Sleeping With Your Feet Facing the Door is Bad Feng Shui

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feet facing door feng shui
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You’ve probably heard that sleeping with your feet facing the door is bad Feng Shui, but what exactly is it? In Feng Shui, feet facing the door puts you in the path of energy flow, which disrupts your sleep. And it’s not just doors in your bedroom that have bad Feng Shui – restrooms are notorious for having bad Feng Shui too. Humidity, odors, and bacteria all can interfere with your sleep.

Positioning your bed in line with the door

One of the most common mistakes people make is positioning their bed in front of the door. This “coffin position” is not only inconvenient, but also bad for feng shui . A bed that is facing the door may feel unsafe and uncomfortable, as it puts the body in the path of traffic. A good alternative to this mistake is to position the bed in a way that blocks the door and avoids putting your feet directly in front of it.

According to feng shui, the commanding position principle applies to the positioning of a bed. It is best to position your bed in such a way that it can look out into the door, but not directly at it. This principle works in a small room, as long as the distance between the bed and the door is large enough to provide clear sight. However, if you suffer from midline disease, you might want to consider placing a mirror in front of your bed instead.

In addition to a good position for your bed, you should also make sure that the door is facing the same direction as your bed. The door is considered to be the door’s entrance, so you want to place it in a way that will allow positive energy to flow through the room. You should also avoid placing electrical sockets and electronic devices near the bed. Using the mirror will help reflect negative energy back into your room.

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Avoiding storing things under the bed

The foot of the bed should face away from the door, preventing the “coffin position” from occurring. A high bench or table can act as a buffer, keeping the footboard from blocking the view of the door. However, storing things under the bed is also bad feng shui. This prevents the flow of air beneath the bed. Nevertheless, you can store soft items such as blankets or pillows in the space underneath the bed.

Another common Feng shui mistake is storing things under the bed. This is considered bad luck, since it prevents your life force from flowing properly. Putting clutter under the bed may block the flow of qi and make it difficult to fall asleep. Hence, the ideal way to store these things is to keep them in a separate closet. However, if you can’t avoid storing things under the bed, you can still put some pillows under the bed to keep the space clear.

Decluttering blocks qi

According to feng shui principles, a cluttered room blocks the flow of qi for the feet facing a door. However, decluttering doesn’t mean throwing out everything. In fact, it can help calm the mind by creating more space. According to Kathryn Weber, publisher of the feng shui website Red Lotus Letter, you should keep the foyer uncluttered and free of furniture. It’s also helpful to store any items that take up space in the entryway in an accent cabinet. An accent cabinet will not only hold the items that you don’t need but will also serve as a beautiful addition to your home.

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Clutter is not only distracting, it limits space, and blocks qi. Cleaning the windows is a great way to open up your perspective on life. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, clean your windows using an old newspaper and a solution of water and vinegar. Clutter also symbolizes unfinished business, so it’s best to eliminate it. The same goes for your home, office, and garage. To create a welcoming entrance, you need to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Creating symmetry and balance with dual nightstands and lamps

Using similar items on opposite sides of a bed can create symmetry and balance. When choosing furniture for your bedroom, choose two items that share similar style, materials, and colors. While you can mix and match items, you should try to stick to two main woods and metals in your room. This way, you can create symmetry without having to match items perfectly. For example, you can mix and match two similar lamps and dual nightstands, but still make sure to keep the overall style of your room in mind.

For more formality and symmetry, place a mirror above each nightstand or a symmetrical lighting fixture. You can also place a mirrored object on each side of the bed. This will create a more formal feel, and will give the room a more elegant appearance. Unlike traditional symmetry, however, there is no need to use identical items. Instead, try choosing two items of a similar size and scale. If you don’t feel comfortable with symmetry, asymmetrical decorating is a good option.

Asymmetrical and symmetrical balance are both important. Both are crucial to creating a pleasing overall design. Symmetrical balance can be achieved with identical pieces of furniture or accessories, or by using asymmetrical balance. This works best in rooms with the same dimensions. You can also achieve symmetrical balance by varying the scale of objects, such as using a large object with several smaller ones.

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Adding plants to the room

The first thing to consider is if there are any items that may disturb the energy of the area. Adding a television is one such example. The television’s energy creates too much active energy, which can disturb the relaxation and sleep of your body. To avoid this, place your TV in an armoire or cabinet. Also, make sure you close the laptop before bedtime.

A plant can be good feng shui for your bedroom. While most houseplants require some sunlight to thrive, some can survive without it. In addition to the added visual appeal, houseplants are also good for your health. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and fill the air with oxygen, which can help you get a better night’s sleep. Besides being attractive, they can also attract wealth.

Another way to improve the chi in your bedroom is by incorporating flowers. Fresh flowers and live plants add a springtime touch to any room. In addition to flowers and plants, you can also place a vase of fresh flowers or a floral-printed tablecloth. The same principle applies to glassware, such as vases, pencil holders, or candy dishes. You can also upgrade your dining chairs with lighter upholstery and wood finishes.


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