Feng Shui and Colors for South Facing Door Feng Shui

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Originally posted on June 25, 2022 @ 10:00 pm

south facing door feng shui

A South-facing door in a house is considered to have the earth element. While this element is weaken by an exhausting cycle, metal is a good choice for the door’s frame. Place a metal object on the door‘s frame or by the door itself to balance the energies of the house. In addition, black, gray, and white are good colors for a South-facing door.


The fire element has the tendency to weaken the earth element in feng shui, and a black south facing door is not the best choice. Nevertheless, if you choose to paint it, there are a few things to keep in mind:

For the north-facing door of your home, black is the most auspicious color. Black symbolizes the water element, wisdom, and depth. It supports your authority and gives you a feeling of power. In addition, black helps to strengthen your relationships and friendships. In feng shui, black represents the three compass directions. If you are looking to enhance your personal relationships and attract more prosperity, consider painting your north-facing door black.

The front door color of your home should reflect your own personal aesthetic. You can choose any shade you like, from pale to deep shades. The important thing is that the door color is complementary with your house. And you have to choose one that suits you and your personality. In addition to the color, you must also consider the location of your door. For example, a north-facing door should be painted with blue or red, while one on the south-facing door should be painted with black.

In feng shui, the front door color should reflect your personal philosophy. Black front doors are traditionally associated with wealth, and a black front door is associated with a sophisticated and prudent person. In addition, a black front door signifies a person with high standards and a high moral code. If the front door is black, you can be sure it will bring you good luck. If you want to attract more money, choose a north-facing door.


When choosing the color for your front door, remember that some colors are better than others in feng shui. Black, for example, is a good choice for north-facing doors, as it represents water. Then there are the metal-oriented colors of yellow, orange, and green. For those looking for a more subtle effect, try earth tones or beige instead. The southwest direction, meanwhile, represents love, relationships, and femininity.

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The color of your door will play a major role in your home’s feng shui. Whether it’s a traditional or a modern home, the fire element is linked to the southeast direction and doors facing this direction should be painted in a shade of green. However, wood energy is not necessarily good for a southern facing door, since it has a high water component. However, fire is a great remedy for bad wood energy. The color red or orange will remove this energy.

Another color to avoid for a south-facing door is black. Although it may seem like a harsh color, black is associated with deep wisdom. Dark colors like black are considered auspicious in feng shui, and can draw in positive energy. Also, it symbolizes growth and flexibility. It is also recommended for doors facing the east or southeast. If you’re trying to attract a partner, this color is ideal for you.

The front door is the gateway to your home, so choosing a color that will attract positive energy is an important part of feng shui. If you have an east-facing front door, you should consider using wood colors. Blue is a color associated with wisdom and good fortune. If you aren’t sure which color to choose for your front door, consider consulting an expert. The advice below can help you choose the best color for your door.


Despite its seemingly negative connotations, there are some positive aspects of Triangles in South Facing Door Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, this placement encourages the flow of energy throughout the house, particularly along the Bagua. It’s best to avoid placing your front door in a position where the door faces the back door or another window, since the cross-breeze tends to travel straight between these areas and the door itself.

In feng shui, placing a statue of the goddess of mercy Quan Yin on the south-facing door is a good idea. The goddess of mercy is associated with love and mercy, and you should avoid placing a war god on this location. Instead, use a symbol from your faith or spirituality. Choose the one that best represents your life and is appropriate for your home. Remember, however, to use only one symbol per door in order to maintain a balance of chi.

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A triangle-shaped door in Feng Shui is not the only way to improve your home’s Feng Shui. Putting triangle-shaped doors in certain parts of your home, like the front door, is also beneficial. For example, if you have a south-facing front door, the southwest direction represents the female energy, which is associated with children, creativity, and the future. A low square-shaped door can reflect the south-west direction and is also an excellent choice if you’re seeking a more feminine vibe.

The best colors for a south-facing door are those related to fire, wood, and water. These colors are muted red, and blue, like green, contribute to healing. A north-facing door is not recommended, because earth-based colors tend to weaken fire. Alternatively, a south-facing door should be red if possible. If you’re unsure, you can consult a professional to find the correct location.


When decorating a south facing door, you should stick to colors associated with fire and wood. For example, muted red is good, and blue (akin to green) is great as well, because it helps heal and balance fire. If you’re unsure of which colors to choose, you might consider using wood colors, such as emerald, olive, pine, or basil.

In addition to colors, consider how placement will affect the flow of chi in the home. A south-facing door is usually placed on the front side of a home, which attracts chi energy. If your door is on the southwest side of the house, avoid placing metal objects near it, since the exhausting cycle weakens the earth element. If you have a side street, consider moving your door to the opposite side of the building to make the opposite impact.

Another way to improve the flow of chi is to paint the south-facing door a fire-colored shade. This can directly relate to the fire element in the five-element system. Fire is the element of inspiration, passion, and expression, and so decorating a south-facing door in a fire-colored shade can boost these feelings. If your front door is facing the north, zig-zags on the door are beneficial, too.

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You may want to add more red accents to a south-facing door. Adding zig-zags to a south-facing door is a great way to increase your home’s energy flow. You can also use red flowers in plants and zig-zags on walls and windows to further enhance the positive effects of the south-facing door on your home.

Properly sized door

Choosing the right colors for your south-facing door is one of the most important feng shui tips. You want the color to relate to your fire element. Fire represents passion, inspiration, and expression, so the right color will bring you those qualities. A blue, purple, or red door can bring you all of these benefits, and more. But it’s not just paint that matters.

First, make sure that your front door is the right size. A door too large or too small can cause problems in your finance and career zones. And don’t make the mistake of sizing it too small. Also, don’t let the door frame be distorted. Don’t use old or damaged door frames, which are bad feng shui choices. Always replace damaged or distorted door frames as soon as possible.

Another feng shui tip for the right door is to place the front door on the east side. The east-west direction of a front door brings positive and negative energy to the home. However, it’s best to place it on the east or south side of the house to avoid any problems. Moreover, a south-facing door is better than a north-facing one, and will help you increase your wealth and happiness.

In addition to a south-facing door, a south-facing front door should not be an arch or semicircle shape. It should also be painted or decorated in a color that matches your favorable element, such as white, green, or silver. You can use different color tiles and add a screen room divider to define the right size of the bright hall. You should also avoid mirrors and large buildings, as these will affect your wealth in an unfavorable way.