Feng Shui Office Desk – Choosing the Best Location

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Feng Shui Office Desk – Choosing the Best Location

feng shui office desk facing wall

If you’re putting together a feng shui office desk, you’re probably wondering how you can position it to get the most positive effects. Depending on your style of desk, you can place it catty-corner, L-shaped, or curved, and still have the same positive impact.

We mainly focused on the placement of the desk so that it’s in line with Feng Shui practices. You also learned what colors to consider for the chair and desk and why an office desk might be the right solution for your productivity needs.

R.D. Chin , feng shui master and architect and certified feng shui consultant, advises positioning the desk in the “power position” of the room — diagonally opposite from the door.

Feng Shui Tips


When you choose your office desk location, it’s important to consider your chi energy. Ideally, your desk should be facing a south wall. Otherwise, you’ll be susceptible to the chi energy that travels sideways. For example, if you place your desk on the east wall, you’ll be required to look sideways to see who’s coming in and out of your office, which may not make you as aware of who’s approaching the doorway.

How to Organize Your Home Office So it Has Good Feng Shui

In addition to the right placement of your desk, you should also place a plant near your desk. You can also place a plant in front of a window or in front of a console table. You should also make sure that you place two chairs in front of your desk. If you want to attract clients, put them in the right seats. You should also have a water fountain in the office.

Another important feng shui principle is ‘commanding position.’ This means that your desk should be located in such a way that when you’re sitting at your desk, you can see the door. This will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed at your desk.


Choosing an L-shaped feng shui desk will have several benefits. For one, it will create good energy in the office. Additionally, it is important to position it in the command position, which can create a positive and powerful vibe. This position will encourage high energy levels, leading to excellent output.

Another benefit of an L-shaped desk is that it will provide you with more space. Choosing a desk with this shape will help maximize your office space and allow you to be as productive as possible. Moreover, this type of desk is typically made of particleboard, glass, or engineered wood, which is much more affordable than hardwood. It can also be positioned along a wall, making it more flexible and functional.


When setting up your desk, consider the chi energy that is emitted from the wall where you will be working. It is important to place your desk in a commanding position, so that the chi energy is not deflected sideways. For example, if you are working at a desk that faces the door, you would have to look sideways to see anyone entering your office. That means you might not even be aware of who is entering your office.

The curved shape of the desk will also improve the energy flowing into your workspace. It will allow you to concentrate more easily, especially if you have trouble focusing. Besides that, it will also keep other people away from distracting you. Another great feature of a curved desk is that it will create the illusion of equilibrium and symmetry.

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If you’ve been following the Feng Shui rules for your office space, you probably know that a cluttered desk is not a good idea. It represents a lack of flow and movement, which is counterproductive to the creative and business goals that you have set. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep things organized, as they can make you feel more in control of your space. For example, you should have frequently used items in front of you, and store less-used items in drawers. You can also add some personal touches that reflect your personality, like a picture or a lighted clock. In addition, you should avoid placing your desk against a wall, which is a Feng Shui no-no.

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If your desk is facing the wall, consider moving it to another part of the office. A 20-minute walk is thought to enhance creativity, according to a Stanford University study. Another good idea is to place a plant or two in your office space. You can also try diffusing calming oils. Mirrors in your office can also improve the feng shui vibe.

Directly facing a wall

According to feng shui, a Feng Shui office desk should be placed facing the door to a room. Facing the wall is a major feng shui no-no. Facing the door is the most auspicious position for an office desk because it represents command over one’s life, career, and the universe.

The feng shui office desk facing wall is an ill-advised position as it invites negative energy into the room. This can lead to increased conflict and arguments, especially if you work in a shared office. It may be difficult to make a wall invisible, but you can use wallpaper or wall art to make it appear to be part of the room.

While facing the wall is the most traditional position, there are other feng shui office desk facing wall alternatives. Orienting your workstation away from the wall encourages better eyesight and increases productivity. Another important factor is desk lighting. It is important to have adequate lighting, so that you can see what you’re working on.

