Feng Shui Tips For Your North-Facing House

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The north-east direction in feng shui is considered lucky. Place a crystal globe in this zone. Using mountain salt to purify your home boosts its energetic vibes. A spacious east-facing house is considered lucky. A house with an east-facing floor is considered the luckiest. You can also bring the water element into your home to bring luck and abundance to your life. If your house is east-facing, you’ll benefit most from purifying it with this element.

North-facing house feng shui influences your career

A north-facing house can act as a magnet for your career, attracting opportunities and fostering auspicious energy. This sector of classical feng shui governs your career. By following some simple rules, a north-facing house can improve your career prospects. Here are some tips for improving your Feng Shui north-facing house. Read on to discover more. And get inspired!

Your front door should be facing the north, attracting positive chi into your house. Keep the area around the door clean and clutter-free. If your front door has sticky hinges, grease them or replace the bulbs. Also, clean and oil the front door, and make sure that it’s opened wide into the house to draw in chi. Once the front door has been finished, open it and welcome the chi inside the house.

It’s a myth that North-facing houses are bad for your career. But research has shown that it can be beneficial, and your career could improve as a result. Moreover, North-facing houses are more favorable for a career than a house facing the south. But the truth is that it depends on the specific situation. If your house faces the North-east, you may feel the effects of bad feng shui.

The career luck sector in a north-facing house is the kua number four. People with kua number four are ideally suited to this direction, and a north-facing house with a sheng chi at the door is a great choice. To find out whether a north-facing house is good for your career, you should calculate your kua number and chart accordingly.

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A front door facing the north-east should be painted in the colors white, gray, and gold, as these are auspicious. A front door facing the northwest is also the best place to install a mirror, which will give the illusion of another room. In addition to mirrors, choose a front door color that matches your house’s compass. A door that opens outward will repel chi and make you look unappealing, so a door that faces the north-east should be adorned with white or grey paint.

South-facing house feng shui influences your love life

Whether you’re dating the love of your life or trying to attract the love of your life, a south-facing house can influence both aspects of your lives. A south-facing house can attract money and good luck while a north-facing house can make love relationships difficult or impossible. However, there are some remedies for a south-facing house that can alleviate the negative aspects.

First, it is important to know that the southwest area of a house is your love zone. As such, it is important to use Earthly colors in this area to activate the Earth element. Objects and colors associated with the Earth and Fire elements can also activate the Earth element in a South-facing house. The location of your bedroom can also affect the direction of your love life.

Another way to determine if a south-facing house influences your love life is to check your kua number. A south-facing house is considered the best direction for a person with a kua number of 3. A south-facing house will attract auspicious energy and help you achieve your dreams. You may find your love life improving once you start attracting the right kind of people.

In addition to fixing the placement of your bed, you should also make sure that you have a romantic environment. Experts recommend hanging two mirrors diagonally in your hallway. You can also add a small crystal sphere suspended on a silver thread inside the door. Lastly, candles are believed to enhance the atmosphere. Candles in red, pink, and multi-colored colors are good feng shui love cures. However, feng shui doesn’t say that you shouldn’t use candles – they can only strengthen the fire element and conflict with the water element.

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East-facing house feng shui influences your finances

Buying an east-facing house will increase the odds of making money because the prevailing energy in this direction is positive and optimistic. In addition, homes located near stops have a higher turnover rate and higher resale value. However, buying a house with an East-facing door may not be the best idea for everyone. The 5 Element Theory explains the importance of avoiding the worst effects of these bad feng shui elements in your home.

Color also plays an important role in feng shui. Black represents money, but this doesn’t mean you’ll get rich if you live in a black-painted house. Instead, you’d be wiser to pick a house that is white with black trim. The reason for this is that white is a metal color and makes water, making it a productive color.

When you purchase a property, you should place it in a location that invites healthy chi into your home. A house that faces the east is also said to attract wealth and progeny. The east also represents the rising of the sun, thereby inviting positive light. You should also make sure that the main door is placed in the north-east or east, otherwise it will be blocked by stones or garbage.

A dark green door in the east will bring financial blessings, while a red door will attract attention and invite people inside. Choosing the right color for your door is crucial, as it is believed to influence the people and events you interact with. And a red door will draw people in and attract the attention of others. However, be careful not to go overboard with this, as the right color will only make your finances worse.

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Bringing water element into your home

Adding the water element to your east-facing home can have many benefits. It brings fluidity, wisdom, and wealth to your life. By adding this element to your interior, you will find your cash flow increasing and social connections improving. Here are some ways to bring this element into your home. Use wavy shapes in your furniture, rugs, and artwork. If you don’t have a water fountain, you can use a water-themed painting or a watery piece of artwork.

To attract this element, you should keep the water fountain at the entrance of your east-facing home. This will draw positive energy into the room. Water is also the element of reflection, and the sound of flowing water is relaxing. If you want to attract the water element to your home, follow these Vastu tips. Water creates a calm working environment, and the soothing sound of flowing water will bring a sense of well-being to you and your family.

The water element is connected to deep wisdom and is often associated with dark blues and black. By painting the water element in a dark color, you will attract positive energy into your home and attract prosperity. Greens and blues, on the other hand, represent the wood energy. This element encourages growth, kindness, and flexibility. A vibrant blue or green color will also uplift the energy in your home. These colors can also be used in a home’s exterior.

Choosing an appropriate paint color for your east-facing home is essential. Water-related colors are the most auspicious and uplifting. You may want to paint the exterior of your home in colors associated with the water element. However, if you are looking for a more neutral color, choose wood or neutral colors. The wood element colors are more neutral, making them a more neutral option. Using colors of the weaker element can dampen the positive energy.


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