Feng Shui Lion Placement

You’ve probably heard of feng shui lion placement and wondered if they’re right for your home or office. After all, these majestic animals have a powerful impact on our lives. So where should you place a lion? Crouching lions are best for protection, while ornate guardian lions are best for attracting good luck. Read on … Read more

How to Make Holes in Brass Wind Chimes

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Astrology Feng Shui – The Importance of Earth and Fire

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Thank You For the Quick Turnaround

There are many different ways to say thank you for the quick turnaround. You could try snippets, chat, or email. However, in most cases, it would be best if you could simply say “thank you.” Thank you for prompt response One of the best ways to keep the conversation going is to thank the person … Read more

Buying a Guan Yin Statue For Home

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Feng Shui L-Shaped House

Unlike traditional houses, an L-shaped house can provide shelter from powerful winds. The L shape provides the right angle to direct the wind energy into the prevailing direction of the house. The following are some tips to build a feng shui L-shaped house. Read on to learn more! Below is an overview of the advantages … Read more

Can You Put a Stove in Front of a Window?

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Bedroom Shapes and Ideas

When decorating your bedroom, you should pay attention to the shapes of the different objects in the room. A bed is obviously the largest item, but the other pieces of furniture in the room should also balance out the shape. A long dresser placed on one side of the bed can create an interesting look. … Read more

Ox and Tiger Compatibility

The ox is known for his brains and brawn. He is hard-working, reliable, and logical. Ox and Tiger compatibility is the best combination for getting things done. These two love to work on their own and make things near-perfect. However, their stubbornness will keep them from working well with others and allowing fresh ideas. For … Read more