Feng shui also recommends placing your desk in the most commanding position possible. A commanding position means that you have a clear view of the office door. You also have a solid wall behind your back. However, most people position their desks “back to wall” and face the wall while working. This is not only bad Feng shui, it can also be uncomfortable and reduce productivity.


The desk has many shapes. Before we start examining feng shui desk positions, we must decide which shape would be suitable for your home office. Here, it is aimed at determining the ideal/neutral reaching zone. This is what can be grabbed if a forearm is pushed down while the upper body keeps your arm down. You don’t really go too far with something on your desk. The possibilities are plentiful but the majority of people prefer the square shape. It’s not too much to dislike SmartDesk Cores features. It’s a sitting table, allowing for a standup job to be done in any situation. Is that enough to make you productive?


Most people use the Feng Shui in their workplace for a good vibe. So choosing the colors is very important. White desks are a perfect option. Most are convinced that this is the basis of everything feng shui. The color is neutral and stands out against the backdrop. White surfaces indicate cleanliness, organization, and relaxation. There are numerous white desks to choose from. You also have the choice of the frame to complement your flooring decorations. Although we focus mostly on fengshui in your office, you must also look at your chairs.


Feng Shui desks should always be at command. So you see the door and not at the entrance. You also have the walls behind you. There are a few caveats. Most people place their desk on their side so it’s facing the wall. Feng Shui’s explanation is wrong. One solution is to keep the door locked when working. However, you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and wary causing a decrease in your productivity and comfort. Alternately, consider Feng Shui desk directions which focus on your luck directions. There would be 4 in the group.

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Feng Shui Home Office Desk Directions

According to feng shui, each room in a house represents different places. This area represents the work environment and therefore a lot of planning must be undertaken. It’s important to maintain energy flows as the main priority. It is equally important to place the desk correctly and correctly in order to ensure a smooth operation. The feng shui office director should be at the door to avoid missing any opportunities and if you need challenging places to sit. Rather than facing problems, set the desk opposite.

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To supplement natural light, best is to use full spectrum lighting, which simulates natural daylight bringing better visibility, health and efficiency.

Most people will have the desk facing window and their back against the wall due to their phscological feeling.

The next best possible position would be your desk facing the wall (not directly against it) and the window at the side.


How can Feng Shui help me get better with a computer? This should only be possible for shopper laptops. In addition, you can opt for a tower and monitor. Other might require a second display, a comfortable keyboard and a separate mouse. These take up space but you could fit them together with a regular desk. You also need to think about what desk you are looking at because it affects your room. To Feng Shui your workplace, go on to Autonomous to see what looks stylish or suits your needs.

Feng Shui home office desk facing windows

If your office is based around windows, use the below methods. Often called bagu, or paku, feng shui is a device that measures and analyzes your energy. Bagua means eight regions of China. The eight areas of Fengbagu correspond to different stages of life. The 8 life zones in accordance with feng shui. Baguan region: All 8 of these regions possess specific feng shui element (color) and distinctive meaning to the Vernaculaire people and anyone worldwide who wishes to follow that path.

The Best Feng Shui Desk Position

Your place is crucial for feng shui. In this case commanding positions are fundamental principles. When sitting behind the desk the door must be visible. Usually it’s the diagonal from the doors. Often these configurations can be achieved at all. When the table is too low, it is possible to use the mirror to adjust the command position. Install small convex mirrors so you can clearly see the reflection of the door on your desk.

Feng Shui Desk Color and Material

When choosing an office, the materials and colors greatly affect feng shi. The strongest and most robust brown wood desks are usually the most robust and ideal. Keep an eye on the benefits you’d get from buying furniture for your office! Incorporate color materials into your life according to your desires to bring energy into your life. Glass desks do not suit the feng shui. It’ll happen if something happens during your job.

