How to AFK Divination: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Experience

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Divination is a skill in RuneScape that is used to gather divine energy, which is one of the most valuable resources in the game. AFK (Away From Keyboard) training methods allow players to train their skills without actively playing the game. In this article, we will discuss how to AFK divination and gather divine energy efficiently.

Understanding Divination

Divination is the process of gaining insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic or supernatural means. In the case of RuneScape, divination is a skill that players use to gather memories and energy, which can be transformed into useful items or experience points. Divination is an essential skill in RuneScape, and mastering it takes time and effort. However, there are ways to optimize your experience and make the most of your divination sessions.

The Basics of AFK Divination

AFK stands for “away from keyboard,” and it refers to a method of playing RuneScape in which a player is not actively engaged with their account. AFK divination is a popular way to train the skill, as it allows players to multitask while still gaining experience. The key to successful AFK divination is to set up your account in a way that maximizes your efficiency and minimizes the need for constant attention.

Setting Up Your Account for AFK Divination

First and foremost, you need to choose a location that is conducive to AFK divination. One of the most popular spots is the Incandescent Energy crater, as it is a high-level location with a low player population. This means that you can gather energy and memories without being interrupted by other players. Additionally, you should equip yourself with the best gear available to you, such as an augmented crystal tool or a demonic skull.

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Maximizing Your Experience

Once you have set up your account, it’s time to start gathering energy and memories. The key to maximizing your experience is to stay focused on the task at hand. This means minimizing distractions, such as socializing with other players or browsing the internet. Additionally, you should set goals for yourself, such as reaching a certain level or gathering a certain amount of resources.

Tips and Tricks for AFK Divination

There are several tips and tricks that can help you optimize your AFK divination experience. First and foremost, you should use the “deposit all” option on your energy and memory items to save time. Additionally, you should use the “auto-pickup” option to automatically gather resources that spawn in your area. Finally, you should use a program or app that alerts you when your inventory is full, so you can quickly deposit your items and get back to gathering.

Common Misconceptions

Despite its popularity, AFK divination is not without its misconceptions. One common misconception is that you can simply set up your account and walk away, leaving it to gather resources indefinitely. In reality, you need to periodically check in on your account to deposit items and select new locations. Another misconception is that AFK divination is a “lazy” way to train the skill. In reality, AFK divination requires just as much planning and strategy as active divination.

Addressing Misconceptions

To maximize your AFK divination experience, it’s important to address these misconceptions head-on. This means understanding that AFK divination is a strategic, planned approach to training the skill, and not a lazy way to gain experience. Additionally, it means setting up your account in a way that allows you to periodically check in on it, rather than simply walking away and forgetting about it.

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FAQs for How to AFK Divination:

What is AFK Divination?

AFK Divination is the practice of training the Divination skill with minimal interaction from the player. The goal is to be able to perform other activities, such as watching movies or doing other work, while still gaining experience in the game.

How do I AFK Divination?

To AFK Divination, you will want to choose a location with plenty of potential resources and limited player traffic. The most popular location for AFK Divination is the Rift area in the wisp colony, accessible from level 70 Divination. There are also other locations like the energy-memories conversion chamber and the Guthixian Cache. You’ll want to set-up your character to automatically convert the collected energy and memory from wisps in the area, and then continue to harvest more wisps without having to interact with the game. You can use a scrimshaw of the elements to increase your chance of getting enriched energy, which grants more experience.

What gear should I use for AFK Divination?

The gear that you will need to use for AFK Divination is minimal. You will want to have the best camouflage outfit that you can obtain, as this increases the likelihood of the wisps not fleeing upon contact with you. Otherwise, bring some lightweight armour that provides good mobility, such as the Grace of the Elves necklace, ring of Whispers , etc. Youalso will need a full divination outfit will grant a 6% bonus to harvesting energies, and some boots of lightness or other items of the same effect will further reduce your weight.

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What are some tips for AFK Divination?

One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t always log out right when you need to, especially if you’re afk. Buy a very low-level piece of equipment like leather gloves, which will lose 1 charge every minute and show when you were last in combat. This will save you having to type /ath, and guessing where to click on the potion tab. Also, you may want to consider having an audio cue or setting up a timer to alert you when your inventory is full, so that you can quickly deposit your items and then return to harvesting wisps. Note, sometimes another player may step next to where you’re collecting and scare off the wisps so it is a good idea to slightly change position to avoid the problem. Finally, be careful running around as you may inadvertently steal another player’s wisps, which can ruin your AFK session. Be respectful of other players and try to find a secluded spot to collect your own.


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