Bedroom Shapes and Ideas

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Originally posted on July 1, 2022 @ 2:10 pm

bedroom shapes

When decorating your bedroom, you should pay attention to the shapes of the different objects in the room. A bed is obviously the largest item, but the other pieces of furniture in the room should also balance out the shape. A long dresser placed on one side of the bed can create an interesting look. You can also place a tall chest on the other side of the bed. The trick is to position each piece of furniture at a similar distance from the bed. This will ensure that your bedroom looks balanced and well-balanced.


When deciding on the shape of your bedroom, you should start with the bed. If you have limited space, a small bed may be the best option. Its cushioned headboard can be secured to the bed frame with sewn-on peg loops. Then, use different colors and patterns to fill the room. You can also incorporate some 70s-inspired interior design into your room. Here are some design trends to consider.

The door should face a wall rather than the stairs or toilet. It should also be placed diagonally opposite the door. It is also important that the bed is not placed next to an overhead beam or a chimney. You do not want to be able to move it when your wife is pregnant. Also, avoid circular beds. Instead, choose a full-sized bed. However, if your bedroom ceiling is low, you should consider a bunk bed or a two-sleeper.

The design of your bedroom should be relaxing and cosy. Pale paint colors and understated patterns are popular. If you have more room, run wild with colour. However, remember that a spare bedroom is not used everyday. Therefore, it must be functional and look great. If possible, consider built-in joinery. It will make a big difference when it comes to storage space and a seamless feel. It will also give the room a more elegant and stylish look.

2 x Bedside Tables

If you want to save space in your bedroom, you might want to buy a multi-functional bedside table. These tables have several functions, so you can use them as a nightstand, small coffee table, or even an ottoman. You can find a multi-purpose table that fits in perfectly with your existing decor. They are also fairly inexpensive and can be painted in any color to fit the rest of the room.

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These tables are small and sleek and can work well with any style decor. They can fit a small phone and charger, and often have enough space for a lamp. Some of them even come with room for a phone charger and a small picture frame. There’s a shape for you! And no matter what your room decor looks like, you’ll find the perfect bedside table for you.

There’s no need to pick up two similar nightstands if you don’t want to. Depending on the style of your bedroom, two similar bedside tables can add contrast to the room, yet look cohesive. The same goes for your wall color. Choose two bedside tables in a similar color and finish to complement each other. If you choose similar nightstands, be sure to go with those with similar silhouettes. They’ll create better geometric symmetry.

1 x Freestanding Wardrobe

Choosing the right type of bedroom wardrobe is essential to create a practical and attractive storage space. The design of the wardrobe should match the size and shape of the room and accommodate the clothes you want to store. When choosing a wardrobe, consider its overall dimensions and the size of the drawers, shelves and other compartments. Some offer only hanging space while others have built-in shelves, drawers and hooks for keeping your clothing tidy. You might want a combination of these features, depending on the size of the room you have available.

When purchasing a wardrobe, consider the size of your room. You should be able to fit the unit into the room without it competing with other furniture. If the room is small, it may require a floating shelf. Likewise, if you have a king-sized bed, you may need an extra 50cm of clearance. Make sure to choose a wardrobe with a width of at least 60cm.

Another feature to consider is the style. Choose one that is stylish and functional. A stainless steel wardrobe should be sturdy, with a locking mechanism to keep items secure. Choose a design that blends aesthetics with functionality, with enough storage to store clothes and shoes and avoid taking up valuable floor space. Make sure to measure the height of the room before buying a wardrobe, as sagging ceilings can limit the size of a wardrobe.

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Platform bed with deep sides

A platform bed with deep sides can have a wide storage drawer that is positioned beneath the mattress. The drawer slides on smooth gliders in the bed frame, and is typically a full width. The drawer is often on gliders, but sometimes, the full drawer will slide out on its own. In these cases, it may be necessary to tilt the bed in order to get access to the storage compartment. If you choose a platform bed with deep sides, you will have two storage compartments.

A platform bed with deep sides can be great for all rooms, as they are generally comfortable and add luxury to a bedroom. These beds are available in many styles, from ultra-modern to traditional. The style will fit in with any decorating style, and they are affordable. Some people like the classic wrought iron style. A platform bed with deep sides looks especially good in a master bedroom. Several reviewers purchased this bed for their child’s room.

Platform beds have a number of advantages, including their affordable price. The lack of box springs makes them ideal for budget-conscious people, since box springs are breeding grounds for dust mites. In addition, these beds tend to sit low to the ground, but they can be fixed by using a high-profile mattress or a thick bunkie board. These two options are the best ways to avoid sagging along the perimeter of the mattress.

Sleigh bed

The sleigh bed is an elegant design that adds classic elegance to any bedroom. Sleigh beds are low-lying and often lack a footboard. The traditional shape has been modernized by incorporating Scandinavian minimalism into sleigh beds. The exaggerated curves of the traditional sleigh bed have been replaced with subtle straight lines and sensuous arcs, giving it a more contemporary look.

Traditionally made of wood, sleigh beds can be updated by applying a new color or adding a bed canopy. You can also use chalk paint or any other color to update your sleigh bed. You can also use throw cushions to add harmony to the color scheme of your room. Boho-style cushions look great in modern decor. A sleigh bed can also be easily reupholstered with fabric or with built-in upholstery.

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A sleigh bed can be crafted from beautiful wood or wrought iron. Adding this piece of furniture to a bedroom can add an eclectic aura. It can also be a standout piece of decor with woven wicker or lattice details. Either way, it will make a stunning statement. Whether you choose a wood or metal sleigh bed, you’ll enjoy how versatile this classic shape is.

The sleigh bed can be upholstered or without, depending on your tastes and budget. Some sleigh beds have storage underneath while others don’t. There are also different designs when it comes to the headboard and footboard. Traditional sleigh beds are typically made of wood, with curved headboards and footboards. Most of these designs are ornate. The type of wood used for sleigh beds also plays an important role in its overall aesthetic. Dark woods, such as mahogany, have an elegant, formal appeal.

Cottage bed

If you’re considering a cottage style for your bedroom, consider adding a framed child’s dress to the headboard. You can also include a family heirloom quilt to add more depth to the white and cream color scheme. Use a variety of patterned pillows to continue the look. A matte painted side table with ornate drawer pulls and fresh flowers adds a playful exclamation to the traditional room.

A cottage-style bedroom does not have to be expensive. You can incorporate simple pieces in a room while still creating a cohesive look. Try hanging a dried plant or two from the ceiling. Baby’s breath and pampas grass are excellent choices for accents. Alternatively, you can use driftwood or reclaimed wood as a headboard. Driftwood also works well as a light fixture. Throw pillows ooze comfort and add to the cottage look.

For a traditional Cottage style bedroom, a four-poster bed is the main focal point. Its exposed wooden beams and cushions contrast with the white walls and white furniture. A white wooden bed with green cushions and pillows complements a white wooden ceiling and walls. A colorful area rug sits beneath the bed. A large wooden cabinet stands next to the bed. It also complements the white wooden walls and hardwood flooring.