Soup Spoon Etiquette When Finished

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Soup has been a staple in many cultures for centuries and it is understandable that proper dining etiquette is required when consuming this delicious dish. One of the most important things to remember when eating soup is to use the correct utensils, namely the soup spoon. But what happens when you are finished with your soup? In this discussion, we will explore the Proper soup spoon etiquette to follow once you have finished enjoying your soup.

Understanding Etiquette

Etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that guide interactions between people. It’s an essential part of our social fabric, and it’s essential to learn and practice it. In the context of dining, etiquette provides guidelines for how to behave and interact with others at the table, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Soup spoon etiquette is a crucial aspect of dining etiquette that can be intimidating for some people.

What is Soup Spoon Etiquette?

Soup spoon etiquette refers to the proper way of using a soup spoon during a meal. It includes how to hold the spoon, how to use it to eat soup, and how to place it when finished. Proper soup spoon etiquette is an essential part of dining etiquette, and it’s a skill that everyone should master.

Common Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions about soup spoon etiquette. For example, some people believe that it’s impolite to slurp soup, while others think that it’s okay to leave the spoon in the bowl when finished. These misconceptions can lead to awkward moments at the table, and it’s essential to clear them up.

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Why is it Important?

Soup spoon etiquette is important because it shows respect for the other diners at the table. When everyone follows the same rules, the dining experience is more enjoyable for everyone. Proper soup spoon etiquette also shows that you are well-mannered and cultured, which can be essential in social and professional situations.

Mastering Soup Spoon Etiquette

Holding the Spoon

When holding the soup spoon, grip it with your thumb and index finger, with the handle resting on your middle finger. Keep your wrist straight, and avoid holding the spoon too tightly or too loosely.

Eating Soup

When eating soup, use the side of the spoon to ladle the soup away from you, then sip the soup from the side of the spoon. Avoid slurping or making noise while eating. If the soup is too hot, blow on it to cool it down.

Placing the Spoon When Finished

When finished with the soup, place the spoon on the saucer or bowl, with the bowl of the spoon facing up and the handle resting on the rim. Avoid leaving the spoon in the bowl or on the tablecloth, as this can be considered impolite.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for mastering soup spoon etiquette:

  • Use the appropriate spoon size for the soup. Larger soup spoons are used for heartier soups, while smaller spoons are used for lighter soups.
  • Always scoop away from you when using the spoon.
  • If there are garnishes in the soup, use the spoon to move them to the side of the bowl before eating the soup.
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FAQs for Soup Spoon Etiquette When Finished

What should I do with my soup spoon when I finish eating?

When you are finished with your soup spoon, it is proper etiquette to place it gently and neatly on the saucer or the side of the soup bowl. You should avoid leaving it in the soup bowl or on the table, as this can create a messy and unappealing appearance. Placing the spoon on the saucer or the side of the bowl also sends a signal to your server or host that you are finished with your soup.

Should I leave the soup spoon in the bowl while I eat?

No, leaving your soup spoon in the bowl while you eat is considered poor table manners. Your spoon should be used to take soup from the bowl and then placed back on the side of the bowl or saucer when you are finished. Leaving the spoon in the bowl can also make it difficult for others at the table to view or access the soup.

Is it okay to use my bread or dinner roll to scoop up the last bits of soup?

No, using bread or dinner rolls to scoop up remaining soup is not proper etiquette. It can be seen as unhygienic and messy, particularly if the bread or roll was previously touched with the hands. Once you have finished your soup, it is important to use proper utensils to complete the remainder of your meal, such as a fork and knife for solid dishes.

What if I accidentally drop my soup spoon on the floor?

If you accidentally drop your soup spoon on the floor, do not attempt to pick it up or continue using it. Alert your server or host and they will provide you with a clean replacement spoon. Never continue using utensils that have fallen on the ground, as this can be a health hazard and is considered disrespectful to other diners.

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Can I rest my soup spoon on the tablecloth or placemat?

No, it is not proper etiquette to rest your soup spoon on the tablecloth or placemat. Instead, place it on the saucer or the side of the soup bowl. Placing your spoon on the tablecloth or placemat can potentially create a mess and is not visually appealing. It is important to maintain a neat and tidy appearance when dining.


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