Feng Shui Dogs

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feng shui dogs

There are several different kinds of feng shui dogs. Fu dogs have two main types: the female and the male. The female has a cub under her right paw, while the male has a globe under his left paw. Before you can start using one of these dogs in your home, you must know what their physical characteristics are. The first thing you have to do is decide where you want to place the dog in relation to your window or door. Remember that it is not necessary to use the largest one, but the smaller the better.

Fu Dogs

According to Feng Shui , Fu Dogs are symbols of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The lion-like creatures are placed inside or outside a building to block negative energy. The rich place their Fu Dogs in front of their houses, and they are meant to face outwards. The wrong placement of a Fu Dog can lead to disharmony, as it is believed that the animal’s face is directly facing the direction where negative energy is most concentrated.

Fu Dogs represent masculine and feminine energies. Male Fu Dogs are often shown with a ball under their right paws, while female Fu Dogs have young offspring at their sides. Place a Fu Dog statue in the entrance of your home, on the left side of the doorway. In addition to their physical characteristics, Fu Dogs represent different elements and colors, and should be placed in a space outside the door or window.

For optimum effects, Fu Dogs should face outwards and be placed opposite the main entrance of a building. It should also be placed at a height so that it looks outwards, but not toward the doorway. It will protect your home or office from bad energy and will protect you from thieves and evil spirits. Fu Dogs can also be placed indoors and act as a protective shield for other feng shui symbols. Fu Dogs don’t need to be super large. They should be in proportion to the monuments they are supposed to guard.

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Foo Dogs pair are believed to attract wealth and prosperity. These statues are placed in pairs and are typically made of granite, marble, concrete, or another decorative stone. They are part of a wealthy family and are revered as sacred protectors against negative energy. Moreover, these statues also symbolize aristocratic status and power. If you have a Fu Dog statue in your home, consider displaying it on a mystic knot or in a prominent location.

Traditionally, Fu Dogs are shown as a pair. They are considered the perfect balance of Yin and Yang. Male Fu Dogs are generally displayed on the right side of a building while female ones are placed on the left side. However, it is also possible to place one in a house on the opposite side of the house. The opposite is true if the Fu Dogs are placed on the opposite side.

Fu Dogs are symbolic of protection and are sometimes placed in homes. These mythical creatures are believed to ward off accidents, theft, and bad intentions. However, they are loyal protectors with the ferocity of a lion. They have the ability to discern good and bad intentions and are often found guarding important buildings. Fu Dogs can also be found on pottery and door knockers.


In feng shui, lions are considered both good and bad luck. Their position is symbolic of the Yin and Yang principles, and their presence can reduce accidents and bad intentions. Besides these benefits, lions can also bring prosperity, money and luck. In fact, the placement of a stone lion in your home is considered highly auspicious. In addition, many businesses value stone lions as symbols of prosperity and harmony. This is why you will often see them at banks, temples and factories. They are believed to drive away mischief and attract satisfied customers.

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Feng shui uses the Fu Dog, or Chinese Guardian Lion. They are usually placed inside buildings to block negative energies. They are often depicted as fierce beasts known as shishi. Originally, Fu Dogs were stone temple dogs with flowing manes. However, today, they come in portable versions and can add elegance to any room. Therefore, it is important to use a Fu Dog correctly to avoid negative energy.

Foo Dogs should be placed on either side of the doorway. They should be placed on either side of the door, with the male on the left and the female on the right. They should be placed on pedestals or bases to improve their view of the spiritual terrain. They should be placed on either side of the entrance, with their inside paws raised. The ideal position for a Foo Dog is facing the entrance.

The Chinese Foo Dog, also known as the “Foo Dog,” is a protection symbol. In feng shui, these guardian dogs deflect poison arrows. They are often depicted as small statues, but their symbolic meaning is clear. They represent aristocratic status and are the guardian of the dharma (good energy).

In Chinese culture, lions were brought into the country from India during the Han Dynasty and served as tributes. They are considered sacred and a protector of Dharma in Buddhism, and lion statues can be found in temples and palaces around the world. Ancient Chinese also adopted lions as decorative objects, and made them into statues made of expensive stones. In addition to stone lions, lion statues are also a common feature of Indian temples.

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The most common form of a lion in feng shui is the guardian lion. Both male and female lions have guardian responsibilities, and a guardian lion guards an external structure while a female guards people inside it. A lion can represent both good and bad energy. If you place one of these in your home, you should make sure to keep it safe.

Fu dogs are considered powerful feng shui protectors. They are also beautiful additions to porches and entrances. Their powerful symbolism creates a compelling entrance to your home. Therefore, you should place a male and female Fu Dog on opposite sides of the front door. It is very important to choose the right position for each pair. In the same way, you should place two Fu Dogs to avoid mishaps.