The importance of feng shui desk in office

It’s possible through practicing feng shui that we get more from life.

Your office is one of those places where you spend so long and it’ll just be one of your main areas. Feng Shui desks offer multiple perks.

Organization and discipline are viewed as a key requisite of success.

A desk in Feng Shui can automatically reboot your machine enabling you to organize your work environment. This will be reflected in your work.

How can I improve my Feng Shui home office?

Feng Shui rules are derived from ancient Chinese beliefs and passed through generations. 15 important rules for your workplace layout are:

7 Ways to Feng Shui a Cubicle, Desk or Entire Office | Inc.com

Use Feng Shui desk position tips to maximize your salary and career success

Feng Shui office desks can improve productivity. Feng Shui does a great job at work. Your effort is acknowledged and rewarded. Your promotion will be possible.

And you can use good fengshui office energy to tackle daily problems for your jobs no matter what height you climb.

What if I didn’t have enough room to put a desk up in the Feng Shui area? Easily locate the corners of the Bagua Map.

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Feng Shui Basement Office Ideas

A Feng Shun Basement office ideas will help you increase the efficiency in a productive office environment and encourage a healthy work culture. Feng shui has been used by feng shui followers since the early ’70. The study of energy flows offers many positive aspects and shows us ways to reduce negative energy in your mind. It includes five aspects.

Here are a few favorite tips to optimize your desk placement from a feng shui perspective.

How can I make my home office productive?

List the Best Tips For Using Feng Shui to Improve Your Work Environment. Eliminates Distractions To Stay Concentrated on Your Goals. 3. Make sure your office lights are cool and relaxing for everyone. 3. Organise the office & place everything in place. 3. Show some Motivational poster ideas for motivation in your life. 4. Get green vegetation?

Is it bad to have a desk in your bedroom?

Having a desk on a couch can cause energy imbalances and can cause conflict. The table is a sign of work, while the couch symbolizes relaxation. When working you need to rest — when you rest work causes discomfort.

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Is Feng Shui office desk facing the door good or bad?

It is incredibly important when sitting in an office that your front door can be viewed without putting it directly on top of it. Place your desk at the front of the door in a vertical position to see the door.

Does a home office need a window?

The windows on your windows can help you get the fresh air that is needed for your daily tasks and energizes your body and mind, it is a safe work place. In our house, the window is very important.

What direction should my desk face for feng shui?

Get South Directions. Best feng shui offices are east and north. Keep in mind that the offices should be placed near the main entrance.

Feng Shui Home Office In Bedroom Rules

Home offices for rooms are not very practical because they are too noisy and distracting. A bedroom is an ideal place for relaxation and napping. If an office is located within this space, it may negatively affect productivity and creativity. Follow these 2 ways to get an optimal bed and sleeping arrangement for your room.

Here's How to Feng Shui Your Office - MyFancyHouse.com

Not just for work

Feng Shui is very different from other forms of living in general and has more than just working spaces. You may see it as organizational aesthetic for the whole person. In some situations you might like to redesign a room using the feng shui techniques.

Top plants for home office desk In Feng Shui

Plants are a positive sign that green is an important indicator of prosperity. Plants help keep the environment stress free. The best Feng Shui flowers that can be placed on the desk should always be kept on the desk, as this plant has many benefits.

Feng Shui Desk Shape

Desks are usually of different types, and the key thing to keep in mind is to fit space. The desk needs not to be large or small for your environment. If there’s not space for working then you will not flourish your life.

Make the whole space count

Feng shui has no limits on your work. To create an environment of balanced positivity, there is a fengshui office. It is simple for you to use feng shui colors as an office theme. They can be accessed automatically when walking around an office.

Tell me the best way to avoid setting up a Feng Shui desk?

What should I avoid when designing my feng shui office is clutter? The feng shui office can be easily abused if there is so much in front of you. It can become inefficient. A second aspect is sharpness. Avoid sharp objects.

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