Interpreting Your Feng Shui Birth Chart

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feng shui birth chart
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There are several ways to interpret your Feng Shui birth chart. First, you will have to know your element. Do you belong to the Wood, Metal, Fire, or Water elements? Once you know your element, you can determine your life energy type. If you’re unsure, you can contact a feng shui practitioner for advice. In addition, a feng shui session can also help you understand what your element is and how it affects your life.

Earth element

If you’re curious about the Feng Shui birth chart, you can use the yin and yang astrology calculator to find out the specific elements of your birth chart. The Earth element dominates your life for about two years in each cycle. You should also check out the complete theory of feng shui birth charts. Then, focus on enhancing your birth element by altering the environment, including your furniture, fabrics, and colors.

The Feng Shui birth chart uses your year of birth as the basis to determine your element. For example, if you were born on 25 January 1947, your birth element is Earth. In the feng shui birth chart, your element is based on your date of birth. If you were born on 10 February, your year is Earth. If you were born in 1946, your element is Fire.

People born under the Earth element tend to put others before themselves. They value relationships and time spent with loved ones. Earth-ruled people also have strong faith in their abilities. They can keep their nose to the grindstone, despite what others might think. Some people born under the Earth element suffer from digestive problems, weight, and overeating. They also tend to be conservative. While the Earth element can be a strong asset in the wrong situations, it doesn’t always make them a good partner.

Each year of your life has an element. This means that the properties of the Earth element depend on the corresponding Chinese year of birth. This can help you choose your feng shui properties based on your birth element. It’s also important to know your animal sign and earthly branch element. You’ll need to use the Chinese astrology calculator to find out your element. When choosing your property, you’ll want to look for a room or a building that has a strong relationship with the Earth.

Wood element

If you are a child born in the year 2022, the wood element in your feng shui birth chart is a good choice for the room of your baby. This element is associated with wealth and prosperity. People born in this year should keep their room Feng shui compliant, which means it should be free from Fire and Metal colors. They should also include vivid plants and images of lush forests or meadows. They should also have fountains and mirrors in the room, since these elements create good chi flow.

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People born under the wood element are creative, innovative, and often project leaders. They need an outlet for their energy, which they often get through physical activity or creative work. If they do not find this outlet, this energy can be channeled into unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking and worrying. It can also cause high blood pressure, which makes it crucial that wood people find ways to release their excess energy.

If you don’t have a number one, your missing number can be filled with water or metal objects. Alternatively, you can use precious stones, such as gold or silver. In addition to feng shui crystals, you can place other wood objects nearby, like statues and books. Generally, it is best to avoid putting your entire house in the wood element, because it represents a dearth of wealth, relationships, and money.

Your feng shui birth chart can also tell you more about your future by identifying your personal energy element. Depending on your date of birth and the details of your birth, you may be more optimistic about the future or even more optimistic about your current situation. Your personal energy element can help you better understand the influences in your life. The first pillar heavenly stem is also the first element of your feng shui birth chart.

Metal element

The Metal element in a feng shui birth chart describes the person’s personality traits. For example, the person who is born under the sign of Metal is likely to be independent, determined, and hard-working. A person born under the sign of Metal is also likely to be bold and courageous. The element represents a person’s personality, and its location in the feng shui birth chart can affect the person’s future.

The Five Elements correspond to the five elements in Chinese astrology. Earth, for example, represents the center of the universe and the Yellow Dragon. It also rules all twelve animals and signs in the Chinese Zodiac, and includes the Western concept of the air element. The Metal element has structure and an inward movement, making it particularly beneficial for a person born under the sign of Earth. It can also represent a relationship with another person.

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The Chinese astrological system assigns each year a metal element, and it is important to understand which element best aligns with your personality. For instance, if your year of birth is in the year of the Monkey, your luck will be more positive than if you were born under the sign of Chicken. The Five Elements Chart is an excellent reference for knowing what belongs to the Metal group.

If your birth element is Fire, you should avoid mirrors, fountains, and water images. They can add a uniqueness to your work, while preventing you from burning out. For those born under the Fire element, it is important to decorate with the right colors in order to support your creativity. Avoid using colors of the Water element in your home. This will help you maintain your basic physical structure.

Water element

A person with the Water element in his or her birth chart can face any kind of challenges in life. To overcome this, they need to pay attention to the Feng Shui aspects of their home. This element is most effective with white, grey, black, and blue colors. Avoid using earth tones like yellow, orange, and red in their home. Water features are also beneficial in their rooms. You can use them in your bedroom, bathroom, and even on your car.

The water element in a feng shui birth chart represents the water element in an individual’s personality. Its traits are fluid and transformative, and it can be difficult to find a person with this element. These individuals tend to be depressed and withdraw from the world. But when the water element is in balance, these individuals can be incredibly powerful and formidable. In fact, people with this element are often drawn to metal and water elements.

The chinese astrology is based on the five elements. Each element corresponds to a different area of life, such as your relationship with your life partner or parents, your creativity, and your ability to create a family. In addition to these, there are Chinese zodiac animals that you can consult to help you understand your personality. Having your feng shui birth chart done is the perfect way to make your home a better place for you.

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People with the Water element in their feng shui birth chart should be able to communicate with others easily. However, they should be careful about how much they share with others and when. Water people are highly emotional and need their own space. If their Water element is overly strong, they may overreact emotionally, resulting in paranoia or escapism. Similarly, people with the Water element in their birth chart should push themselves to socialize more. The energy that they generate from their interactions with others is vital to their well-being.

Dog element

The Dog is the Mother Element in Chinese astrology and represents parents and elders, knowledge, education, health, advice, and the material world. A birth chart with too much Earth is difficult to read because too much Earth represents bad reputation. In a birth chart with too much Earth, the Water element cannot be seen. The Dog can be easily overprotected, making it lazy and unwilling to engage in social activities.

People with Fire element are hard-working and meticulous in their work. They are able to achieve their goals on time, but sometimes fail miserably. They also tend to be impatient and can be influenced by others, so they should take care to avoid accumulating too many possessions. The Earth element can help people distinguish between good and bad, but they should not rely on others. They should stay away from people who do not have good intentions.

In 2018, if your birthday is in the Dog element, you will be met with more of the opposite sex. Business women will need to approach male customers often, and single women will have more opportunities to find a partner. Major events related to health, law, and training will be prevalent this year. A strong Earth year can last throughout the entire year. Just remember that a strong Earth year does not mean good fortune.

According to Chinese astrology, your birthday falls between Feb. 4 and the first day of the Tiger month. If your birth occurs between Jan. 1 and Feb. 2, you’ll be considered a year prior to that, assuming you were born on Jan. 20. Likewise, if your birthday is in Feb. 3, 4, or 5, you’ll need to consult the Chinese almanac to find the appropriate transition time. If you’re not sure, consult a Chinese almanac to find out when you’ll be moving from a Tiger sign to the Dog element.


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