Urinal Etiquette: What Every Man Should Know

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Originally posted on May 20, 2023 @ 7:12 pm

Urinal etiquette refers to the set of unwritten rules and etiquettes that are commonly followed by men while using public urinals. These etiquettes are intended to promote cleanliness, respect personal space and prevent embarrassment. Here, we will be discussing some essential rules of urinal etiquette that every person should know to maintain good hygiene and avoid awkward situations in public restrooms.

The Basics of Urinal Etiquette

When it comes to using a urinal, there are certain unwritten rules that every man should follow. These rules, often referred to as urinal etiquette, can make the experience more comfortable for everyone involved. The first rule of urinal etiquette is to always leave at least one urinal between yourself and another man. This ensures that everyone has enough space and privacy.

The Importance of Privacy

Privacy is an essential part of urinal etiquette. Men should avoid staring at each other or engaging in a conversation while using the urinal. Doing so can make other men feel uncomfortable and violated. It’s also important to avoid any unnecessary noise or sound effects that may disturb others using the restroom.

A key takeaway from this text is the importance of following urinal etiquette to ensure a comfortable and respectful experience for everyone. This includes leaving space between yourself and others, avoiding unnecessary noise or conversation, waiting patiently for your turn, and handling emergencies discreetly. It’s also crucial to aim properly and avoid splashback, as well as flushing and thoroughly washing your hands after use. By following these basic rules, men can contribute to a more pleasant restroom experience for themselves and others.

Using Your Phone

One of the most controversial topics in modern urinal etiquette is the use of smartphones. While it may be tempting to check your email or scroll through social media, it’s best to avoid using your phone while at the urinal. Not only can it be distracting and potentially embarrassing, but it can also make others feel uncomfortable.

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Waiting Your Turn

In some crowded restrooms, it may be necessary to wait for a urinal to become available. If this is the case, it’s important to be patient and wait your turn. Avoid standing too close or hovering near an occupied urinal, as this can make the other person feel rushed and uncomfortable.

Dealing with Emergencies

In some cases, an emergency may arise while using the urinal. If this happens, it’s important to handle the situation quickly and discreetly. If you need to pass gas or release a loud stream of urine, try to muffle the noise as much as possible. If you accidentally splash urine on yourself, wipe it up discreetly with toilet paper.

The Dreaded Splashback

One of the most dreaded aspects of using a urinal is splashback. When urine hits the back of the urinal, it can create a spray that can splash back onto your clothes or shoes. To avoid this, aim for the sides of the urinal instead of the back. You can also try using a technique called the “double stream,” which involves creating two smaller streams instead of one larger one.

Flushing and Washing Your Hands

After using the urinal, it’s important to flush and wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure to use enough soap and water to clean your hands properly. Avoid touching anything else in the restroom until your hands are clean and dry.

FAQs for Urinal Etiquette

What is urinal etiquette?

Urinal etiquette refers to the set of social norms and unwritten rules that govern the use of public or shared urinals. It defines the appropriate behavior and manners to be followed by men when using or sharing a urinal. Proper urinal etiquette helps to maintain hygiene, privacy, and respect in public or shared restrooms.

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What are the basic rules of urinal etiquette?

The basic rules of urinal etiquette include standing an appropriate distance from other users, avoiding eye contact or conversation with others, maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness, covering up if needed, flushing after use, and using the urinal for its intended purpose only.

Is it necessary to leave a space between urinals?

Yes, it is essential to leave an empty urinal in between you and the next user if possible. This helps to maintain privacy and comfort for everyone. If all urinals are occupied, wait for a urinal to become available or choose to use a stall instead.

Is talking while using urinals allowed?

No, it is considered impolite and inappropriate to talk while using urinals. It is essential to maintain silence and avoid striking up a conversation with others. This helps to maintain privacy and avoid embarrassing moments.

Should I wash my hands after using the urinal?

Yes, it is crucial to wash your hands with soap and water after using the urinal. This helps to prevent the spread of germs and maintain personal hygiene. You should thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to kill germs effectively.

What should I do if someone violates urinal etiquette?

If someone violates urinal etiquette, it is better to ignore them or finish your business quickly and leave. Confronting or calling out someone for violating urinal etiquette can lead to an uncomfortable situation, and it is not worth the trouble. It is best to follow the basic rules of urinal etiquette and avoid provoking any conflicts.

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