How to Catch Flying Stars in Animal Crossing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Originally posted on May 11, 2023 @ 5:05 pm

Welcome to this guide on catching flying stars in Animal Crossing! If you’re a fan of this popular game, you’ll know that these shooting stars are rare and elusive, but can be used to create magical items such as a star wand. In this guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to catch these flying stars and make the most out of your gameplay. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Basics of Flying Stars

Flying Stars is an advanced feng shui technique that involves the movement of stars to analyze and enhance the energy of a space. In Animal Crossing, this technique is used to catch shooting stars and obtain Star Fragments, which can be used to craft rare and valuable items.

What are Star Fragments?

Star Fragments are rare items that can only be obtained by catching shooting stars during a meteor shower or by wishing on shooting stars. They come in different colors and have different uses, such as crafting magic wands, zodiac furniture, and other rare items.

When and Where to Catch Shooting Stars?

Shooting stars can appear randomly on clear nights, but there are certain conditions that can increase your chances of seeing them. Meteor showers are the most reliable way to catch shooting stars, and they usually happen on specific dates announced by Isabelle or by checking online forums.

Once you have confirmed a meteor shower, find a clear and open space in your island and look up at the sky between 7 PM and 4 AM. Shooting stars can appear every few minutes, so be patient and keep your eyes peeled.

Preparing for a Meteor Shower

Before a meteor shower, it’s essential to prepare your character and your island to maximize your chances of catching shooting stars and obtaining Star Fragments. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

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Key takeaway: Shooting stars and Star Fragments are rare and valuable items in Animal Crossing that can be obtained by catching shooting stars during a meteor shower, making a wish, and picking up the Star Fragment. To prepare for a meteor shower, clear your inventory, wear warm clothes, and obtain a Celeste DIY recipe. Listen and look for audio and visual clues to locate shooting stars and make sure to invite friends to your island to increase your chances of catching them.

Clear Your Inventory

Make sure to clear your inventory and have enough space to hold Star Fragments, as they can take up a lot of space. You can also store items in your house or drop them on the ground temporarily.

Wear Warm Clothes

Meteor showers happen at night, so it’s essential to wear warm clothes to avoid getting cold and losing health. You can wear a winter coat, sweater, or other warm clothing items.

Use a Celeste DIY Recipe

Celeste, the owl, can visit your island during meteor showers and provide you with a DIY recipe for a Star Wand or other magic wand. Make sure to talk to her and obtain the recipe, as it can be used to craft rare items later on.

Catching Shooting Stars

Once you have prepared for a meteor shower and found a clear spot in your island, it’s time to catch some shooting stars and obtain Star Fragments. Here are some tips to help you catch them:

Listen for Audio Clues

Shooting stars make a distinct sound when they appear, which can help you locate them even if you’re not looking at the sky. Make sure to turn up your audio and listen for the sound of a twinkling bell.

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Look for Visual Clues

Shooting stars also have a distinct visual appearance, with a bright tail and a sparkling trail. Keep an eye on the sky and look for any unusual movement or light.

Press A to Wish

When you see a shooting star, make sure to press the A button to make a wish. Your character will look up and close their eyes, and a message will appear on the screen confirming your wish.

Wait for Star Fragments

After making a wish, wait for a few seconds, and a Star Fragment should appear on the ground near you. Make sure to pick it up before it disappears, as Star Fragments are rare and valuable.

Invite Friends to Your Island

If you have friends who also play Animal Crossing, you can invite them to your island during a meteor shower and increase your chances of catching shooting stars. Make sure to have enough space for everyone and communicate with your friends to coordinate your wishes.

Use a Net to Catch Star Fragments

Star Fragments can be caught with a net, just like catching bugs or fish. Make sure to have a net ready and aim it at the Star Fragment to catch it. You can also use the A button to pick up Star Fragments directly from the ground.

FAQs for How to Catch Flying Stars in Animal Crossing

What are flying stars in Animal Crossing?

Flying stars, also called shooting stars, are meteorites that cross the sky during certain evenings in Animal Crossing, and are highly sought after by players. Catching a shooting star rewards the player with a star fragment, which can be used for crafting celestial-themed furniture, clothing, and decor.

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When do shooting stars appear in Animal Crossing?

Shooting stars can appear on clear nights between 7 PM and 4 AM. They are most likely to appear during a meteor shower event announced by Isabelle during the daily morning announcements. Otherwise, they can randomly appear during a clear night.

How do I know when a meteor shower will occur in Animal Crossing?

When a meteor shower is announced in the daily morning announcements by Isabelle, it means that a meteor shower event will occur that evening. During the event, shooting stars will appear frequently and in higher numbers than any other time. You will hear a distinctive sound whenever a shooting star is crossing the sky.

How do I catch a shooting star in Animal Crossing?

When you hear a shooting star, you need to look up at the sky and press A to make a wish. You can do this repeatedly whenever you see a shooting star. The player’s wish will affect the color and type of star fragment that they will receive the next day on their beach. You don’t need any tools to catch the shooting star – all you have to do is make a wish.

How many star fragments can I get in Animal Crossing?

There is no limit to how many star fragments can be collected in Animal Crossing, but the number of fragments you receive will depend on the number of wishes you made on the shooting stars during the meteor shower. The more wishes you make, the more fragments you may receive. It is also possible to get bigger fragments, like Large Star Fragments or Zodiac Fragments, from rare shooting stars that appear during meteor showers.

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