. A well maintained aquarium will allow qi to flow easily between the fish and water elements for abundance, luck, luck.

Where should I put my aquarium?

In summary everything we have described here: A calm location away from the sun and traffic that is easily accessible by your fish tank is the ideal location for an aquarium at the home.

Where should you not put a fish tank?

Remember to be careful and have a safe environment. Is it okay to place the fish tanks inside the doorway of a large building? I don’t think it should. Also avoid placing the tank directly beneath the door that may cause the damage or cause it to knock on the door.

How many fish should be in a good luck tank?

The numbers 9 are ideal so if you have space put 9 fish in the tank. If space allows for additional fishes, multiply them by 9 (918, 28, 26 and 27 respectively). Three is yet another great number on the feng-shi. Three fish can still provide great feng shu in an aquarium.

Is fish tank good feng shui?

An aquarium can be an ideal method to bring in a fish-friendly environment since there’d be no one having an outdoor pond at home. Keeping a properly maintained aquarium can help enhance both fish and water elements to encourage abundant water as they flow.

Where should I put my fish tank feng shui?

Generally the ideal place to place the fish tanks to increase prosperity is in the southeast part of the house. Fish tanks can be stored in bedrooms or in the kitchen.

How many fish should be in a feng shui tank?

If we have a bit of room we need nine fish in the tank. If space allows adding fish, you should multiply 9 (9, 18, 25, etc.). 3. An additional feng Shui number. 3 fish can still deliver good Feng Shui in smaller aquarium.

Where should a fish tank be placed in a home?

How should aquariums be maintained? Keep water related items in a North-East orientation at home attracts wealth and helps with positive energy flowing. Therefore a fishing aquarium should always be located east, north or east.

Can I keep aquarium in front of main door?

An aquarium should be located at right outside the door to encourage marriage. In addition, planting colorful flowers in the aquarium shows the house’s wealth.

Which direction should aquarium face feng shui?

Fengshui Fire element – Bright colour fish and lighting the aquariums. The best location for feng shui aquarium is in Southeast Bagua area (feng shui wealth area) followed by North area (jobs and education) or East.

Which is the best direction to keep fish tank in house?

According to Vastu Shastra fish tanks have been identified for their best position north of the east but not in south. They can be placed only inside the living rooms of your home. Take extra care to maintain healthy water.

Is it OK to put aquarium inside the room feng shui?

Water is Yang energy and it is water’s move that produces Yang energy. The best places in which the fish tank can be placed to stimulate prosperity is the southwest portion of your residence. A fish tank cannot be installed in any room or kitchen.

Are fish tanks good luck?

A properly maintained aquarium will provide both water and fish characteristics to encourage abundance, luck, and smooth flow.

What color fish is good luck?

Goldfish are generally considered to be good luck at home.

Can I place fish tank in front of the door?

Inside your home, there’s the perfect spot to have water features such as fountains and fish tanks. Place water to the left side of the door; it should look towards the house when you come inside from the outside.

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