Feng Shui Tattoo Design – Create Your Own Symbol

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Feng Shui Tattoo Design – Create Your Own Symbol Feng Shui tattoo design is one of the latest ways of expressing your personality. It is not just limited to the Chinese culture, but has become a part of many countries. The main reason for this is that Feng Shui design is based on the practice … Read more

Feng shui kitchen cures

feng shui kitchen

Practicing Feng Shui Kitchen Cures to Enhance HappinessFeng Shui kitchens are a great way to enhance your home’s design and functionality. In addition, it will also make you feel much better. There are various Feng Shui kitchen cures that you can use. This is one of the most important aspects when remodeling. Feng shui kitchen … Read more

Chinese Good Luck Bracelet

chinese good luck bracelet

Chinese Good Luck Bracelet – A bracelet worn by Chinese women, particularly brides, to bring good fortune to the wearer. These bracelets are made of different materials and come in different forms. You can find many bracelets available in the market with different designs and prices. Chinese lucky charms are made of different materials like … Read more

Exploring the Art of Feng Shui and Health

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Feng Shui and Health: The Art of Transformation – By Dr. Richard Dorna, PhD, is a very informative and concise book that discusses the relationship between Feng Shui and health. Previously known for its more intricate designs principles that can have a deep impact on all aspects of personal, professional, and family life, Feng Shui … Read more