Divination Wizard 5e Build: Unleashing the Power of Divination

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Originally posted on May 12, 2023 @ 6:58 pm

Understanding Divination Wizardry

Divination is the art of foretelling the future and gaining insight into hidden knowledge through various means such as astrology, tarot, and scrying. In Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), the divination wizard is a powerful spellcaster that is able to draw upon the power of divination magic to gain insight into the future and uncover hidden knowledge. The divination wizard excels at gathering information, manipulating probability, and anticipating the actions of their enemies.

The Power of Divination Magic

Divination magic is one of the most powerful and versatile schools of magic in D&D. It allows the divination wizard to gather information, scry on distant locations, and even manipulate the future. The divination wizard is able to cast spells such as detect magic, which allows them to sense magical auras, and identify, which allows them to identify the properties of magical items. They can also cast spells such as clairvoyance, which allows them to see and hear through a remote location, and scrying, which allows them to spy on a specific target.

Building a Divination Wizard

To build a powerful divination wizard, there are a few key factors to consider, such as race, ability scores, and spell selection.


The choice of race can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a divination wizard. One of the best races for a divination wizard is a high elf, as they gain proficiency in the perception skill and have a bonus to their intelligence score. Another good race is a variant human, as they gain a bonus feat, which can be used to take the observant feat, which gives them a bonus to their passive perception and allows them to read lips.

Ability Scores

Intelligence is the most important ability score for a divination wizard, as it determines the effectiveness of their spells. Wisdom is also important, as it affects The divination wizard’s ability to perceive and interpret omens and signs. Dexterity and constitution are also important, as they affect The divination wizard’s ability to avoid damage and maintain concentration.

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Spell Selection

The choice of spells is critical for a divination wizard, as they rely heavily on their spells to gather information and manipulate probability. Some of the most important spells for a divination wizard include detect magic, identify, comprehend languages, divination, scrying, and foresight. It is also important to choose spells that can help the divination wizard avoid danger, such as shield and misty step.


The divination wizard is a versatile spellcaster that can fill many roles in a party. Their ability to gather information and anticipate the actions of their enemies makes them an invaluable asset to any party. They can also use their spells to manipulate probability and alter the course of events. In combat, the divination wizard can use their spells to control the battlefield and protect their allies.

Gathering Information

The divination wizard is particularly adept at gathering information, both through spells and through their skills. They can use spells such as detect magic and comprehend languages to gain insight into the properties of objects and understand foreign languages. They can also use their skills in perception and investigation to uncover hidden clues and secrets.

Manipulating Probability

The divination wizard’s ability to manipulate probability is one of their most powerful abilities. They can use spells such as portent, which allows them to replace a roll with a predetermined result, and bend luck, which allows them to add or subtract a d4 from a roll. This can be used to great effect in combat, as well as in social situations and skill checks.

Anticipating Enemy Actions

The divination wizard’s ability to anticipate the actions of their enemies is another valuable asset. They can use spells such as scrying and clairvoyance to spy on their enemies and gain insight into their plans. They can also use their skills in insight and perception to read body language and detect lies.

Conclusion: The Power of Divination

The divination wizard is a powerful spellcaster that is able to draw upon the power of divination magic to gain insight into the future and uncover hidden knowledge. Their ability to gather information, manipulate probability, and anticipate enemy actions makes them an invaluable asset to any party. By choosing the right race, ability scores, and spells, a divination wizard can become a force to be reckoned with. So go forth, and unleash the power of divination.

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Divination Wizard is a popular character build in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This build is focused on using divination magic to control, predict and manipulate the game. It offers a unique play style and interesting roleplaying opportunities for players who enjoy the art of fortune-telling and predicting future events. In this build, players can use divination spells to gain advantages in combat and creative problem-solving situations, making them an invaluable asset to any adventuring party. So, if you’re interested in playing a character that can see into the future and control destiny, look no further than the Divination Wizard 5e.

FAQs for Divination Wizard 5e Build

What is a Divination Wizard in 5e?

A Divination Wizard is a subclass of the Wizard class in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e game. This subclass focuses on divination magic, which allows players to see into the future, manipulate fate, and gain insight into important events. Divination Wizards are known for their ability to observe and perceive unseen forces, making them valuable assets in any party.

What are the key characteristics of a Divination Wizard?

Divination Wizards rely heavily on intellect and wisdom, which helps them make informed decisions and predict the future. They are skilled at deciphering complex patterns and identifying hidden meanings in various situations. Divination Wizards have a range of spells that allow them to manipulate fate, such as Scrying, Augury, and Clairvoyance, giving them unparalleled insight into the game world.

What are the benefits of playing a Divination Wizard in D&D 5e?

Playing a Divination Wizard provides several unique benefits. You can influence the course of events by manipulating fate to suit your needs. With spells like Portent, you can force your enemies to fail attacks, or cause critical hits when you need them most. Additionally, the ability to see into the future can help you predict upcoming challenges, and prepare for them accordingly. This makes Divination Wizards ideal for strategy-based gameplay, where you need to anticipate your opponent’s moves.

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What is the best way to build a Divination Wizard in 5e?

When building a Divination Wizard, it’s important to focus on intellect, wisdom, and dexterity. You should choose spells that enhance your divination abilities, such as Clairvoyance, Divination, and Scrying. Additionally, you can choose spells that complement your abilities, like Sleep and Charm. You can use these spells to control enemies or put them to sleep, allowing you to gain an edge in battle.

Can Divination Wizards be used for non-combat encounters?

Yes, Divination Wizards can be used for non-combat encounters, and in fact, they excel at them. With spells like Detect Thoughts, Charms, and Domination, you can influence and manipulate NPCs in your favor. The ability to see the future can also help you anticipate and prepare for potential traps, puzzles, or challenges that may lie ahead. As such, Divination Wizards can be instrumental in negotiating, solving puzzles, or avoiding obstacles.

What are some common challenges that Divination Wizards face?

While Divination Wizards are powerful, they do face some challenges. Divination magic is highly taxing on the player, meaning that they may lose valuable spell slots if they aren’t careful. Additionally, Divination Wizards can be hindered by enemies that are resistant to divination magic or have powerful psychic defenses. Smart enemies may also anticipate your moves and plan accordingly, making it harder for you to gain an edge in battle. As such, it’s important to have a well-rounded build and a backup plan in case things don’t go according to plan.

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