What Was Divination Used For?

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Divination is a practice that has been prevalent in various cultures throughout history. It involves seeking knowledge of the future or hidden truths through supernatural means. Divination was used for a range of purposes, such as making important decisions, predicting outcomes, and gaining insights into the unknown. Depending on the culture and belief system, divination was conducted through various methods, including astrology, tarot reading, crystal ball gazing, and scrying. In this context, we will explore the common uses and significance of divination in different cultures.

The Origins of Divination

Divination is the act of seeking knowledge of the future or hidden information through supernatural means. The practice of divination dates back to ancient times and was an integral part of many cultures around the world. The earliest forms of divination were often associated with religion and spirituality, and it was believed that the gods or spirits would communicate with humans through divination.

The Role of Divination in Ancient China

In ancient China, divination was an essential tool used by rulers to make important decisions regarding politics, war, and agriculture. The Chinese believed that the universe was governed by a set of natural laws, and by interpreting the signs and symbols of the natural world, they could gain insight into the will of the gods.

Types of Divination

There are many different types of divination, each with its own unique methods and traditions. Some of the most common forms of divination include astrology, tarot reading, and scrying.

One key takeaway from this text is that divination is a practice that has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world. It was originally associated with religion and spirituality, and was used to gain insight into the future or hidden information through supernatural means. Despite skepticism and criticism, divination continues to be a popular practice today, with many people using it as a form of self-discovery and personal growth, or to make important decisions or predict the future.


Astrology is the practice of interpreting the positions and movements of celestial bodies to gain insight into human affairs. The study of astrology dates back to ancient Babylon and has been used by cultures around the world to predict the future and gain insight into personal characteristics and relationships.

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Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a form of divination that uses a deck of cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Each card in the deck has a specific meaning, and the reader interprets the cards based on the question or situation presented.


Scrying is a practice that involves gazing into a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball or mirror, to gain insight into the future or hidden information. The practice of scrying dates back to ancient times and is often associated with witchcraft and other forms of magic.

The Role of Divination Today

While divination is no longer used as extensively as it was in ancient times, it is still a popular practice in many cultures around the world. Some people use divination as a form of self-discovery and personal growth, while others seek its guidance in making important decisions or predicting the future.

Modern Applications of Divination

In modern times, divination has been adapted to new technologies and mediums. Online tarot readings and astrological charts have become increasingly popular, and many people use divination apps on their smartphones to gain insight into their lives.

Skepticism and Criticism

Despite its continued popularity, divination has faced criticism and skepticism from many corners. Skeptics argue that there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of divination, and that its methods are based on superstition and belief rather than empirical evidence.

FAQs for the topic: What was divination used for?

What is divination?

Divination is the ancient and universal practice of interpreting messages, symbols or signs to gain insight into a situation or to predict the future. It has been practiced by different cultures throughout history and has been used for many different purposes.

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What was divination used for in ancient times?

In ancient times, divination was used for a range of purposes, both religious and secular. It was commonly used to gain insight into the future, such as predicting the outcome of battles, harvests, and political events. It was also used for decision-making, such as determining the best time to start a journey or an endeavor, or to choose a spouse or a name for a child. Divination was also used for healing, to diagnose and treat illnesses or to find a cure for a particular disease.

Who practiced divination in ancient times?

Divination was practiced by different members of society in different cultures. In some cultures, it was the role of a particular class of people, such as priests, shamans or seers. In other cultures, it could be practiced by anyone, using tools such as tarot cards, runes or scrying mirrors.

What were some of the tools and methods used in divination?

There are many different tools and methods used in divination, depending on the culture and the purpose. Some of the commonly used tools and methods include Tarot cards, runes, I Ching, astrology, palm reading, scrying, and reading the entrails of animals. These tools and methods were used to interpret signs and messages from the spiritual world.

Is divination still practiced today?

Yes, divination is still practiced today in many different cultures, often in a more modern context. While some of the traditional methods are still used, new tools and methods have emerged, such as angel cards and crystal readings. Many people use these tools to gain insight into their lives or to make decisions, and some use them as part of their spiritual practices.

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